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Project of the Day: ‘Goody Goody’

Project of the Day: 'Goody Goody'

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Goody Goody

Tweetable Logline: “Goody Goody” is an historical comedy about a group of colonial women struggling to survive in their newfound celibate community.

Elevator Pitch: Colonial women dealing with contemporary issues. “Girls” meets M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”. Set against the backdrop of 1750s America, the series tells the story of five women whose sinful pasts threaten to destroy them. Sex, Danger, Violence, and Greed come together in a wholly original and humorous way in this hysterical piece featuring the legendary Lori Beth Denberg (yes, from “All That”).

Production Team:

Created by Alex Rice, Adam Bonanni, Diane Wagner
Written by Alex Rice, Diane Wagner
Directed by Connor Hurley (
Starring Diane Wagner, Adam Bonanni, JoAnn Wilchek Basist, Lori Beth Denberg, Thea Brooks, Alex Rice, William Sanders

About the Production:  A comedy about colonial women has yet to be explored and we have SEIZED the opportunity! Our team is comprised primarily of theatre artists from Pennsylvania who have come together to create something totally fresh and unique. We are putting ourselves and our project out there and have been delighted with the response so far. Goody Goody has given great joy to its creators and we know that, if given the chance, it will entertain many people.

Current Status: Fundraising – in pre-production

For more information and to support this project: Indiegogo Page

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i will DEFINITELY be watching this

NameRich Hamps

Your Comment Want Goody Goody

aysza Armetta

I can't wait!! Let's go (:


What a unique, interesting plot!

Tess F.

This looks like it will be amazing! Definitely want to see it!!

Malissa Grimsley

We want Goody Goody!

Malissa Grimsley

We want Goody Goody!

stephen hopkins

Hallelujah finally! Should defs be made


This should be made.


This looks awesome! I would love to see this!!!


This show looks awesome! Can't wait to watch it!


the idea for this show is as beautiful as the people involved with it. this definitely needs to happen.


Project of the week!!!


Zippity pop.


This is going to be awesome.


Everyone who is a part of this production is an inspiration.


This looks so cool!


zippity pop, hippity hop, yes. just yes. this needs to happen.

Aria Sivick

I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Aria Sivick

I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Aria Sivick

I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Aria Sivick

I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Aria Sivick

"I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Aria Sivick

"I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Aria Sivick

"I would love to see "Goody, Goody!!" It looks hilarious, bold, and creative!

Dylan Ashton

This sounds phenomenal!

Aeriell Hartshorne-Hesketh

"Goody Goody" looks incredibly hilarious and has an amazing insight to explore. would adore to see more of it!

Kylin Camburn

The people making this show have affected my life in so many ways and helped me find my way to my dreams. I can only be ecstatiic as I watch them strive for their own.


this is such a good idea and with such amazing people too!

Felicity Bell

"Goody, Goody" will be as amazing and insightful as it's creators. I support it wholeheartedly.

elizabeth tumbleson

So excited to see this project get all the recognition and support it deserves. Let's make this pilot happen!!!!!

Savannah Murphy

This is so AWESOME! I can't wait to see this show, I know it will be hilarious! Goody Goody it up! :)


This project was created by amazingly inspiring people. They educate me every single day with their motivation and creativity. This will be magnificent.


Woah This really needs to happen


Would love to see this!

Nat Vega

YES I want to see this!!

Joya Widney

I'm so excited for Goody Goody, zippity pop!

Brooke Whitmire

I'm so excited to see where this goes! :) :)

Teague Fernandez

I love Goody Goody! Cant wait to see the pilot.



Raqui M.

Goody Goody NEEDS TO BE MADE!! So psyched to see it!!


This looks awesome!!!


Ugh. I want to watch it now! Guess I'll have to donate and be patient.

Anonymous Fan

This is gonna be hilarious….


Sound great!


So exciting! It simply MUST be made!


So exciting! It simply MUST be made!


There is no other way! There will be no other one!


I'm so proud of the work going into this project. I'm rooting for it always!


I know that this is going to be absolutely awesome! Can't wait to see it all come together!

Nelson Ramos

Brilliant Idea by brilliant and talented people! A must do!


I can't wait to see this! Good luck to you all!

Diane Wagner

This is the one, people! 'Twill be something to behold.
Please support Goody Goody!


I love this idea! It has to be made!

Joe B

Cannot wait for Goody Goody!

Kelly Bickert

This script will blow your mind. Intrigue, drama, suspense, sex and irreverent comedy!


The premise sounds hilarious. Hope to be seeing this soon!

Danielle P

Can't wait for this show! It's going to be amazing!

jackson morris

wait i love lori beth denberg…i remember her from All That……so funny!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie Boyer

This is going to be great!

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