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Read Sally Field’s Impassioned Open Letter About Her Gay Son

Read Sally Field's Impassioned Open Letter About Her Gay Son

The fabulous Sally Field released this open letter about her gay son today, and it’s more than enough to give you a Happy Friday. Field urged people to get behind the Human Rights Campaign, which is currently trying to raise $150,000 to help it fight bullshit ‘religious liberty’ bills that have been proposed in a number of states, allowing religious bigots to deny goods and services to any person they disapproved of for “religious reasons.” They only have a few more days to raise the money, so Sally stepped up to the plate asking folks to join her in having some common sense.

Read Field’s letter in full:

The three things I’m most proud of in my life are my sons, Peter, Eli and Sam. They are kind, loving and productive people. Each with their own list of talents and accomplishments. Sam is my youngest son, by 18 years, and he’s gay. To that, I say: So what? Growing up, Sam wanted desperately to just be like his older brothers – athletic, rambunctious and even a little bit macho. He wanted to beat Eli at tennis, trounce Peter at computer football and learn everything about every basketball player on the court. But Sam was different. And his journey to allow himself to be what nature intended him to be was not an easy one. When I saw him struggling, I wanted to jump in. But his older brothers held me back. They told me I couldn’t travel that road for Sam. It was his to travel, not mine. I had to wait for him to own himself in his own time. I could make it easier only by standing visibly to the side, clearly loving him, always being there and always letting him know.

Finally, at 20, long after he beat his brothers at tennis and computer games and knew as much as anyone about basketball, Sam was able to stand up proudly and say, “I am a gay man.”

One of the great privileges of my life to have been allowed to be a part of Sam’s journey.

There are people out there – organizations and politicians, strangers who have never even met Sam – who would rather devote themselves to denying his happiness.

Why would anyone want to prevent my son—or anyone’s son or daughter—from having basic legal safeguards like family medical leave, Social Security survivors benefits, or health insurance? It doesn’t make any sense—but it won’t change until people speak out. I’m proud to stand with HRC to add my voice. Will you join me?

Whether you are LGBT yourself, a parent or grandparent of an LGBT child, or just a great person with strong convictions about what’s fair and right, I hope I’ve convinced you to stand with HRC for equality. You’ll be glad you did!’

 And if you need more Sally Field fabulosity, here’s her amazing speech when she accepted an award from the Human Rights Campaign last year:

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Lula S. Bell

why should anybody feel sorry for sally field just because is gay? I know a lot of gay people and they are just like anyone else.Loving caring, and great human beings just like anyone else. being gay is nothing to be ashamed of.

Barbara Mays


Barbara Mays

God is the only judge in this life.


Being born gay is a science proven neurological & physiological trait like having blue eyes,brown skin, red hair. They are as normal as any other human being. Our society is not in sync with this. All spiritual beliefs should be respected. Our country was built on freedom and separation of church and state so that we could all be treated equally in every way. I believe are creator is Pure love and so are we. It’s so easy. Our job here is to love. That’s it. Thank God for you Sally Fields!!!


    Talk about bullshit. I have a gay daughter and she was not born that way and says so. I didn’t give her the right guidance so I am the one who is ashamed. For whatever reason it is only reasonable for one to deny dealing with someone who doesn’t meet their standards. God is real.


Sorry but gay is a choice look at all the gay actors that decided to go straight I have lots of gay friends and none of them tell me oh I was born gay God let’s us make choices and it’s their choice leave them alone it’s their choice and not hurting anyone as long as they stay with their own and not coming on to straight people

Diane Zaepfel

Robert, if you only knew! It was nothing to do about choice! Thank you Sally for being you! We were in elementary school together! I’m proud of you!

    Caroline kinney

    Being a Christian I feel the need to comment though I normally do not. Gay people are not “sick” one of my friends I’ve known and love for over 40 years is gay. I didn’t know until recently but like I told her, God loves straight people and HE loves gay people just as much as He does straight. Straight people sin, we all sin and its GOD who said in the Bible, His Word that a man being with a man like he would with a woman or vice Versa is a sin, like I said we all sin God also loves and FORGIVES us and helps us with His love and Grace in life. As for people’s rights to not service gay people that is their right. We have always been free in America. People have the right to choose to be gay and straight people have the right to not serve them.

charles MILLER

good four u u guys keep fighting for us gay


Robert ( the comment before mine) is an idiot. Thank you.


