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Razzies 2014: ‘Movie 43’ Takes Worst Picture, Will & Jaden Smith Heavily Thrown Under Bus For ‘After Earth’

Razzies 2014: 'Movie 43' Takes Worst Picture, Will & Jaden Smith Heavily Thrown Under Bus For 'After Earth'

It’s game day. The Academy Awards ceremony obviously takes place this evening and so, like clockwork, the ignominious folks that run the Razzie Awards have unveiled their list for the worst movies of the year. The biggest story this year is that the Razzie committee failed to award Adam Sandler anything. Odd, given how much the organization seems to loathe Sandler’s many comedies. And oh yes, “Grown Ups 2” was nominated in several worst categories, but the Razzies saw fit to declare many other films as far more egregious in failure.

Taking three of the top prizes at The 34th Annual Razzie Awards was the star-studded sketch comedy “Movie 43,” helmed by 13 different directors (among them Brett Ratner, The Farrelly Brothers, James Gunn and several actors like Elizabeth Banks) and 19 different screenwriters. A collection of comedy vignettes that neither critics nor audiences found largely funny, and the Razzies agreed, “gifting” it the prizes of Worst Picture, Worst Director(s), Worst Screenwriter(s).

The contempt the Razzies usually holds for Adam Sandler (or the “Twilight” films, which has mercifully ended) appears to have been transferred to the Smith family. M. Night Shyamalan’s science-fiction film “After Earth” impressed no one this year, and so tying “Movie 43” for the most amount of trophies was “After Earth,” which was awarded with Worst Actor (Will Smith), Worst Supporting Actor (Jaden Smith) and Worst Onscreen Duo (father and son). Kanye West will surely have something to say about his fiancé Kim Kardashian winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Tyler Perry’s Temptation.” The Razzies is admittedly a dubious institution whose process is like shooting fish in a barrel and yet, like almost every year, it’s hard to argue with the awfulness of the films and their choices. Full “winners,” or losers if you like, below, plus a few clips. 

Worst Movie 2013:
“Movie 43”

Worst Actor 2013:
Jaden Smith (“After Earth”)

Worst Actress 2013:
Tyler Perry (in drag) (“A Madea Christmas”)

Worst Supporting Actor 2013:
Will Smith “After Earth”

Worst Supporting Actress 2013:
Kim Kardashian “Tyler Perry’s Temptation”

Worst Screen Ensemble 2013:
Jaden Smith & Will Smith “After Earth”

Worst Director 2013:
The 13 People Who Directed “Movie 43”

Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel 2013:
“The Lone Ranger”

Worst Screenplay 2013:
“Movie 43” Written by 19 “Screenwriters”

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Johnny Depps version of Tonto in that Lone Ranger movie had him lloking like a circus clown totaly rediculous which is what Depp mostly is besides his idiotic lizard from RANGO

Mike White

While Movie 43 was absolutely awful, it was far outdone by The Starving Games. The folks behind the Razzies really need to look past the easy choices once in a while and do some homework.


I saw After Earth recently and while I wouldn't go so far as to say it was good, it definitely wasn't the horror show some people considered it. I think that reaction had more to do with who directed it than anything else.

jean vigo

Since we live in a time in which "redistribution of wealth" and "the one percent" are buzz phrases, can Hollywood find a way to "fine" the participants of such dreck for "crimes against the movies?" I mean Will Smith walks away with eight figure sums for his trouble. Ditto, the "Lone Ranger" gang and every other nominee.
(Ex: "Check out the multi-million dollar spread I bought in Hawaii for phoning in 'Grown Ups 2!'" – Adam Sandler [laughing without shame – hee-hee-ha-ha!])

Idea: they cut a big, fat donation to an indie film fund as penance.


After Earth was a GOOD movie! I really liked it. I also thought Will and Jaden Smith were good in it. I don't get why so many people hated it. I wonder how many people that thought it was bad actually saw the movie


the only films that was nominated that i didn't like were after earth & Lone Ranger.
really enjoyed Movie 43 & Grown Ups 2.
got them both on dvd


Lame, lazy, and boring. The same, easy fanboy choices every year of late.

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