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Producer Frank Marshall Calls ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot Rumors “Ridiculous” As Debate Swirls

Producer Frank Marshall Calls 'Indiana Jones' Reboot Rumors "Ridiculous" As Debate Swirls

Like yelling “fire!” in a crowded theatre, when word dropped late last night that Disney was weighing the option of rebooting “Indiana Jones,” with Bradley Cooper on a wishlist somewhere of dudes to take over the hat and whip, the internet collectively exploded. Most were upset that anybody but Harrison Ford might play the title role, admonishing the studio for effectively crapping on a classic franchise. Twenty-four hours later, it seems the truth of those claims are being debated.

First up, the folks at Slashfilm hit Twitter to reveal that according to their source, there are no plans to reboot Indy.

Next up, producer Frank Marshall—who has been behind all four Indy movies to date—also hit the social media site to claim all chatter about a reboot was “ridiculous.”

So, what’s the real deal? Well, if there are tentative plans being made, and ideas being tossed around, Disney is not going to say anything until it’s official. But it seems inevitable that they will touch Indiana Jones at some point, whether it’s with an aging Harrison Ford or not. Having paid $4 billion for Lucasfilm, they are going make sure they wring every dollar out of that to maximize their return on investment. Or, we’ll let Latino Review, who first reported the news, put it best: 

Thoughts? Do you think Indiana Jones can be successfully rebooted? Or is this one series that’s untouchable without Harrison Ford?

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TOTALLY UNDO-ABLE without Harrison Ford! He MADE "Indiana Jones" what it is! The series was amazing, all time favourite even as a kid! The last one was good but debatable as Indiana Jones was never about aliens. Bringing in anyone else would almost completely turn me away from the movie, I'd rather an old Harrison Ford then Bradley Cooper, James Van Der Beek or anyone else that has been rumoured or could possibly take over for Ford. Please! Do not change Indiana Jones, leave it alone!


Often, tiny websites make outlandish claims to perpetuate a "connection to the inside". Rumor and conjecture, all it is.


I am a devout Indiana Jones fan, but I'm open to the James Bond'ing of Indy. The movies we have (excluding the 4th) are wonderful and they will not disappear if a new actor dons the fedora. There is no harm in giving the character new life.

We wouldn't have Skyfall if the Broccoli's buried Bond with Connery.

Jo-Ann Klimowicz

I read the rumor this morning and it made me cry. Just thought of any other actor playing Indiana Jones is just mental. The role begins and ends with Harrison Ford.


Nobody and i mean Nobody can take over the role of Indiana Jones its too iconic and closely associated with ford i mean if they tried do a reboot with a different actor it will be one long uphill battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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