Wow Robert what a closed minded idiot .. Normal ? That boy is normal


I too LOVE Sally Fields and admire her for standing up for her son. Family is family and NOTHING changes that. If your family doesn’t have your back who does? Love your children no matter what…that’s unconditional love.


I think we all have a right to basic human needs such as Love, marriage and all the legal aspects of a adult relationship . If one is gay they still have the right to be Loved and there should be some way to protect them in a relationship .

Lawrence H. Baranski Jr.

when you are a male…and say you are gay…getting penetrated in the butt or sucking another mans penis is just disgusting..good luck with that Sally.


But what does that have to do with a male dressing up like a female saying "It" is discriminated against because the real females do not want to have a male with a penis watching them undress for example in High School gym…you have lost it And for the HOMOS DO NOT STATE we are labled when that is what you do unto yourselves…and your entire existence…and against nature.

Nanda Gerich

This is 2015. It is time we stand together as a people and treat others as we would like to be treated. Stand with our brothers and sisters and allow them the rights that we all expect and deserve, to be treated equally no matter what. God bless us all and to "judge not least yea be judged."

ila sullivan

The above is BS! One does not choose to be gay. One is or one is not.Some may experiment with but that does not equate to being gay.

Ellyn Gorgoglione

Those are the facts, people, you need to accept and deal with them. Please, I want to cry when I think of what has happened to America. And yes, I love everyone…

Ellyn Gorgoglione

I am sorry about all of the misunderstanding in this world; I am sorry about all the ways that people mistreat one another, and about not meeting one another halfway. That being said, there truly is opposition in all things. Also, God did not make homosexuals and lesbians, and the Bible is true. And the Bible does say that homosexuals and lesbians will not enter the kingdom of heaven one day. Though God is full of mercy he also exercises justice, because compromise is not the way for anyone to condone or believe in. And, everyone ot there, re-read the Bible; you will see that marriage is to be between one man and one woman, no other way! I am not here to judge anyone, but we as a people need to get back to the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and God–what America is based on. We will be judged if we do not….

james melton

sally don’t you know what the bible say’s about same sex couple’s

Barbara from Tx.

While I love Sally and feel the same about her in many aspects such as rights of spouses, I feel the Christians should stand up for God and His word, the Bible. They shouldn’t have to marry same sex couples. There are plenty who don’t care about the Word and will be glad to perform ceremony. Why push the envelope against our beliefs? U say yes to the rest and no to this.


Robert… really? Changes his mind?


How old are you, Robert ~ 12? Her name is Sally FIELD. What a pity that there are so many homophobes in the world, including yourself, you narrow-minded twit. I feel sorry for YOU.


The young man IS NORMAL. He did not make up his mind to be Gay. If you believe in God, then God made him Gay. At least one out of six people are born Gay. I am heterosexual and have 6 heterosexual children. I am also 70 years old and cannot believe people still are bigoted and prejudiced. Hoped we would overcome this long ago. Robert you are missing out on having some great friends.

Michael clark

I love Sally Fieid and I think she is a true talent and she is also a true gift from God.

Shame on Robert’s comment on March 29 2014. Normal son? Seriously? You should be ashamed of yourself. You are ignorant, rude and just happen to be the type of individual that causes hatred in our world from your close minded attitude. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s not normal. It just amazes me how we as a human race which should by now should be showing compassion and love have decided to instead show hatred and true ugliness with what we say or do via the Internet and in our everyday lives. I myself am gay and you offend me by saying that. I’m 100% normal and its because of heterosexuals like you that makes me not only sick to my stomach,but also causes me to openly speak my mind and be negative back. For years I’ve suffered that kind of close minded crap with my family. We are people too. We deserve the same rights that were given to you as well!
You know it’s funny, but last time I checked the whole gay era in a way started with our four fathers and you know what…… They had some very nice WIGS now didn’t they?


um Robert, he is normal, you are a bigot, so just stop with the bull, its people like you who make people hurt themselves, and not feel confident, who are you to tell someone how to live, its NONE of your business.

Troy Walters

it would be nice if we all could get along.the world needs a hug


You are everybody’s sister Sally. When I was a teenager and you filmed THE WAY WEST, I got to wait on your at a fast food place; we have grown up with you and you are my sister for real. We love you!


