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Rachel McAdams Exits ‘Passengers’ With Keanu Reeves, The Weinstein Company Drops Film

Rachel McAdams Exits 'Passengers' With Keanu Reeves, The Weinstein Company Drops Film

The long-gestating 2007 Black List-approved “Passengers” was resuscitated last year when TV vet Brian Kirk and The Weinstein Company aligned themselves with the Keanu Reeves-starring and produced sci-fi film and a release date was set for April 2015. Of course, just as quickly as a deal can come together in Hollywood, it can fall apart.

THR reports the Jon Spaihts-penned “space romance” has lost its female lead, Rachel McAdams — who replaced the originally-cast Reese Witherspoon — and consequently the film’s release date has been postponed, with The Weinstein Company no longer involved. Shooting was set to start in a few weeks but the trade’s sources have optimistically said “the start date has been pushed back by at least several weeks, if not more.”

It’s a shame that the project has hit another obstacle as it’s one of the few original sci-fi films that’s been in development and would have focused on Reeves as a passenger in hypersleep making a centuries-long journey to another planet, woken accidentally by a computer glitch ninety years too early. Faced with the prospect of living the rest of his life, and dying, alone on the ship, he decides to wake up a beautiful fellow passenger. Now, with no beautiful passenger and no U.S. distributor, the film’s future is uncertain.

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Anne Lemmermöhle



I’m always happy to see new scifi movies, but unhappy when the producers don’t do their homework or use common sense. If no one was supposed to be awake, there would not be food or oxygen for them. Little bit of a plot hole there, duh!


This news makes Keanu :(


That's rude to just wake her up. How presumptuous.


They need a bigger star than Keanu to get this film made. He hasn't been in a good film in ages and it shows in him not being able to bring Passengers to fruition.

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