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New Images Of Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper In Susanne Bier’s ‘Serena’

New Images Of Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper In Susanne Bier's 'Serena'

Shot before “American Hustle,” but still unreleased, a big question mark remains stamped on Susanne Bier‘s “Serena” starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. We know that Steven Soderbergh watched some version of it in 2013, but since the first image dropped in 2012, there has been pretty much total silence. Late last year, reports surfaced that the movie had been quietly screening for distributors, but it says something that months later, there has been no official deal announced, even though heavyweights like The Weinstein Company and Fox Searchlight has been circling. So, is it a troubled production or just a director trying to get it right?

“Actually, it was just the opposite,” an unnamed source told THR about the 18-month post-production on the film. “There were no reshoots or anything like that. It was just a real precision edit because the story is about a woman’s descent into madness. And Susanne is a total perfectionist.”

Until we know more, a batch of new images from the film have been dug up online, showing off more of the Depression-era tale. Based on the novel by Ron Rash, the story centers on George Pemberton and his new bride, Serena, as they set out to North Carolina to create a timber empire. Their successful, ruthless reign in the mountains becomes complicated when Serena discovers her inability to bear children, setting her on a vengeful path against George’s illegitimate son. 

The material and premise certainly sound great, but again, there’s no distributor or release date set yet, though a random The Hunger Games” fansite claims it will drop on September 27th. Until there’s more news, check out the images below. [Richard Bridgland and via The Film Stage]

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I can't be sure but I have a feeling the hold up may have something to due with the supposed graphic sex scenes. Cooper was on Howard Stern telling him the sex scenes were very graphic plus the violence so I'm wondering if maybe Jen or her team are reconsidering this since it would be far from her image? I could be totally wrong. Your guess is as good as mine. I'm puzzled too.


Seriously? people can't understand that it was just an excuse and the real reason was to favor JEN and Bradley and of course the movie for the oscars 2015? I think this movie could have been released in 2012/2013 but wasn't because obviously Silver Linings and Hustle, in which both actors star, were released one after the other…So that was a smart choice and clearly the only choice for Bier to 'be a perfectionist'.
People should stop acting so stupid and try to use their brain at least once in their lives.
This movie is going to be amazing because Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley and other talented actors are in it and Susanne Bier is an amazing director, END OF THE STORY.

And for the second time THE OSCAR GOES TO….JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!


I don't understand this movie. From what I can tell, what they say is true. Every distributor has seen it, including the ones that particularly love Jlaw, but no one has picked it up. VERY slow apparently, but I don't know if that's the only critique. As for the perfectionism, Bier has already shot, cut, and screened new movies since Serena wrapped and has already collected good buzz for one of her newer ones, so why this one out of all her projects has required 2 years of tweeking seems strange to me. I'm not saying that this is for sure going to be bad, but I'm on the puzzled train too. It seemed like a slam dunk on paper.

I also read Serena is allegedly set to premiere in Mexico next month. I don't know if that is still true, cause I'd imagine they still need a distributor. Again, puzzled.


I am so sick of these two actors. Just go away for like a year and give us all a break.


the production designer has removed the photos (and movie reference) from his website. such a tease! get this movie showing already!


Actually, the character of Serena is 27 when the story begins and Lawrence was 21 when it was filmed. I think Jennifer Lawrence looks the part…incredibly so, in fact.


I love Jennifer and Bradley Cooper…and yet they seem oddly off for this. Especially Jennifer, who would have only been about 22 at the time it was filmed.


Looks great!…loved the book. I am really looking forward to this…damn, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper look exactly as I pictured, very true to the book.


looks terrible.


Why hasn't there been news of this?? I will watch this even if its so awful.

El Hanso

I like Jennifer Lawrence and am still interested in this film, despite the alarmingly long no-news phase. But sometimes I feel Lawrence kind of has a 21st-century kind of face. She seems a little off, at least in these pictures.


Yea! I can't wait to see this production!
It looks really good; the mystery about the movie been release or not before I have no idea but one thing is for certain Bier is an excellent director, Jennifer Lawrence would do justice to Serena since this gal is amazing and Bradley Cooper will do the same with Pemberton.

I read the book and it is fantastic story though in the dark side a little.

The pictures look great!


wow.. costumes and production design look truly amazing!
I really like the book, the source material is nothing better,, way darker though.
I think Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper look really well in that period drama.


The costumes and production design look fantastic.

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