Gidget, you are always so adorable. Glad to hear about your first Thanksgiving relationship. Congrats Girl.

Dan mills

Thanks sally


I am so proud of Sally Fields for standing up for son and other people like him. She loves him for the person that he is. Everybody deserves to be treated equally.


Robert, that is a very ignorant comment to make! Sally does not want anyone’s pity for her son being gay. She loves him as he is & he certainly can’t " change his mind"! It’s not something you choose to be, you just have to deal with being different. I am not gay & no one in my family is gay, but I have read & heard enough to realise they are born with this orientation & nothing can be done to change it!

Tom Simpkins

I think she is around my age , always loved all on her movies Iam single just thought I would ask

John Nolf

I’ve always loved Sally from Giggit to The Flying Nun and in all the roles she has played both on and off the stage. She is an American ICON and, while I’ve met her, knew that she would be good, fair, honest and stand up for what is right; what she believes in. She is an inspiration to us all. And she is a mother that all of us can be so very proud of. Thank you Sally! I love you!

stephen laughren

I am very proud of you for standing up for
your son’s rights. By for now. Stephen


I think everyone should be how they want to be and it is sad when they are rejected. I hope I see the day when their marriage or commitment is recognized and they are given survivor benefits and all rights afforded to any married couple.


Thank you Sally, for this touching insight into your personal life with your children. I am so sad that some people need to make a distinction between "gay" and "straight". I also have three sons, and I know, as a mother, you love all three without distinction… day I hope everyone will see through those eyes.

Wake up

I find annoying how people are saying that being gay isn't right, it shouldn't be happening and all this crap. Is it affecting your family? Like is it personally affecting you?Are gay people screaming at you and telling you how to live your life? Then keep your mouths shut about things that don't really concern you.


Really CAN'T believe that some people can make a judgement from a fictional book, (bible), as well as misinterpreting its message.
Surely if these bible bashes believed in god, they must be aware god made people the way he did. Contrary to 'testing' gay people, god's probably testing the bigots to see if they can open their minds and hearts. But unfortunately some poor retarded people still have their minds closed………….
Lovely mum Sally, much respect. X

Bob Spence

Well done Sally Field on your Ally For Equality Award and your supporting speech. As a great admirer of not only your acting ability but your stance for equality I can only wish you and your family all the best in whatever challenges lie ahead. God Bless you all.


Barbara Streisand's son is also Gay and she accepts him as he is.


The only thing I do not like about this article is the way it starts: "The fabulous Sally Field released this open letter about her gay son today,". It should have stated this was about an open letter about her son, who is gay.
I too have a son who is gay and I don't label him as my "gay" son. He is my son. End of statement.


There is no god. Ancients made him up to explain things they didn't understand. It's a ridiculous in this day to believe something that stupid.

    Viesta Morrison

    It is never okay to name call – if a person believes in God fine, if people don’t believe in God that is fine too, let people believe as they desire, name calling is childish!


I'm a Christian and proud to be one. My faith teaches me to love one another and not to judge others. If someone who calls them self a Christian can condemn someone because they are gay is a hypocrite. I try to live my life as a caring and loving person and accept others for who they are. Wish others would do the same. This world would be a better place.


Mikayla check out LEV 18:22, LEV 20:13, I COR 6:9-10, and ROM I :26-28….Why the name calling? If you have a classroom full of kids and one of them has a birth defect you treat that child with love and respect, but you don't call that child normal. You help that that child along. I'm not looking to hate on anyone, I just don't agree with the lifestyle and don't need it in my face every minute.


Please, all of you judgmental pricks, tell me where it says in the bible that being gay is a sin. Oh that's right, it doesn't say that.


A liberal and her faggot son.


There is nothing "normal" about being gay. No matter how much you tell yourself and others its normal, it's not. It's a birth defect. Loving people of the same sex is fine, but to engage in intimate sexual acts with those people is disgusting. As far as Jesus is concerned no one really knows what God would say but he did tell a prostitute to go and sin no more. Love the sinner hate the sin. Gay people are kind, wonderful, and talented people but they are just a little off. Tolerance not acceptance. These people should be loved and treated with respect. No marriage but civil unions should be performed… We don't let the handicapped compete in the the Olympics… Gays shouldn't "marry".


