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Omar Sy Is “A Cop From The Projects” In Trailer For Buddy-Cop Dramedy ‘On The Other Side Of The Tracks’ (Out 4/4)

Omar Sy Is "A Cop From The Projects" In Trailer For Buddy-Cop Dramedy 'On The Other Side Of The Tracks' (Out 4/4)

Without much warning it seems, this is heading to theaters, with an April 4 release date now set (a week from today), and a first trailer debuting.

History-making, Cesar Award-winning French actor Omar Sy is in the Harvey Weinstein business… or maybe it’s the other way around… Harvey Weinstein is in the Omar Sy business.

The young actor’s first post-Intouchables release, titled De l’autre côté du périph, or On The Other Side Of The Tracks, was picked up by The Weinstein Company in late 2012, and is now finally getting its long-awaited USA theatrical, a year after it was released in France.

The toast of France at the time, Sy, who relocated to LA, and signed with UTA that same year, seemed pimre to take on Hollywood, with Intouchables released Stateside, and generally well-received (although I didn’t care for it); since then, he’s landed roles in top-tier projects like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jurassic World, and Stephen Gaghan’s crime thriller Candy Store.

As a recap, On The Other Side Of The Tracks is another inter-racial buddy pairing for Sy, except, this time, instead of a wealthy white quadraplegic and a street-smart poor black man, as was the case in Intouchables, On The Other Side Of The Tracks features Omar Sy playing 1 half of a starring duo of cops from opposite sides of the tracks (as the title says), who must come together to solve a murder.

The film’s synopsis reads:

David Charhon’s On The Other Side of the Tracks stars Sy as a street-wise police cop based in a rough Parisian suburb who joins forces with an uptight officer from an elite, central Paris crime squad to solve the murder of a prominent businessman’s wife. 

Starring opposite Omar Sy is Laurent Lafitte – a name I can’t claim to be familiar with. 

Also upcoming for Sy are Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo, co-starring with Bradley Cooper in a culinary dramedy titled Chef; and a French-Language film titled Chocolat, which is a biopic of Rafael Padilla – a former Cuban-born slave, who became the first black artist in France during the Belle Epoque era.

He is also teaming up again with his Intouchables directors – Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano – on their next film, another dramedy, this one titled Samba, which Sy will of course star in, alongsideCharlotte GainsbourgTahar Rahim and Izya Higelin.

The Weinstein Company will open On The Other Side Of The Tracks next week Friday, April 4.

Here’s the trailer:

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This concept is old, lazy and stereotypical. It would be more compelling if the roles were reversed.


I SPY re-thread..why?


I think I speak for all when I say
Va te faire foutre carey carey!



All black and brown people can not live in the Parisian banlieue(suburbs/hood), they just can't! France has the highest number of black people in Europe(but they don't keep stats on that smh) Black American artists wanted to go to France to escape the U.S. but this is what we see? Also intouchables was sooo stereotypical Omar Sy's character was portrayed like he was stupid, literally.


Another stupid stereotyped French movie.
Sy should stop playing caricatural role,
black actors are non-existent in France, when they are on screen, they are marginalized and have stupid roles.
UK and of course US are far ahead.


France is about 25 years behind the US when it comes to casting a black actor in an interracial story.

Mark & Darla

There are projects in Paris?


Attention Troll Hunter! Well my good man, you've warn me down. I am taking your advice and moving on. I'm now a Twitter Trot. That's right, I am moving on to the world of 140 characters. My new name (if you want to jack with me) is Carey Darnell @AndyandKingfish.

Yep, you can even be one of my first followers (I actually have 6 already :-)). So see y'all at Twitter because S&A has lost that lovin' feeling for me. Its been one… a nice 4 year ride filled with tons of laughs and spirited conversations… and I'm so sad :-(

CareyCarey signing off

dave's deluxe

D'oh GAWD– this sounds like a 1990's "Lethal Weapon" Wayans parody. Thanks again, Harvey.

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