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Patrick Wilson aka Nite Owl Weighs In On ‘Watchmen’ War Of Words

Patrick Wilson aka Nite Owl Weighs In On 'Watchmen' War Of Words

Time is a flat circle, and five years after it hit theaters, new criticisms and defenses surrounding “Watchmen” have emerged over the past few weeks. Producer Joel Silver got the ball rolling by dissing Zack Snyder‘s version, and the director in turn dissed Terry Gilliam, whose unmade version would’ve been far less faith faithful to Alan Moore‘s comic. And Gilliam then weighed in with his own typically cheeky response. So who’s next?

Well, Nite Owl himelf, Patrick Wilson, has shared his thoughts on the the minor battle between filmmakers over the movie, and he’s firmly on Team Snyder. “I love ‘Watchmen,’ I love Zack, I love the process of that. I’m so happy with that movie. Yeah, I saw some recent hubbub… the Joel Silver of it all, and Zack’s response. Zack is very well spoken, he doesn’t need me to back him up. It was awesome,” he told Screen Rant (see below).

So there you go, one more person in Snyder’s corner. Where will this go next?


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The hate for this movie blows my mind. If you are a fan of the source material then this is as close to what you imagined. Much closer than I would have dared dream make it to the screen. A big budget, hard-R, faithful to the source adaptation?


I don't understand why some people think that adapting the source material faithfully is a bad thing. Is it because it's a comic book? Nobody complained when directors did faithful adaptations from Cormac McCarthy's books (No Country, The Road). People would've lost their sh*t if Coens changed the NCFOM ending completely.

There's nothing wrong with Watchmen -the graphic novel, changing the whole story makes no sense.


So much pussy slap-fighting; just make your fiction people and shut up.


I know Matthew Goode is in the Snyder corner as he stated in an interview for Stoker.

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