Hooray for Sally Field. From Day 1, always a caring, loving and a smart person.


Sam, is lucky to have a supportive mother and family, I wish all LGBT had this support. It makes me so angry when I hear people be so STUPID.


God said no. Nothing more to discuss.


Sam is a lucky man

Kevin S.Butler

I agree with Ms.Field and her on has the right to deny the needs and respect to anyone..because of their sexual preference.

Her son Sam has the right to love a man and no one should abuse or be discriminatory to this gentleman..because he chooses to love a man and not a woman. I hope and pray that this abusive and bigoted nonsense aimed at the gay and lesbian community will stop and these people will be allowed to live their lives in peace and with respect as the rest of the human race.


… we love you, we really love you!


Oh Miss Field, I have loved you since I was a small child watching "The Flying Nun"!!!!!! Bless you for who you are and what you have done all your life!!! I believe that if my mom had lived she would have been the same type of mom to me, her gay son, ME!!! God Bless You!!!

Sandy Miller

PLEASE PLEASE Share & like our page..If you feel in your HEART & SOUL this could help ANYONE..
You could save lives…
Dealing is Healing. One day at a time.
Waiting to see if anyone out there that can help make changes will address these problems and not keep them hidden…We can ALL make some kind of difference if we try just try…Sent this page to so many celebrity's guess we shall see who is willing to open there HEARTS & SOULS and help..I will stalk if I have to ..OH WAIT that's not legal..BUT ABUSE isn't either…JUST SAYIN ;) PLEASE HELP SUPPORT OUR CHILDREN>>CAUSE WE ALL BECOME ADULTS….
Now see we are ADULTS and no one helped then so be brave help children and ADULTS…MALE FEMALE GIRL BOY…JUST because we are grown doesn't mean where not still LOST inside and help help…Because we where those children at one time..Abused one form or another..


If it's OK for Christian shopkeepers to turn away gays, can pagan fire-worshippers refuse to serve (and refuse to pay taxes towards) firefighters?

Dana Neer

Bravo Sally !


Sally Fields is amazing, even more for her love, understanding and acceptance. Traits some of of you seem to forget were a huge part of Jesus Christs modus operandi…. Those of you who claim to not be homophobic, that's fine (amusing but fine) though understand you're still intolerant. The world could use all the Sally Fields out there! Better her and what she stands for than all the intolerant, hateful, ignorant bigots…. Since no one has spoken to god and since the bible was written by men I choose to believe that god (if he/she/it) exsists has nothing but love for me and pity for some of you others…..


Jesus, protect me from your followers!


Who appointed you people to speak for God? Didn't He make all of us? So you must think He made a mistake when he made gay people! Is that what you're saying?


Forget it Robert. Once he came out that he's gay, it means he's gone too far to change his mind. He's too vested in that lifestyle.

I pray for them. I'm not homophobic…I just know it's an immoral lifestyle. "Don't fool yourselves, homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God." (I Corinthians 6:9)

I pray for Sally Fields son.

    Stephan Heini

    I believe God loves everybody no matter what there sexual orientation is.

    Selina Francis

    Judge ye lest ye be judged


I always liked Sally Fields. I hate to hear she has a homosexual son. I feel bad for her for not having a normal son. I hope he changes his mind and goes straight….at least for his family's sake.

Florida lesbian

Thank you, Sally Field for standing up for us!! Your stand and voice are greatly appreciated!

Randalyn Benson

Sally Field is a wonderful person!


I just love her.


What Has your God have to do with Me?


Your God does not decide for Me?


Who’s God is Better?






I find that those whom cast stones are filled with internal insecurity and fearful self-doubt! Truth is the Sun. The Moon. The Ocean. All else is just vapor-less coward association with their need to express how unfortunate the baggage of their obese ego which is nothing compared to the sincerity of compassion.


The ego is such a small piece of dust compared to the illuminated truth that is The Universe!


Please people, science has tried so very hard to find a “gay” gene and cannot. It is not scientific to say anyone is born that way. Look back in history- in the 70’s gay was a choice, a choice gay people were proud of and proud to make. It is still a choice.


If you talk to doctors who treat homosexuals they say over 50% were molested as children. So I think they have been damaged in some way that alters their choice. I think all people should have certain rights but they should not have to go against their own personal beliefs. If they don’t you are infringing on their rights. It’s not marriage because that is an institution created by God not government so call it a civil union.


Sally fields has been around for decades where was all her vocal lgbt support back then?
didn’t care because it didn’t directly affect her
like all actors who pull this stuff

Gerrie Peterson

I don’t post on these sites but I am tonight for several reasons. I went to school with Sally Field and she was always good and kindhearted whenever I was involved with something she was involved in. Secondly, as a teacher, I have seen teenagers who are gay be abused by the parents who supposedly love them and who should be supportive of their children. I dred the future pain these children will endure while they try to negotiate a difficult life without their parents and siblings to support them.I hope the families will come to their senses. They are losing precious time with lovable offspring. You can’t get lost time back.Just because I have the freedom to express myself here, Sally Field has no s in her last name.

Denise Weber

Some people are born gay. From a young age they feel they are living in the wrong body and then you have those that become gay because they have been raped and the effect caused them to not be able to love the opposite sex. The latter with proper help can change them but the other you can’t.
The problem with serving someone who is gay is a joke because if you can serve a man or women who cheated on their spouse than you can serve a gay person. If you can serve a criminal or murderer than you can serve a gay person. If you can serve a veteran who murdered someone than you can serve a gay person.
GOD doesn’t turn his back on anyone so for you to turn your back on GODs children GOD will turn his back on you.

Selina Francis

Judge Ye Lest Ye Be Judged!!!
Let us all acknowledge we are all sinners first. Yes I am speaking to all the holier than thou group, who for some unexplainable reason feel they are the voice of God….Really…Lets get real for a moment… I’m a Messianic Jew…My friends affectionately call me the Messy Jew. I love it. I was raised by s Mother very much like Sam’s. The difference was one, she was a halicaust Survivor, a practicing Orthodox Jew, who married a devout Irish Catholic. Yep you read right. So I was sent to a Catholic school were I was bullied daily and told regularly that “My People Killed God”. What did my parents model for me… Well that the world is full of unkind people who hide behind the “God” or “Religious ” card. Yep… There are haters everywhere. They claim to love God but Ventimently hate others for being , well dare I say it, not like them. My parents taught me to Love everyone, and to let God do the judging because that was his job, not mine. I was taught that if I took it upon myself to Judge others that God was surely judge me and my sins harsher because I know the word of God…. He plainly and clearly spoke these immortal words, “Judge ye lest ye be judged.” I love it. I’ve devoted my life to the service of others. I’ve traveled to 30 countries pursuing my passion; Being of service to others. Its opened my eyes to the horrors people can afflict upon others. But nothing is more horrible than a parent, family member or friend turning their back on an individual who reveals they’re different. Being gay, lesbian, or transgendered is not a disease or a sin. God made them that way. Made them in his image. My cousin Charles who was a few years older than me came out to his parents his Mother wepted to have confirmed what she already suspected, but loved him regardless. Charles father was the polar opposite. He violently took hold of his son at yhe tender age of 16, troew him physically out of the house. Called him a queen faggot bastard. Told him he was dead to him and to never show his face at that house again. To add injury to insult told his wife, Charles Mother if she had any contact with the boy, the same would happen to her. In her despair over what had transpired and the thought of not seeing her belived son, this beautiful, sensitive, kind soul took her own life. Yes my auntie shot herself. She felt she couldn’t be in a world with that much hate and without her son. He son did indeed grow into a fine upstandi g man in spite of his father. He became an accomplished musician and became a first chsir cellist for the San Francisco Synphonic Orchestra. He grew into the man his Mother always belived him to be. So my hat is off to you Ms. Sally Field for displaying unconditional LOVE for your previous son. For LIVING him the way I believe GOD loves all of us. So to all the religious factions, people, organizations etc, who feel it your job to JUDGE OTHERS, Need I remind you it is not your job. IT SOULY AND SQUARELY IS GODS JOB. JESUS CHRIST lived, suffered and died for us the sinner. Yes, we are all sinner of some sort. He was a Jew like me, who brought the message of CHRISTIANITY!!!!!, So what is it to be a Christian, to desire to be Christ like, to live the teachings of Jessus Christ. We have to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE LIVED US.!!!! It’s not rocket science folks…. Its that simple. Get out of your own way and just love your fellow man.

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