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Sarah Jones, Crew Member Killed on Set of ‘Midnight Rider,’ Honored at Academy Awards

Sarah Jones, Crew Member Killed on Set of 'Midnight Rider,' Honored at Academy Awards

Thanks to an online campaign drawing attention to her death, Sarah Jones, who died in a tragic accident last week on the set of ‘Midnight Rider,’ was memorialized during tonight’s Academy Awards show.

Though her photo wasn’t featured during the In Memoriam montage that included Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Walker, Peter O’Toole, James Gandolfini, Shirley Temple, Harold Ramis and others that Hollywood last this year, Jones’ name was listed on a bumper at the end of Bette Midler’s performance. Viewers were directed to a gallery of photos on the Oscar website, which featured Jones.

Jones, 27, a camera assistant on the production, was killed during production of the Greg Allman biopic. Six other crew members were also injured.

The production has been halted while an investigation can take place. An online petition to have her featured during the Academy Awards Memoriam Tribute collected nearly 62,000 signatures.

The Slates for Sarah Facebook page, which features memorial tributes to Jones on clapboard slates from film and TV crews around the world, posted the following message following the Academy Awards tribute to Jones:

“Everyone said it was impossible but the love of Sarah and “Sarah’s Team” did it!! The Academy saw your slates and heard your voice and Sarah Elizabeth Jones made it to the Oscars as a symbol of a better, safer film world to work in for all the young people coming into the business….We go further working together for change.”

To memorialize Jones’ death, a separate Facebook group asked everyone attending the Academy Awards to wear a small black ribbon in her honor. A number of Oscar winners wore black ribbons, including Glenn Freemantle, who won for Sound Editing (“Gravity”) and the Visual Effects Team for “Gravity.”

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Dan J.

Midnight Rider had no permit to be on the tracks and there was no set medic.

Producer/Director, Randall Miller
Producer, Nick Gant
Unit Production Manager, Jay Sedris
First Assistant Director, Hillary Schwartz


No medic? No safety meeting? Its 2014, not 1814! NO EXCUSES for this tragedy.


My understanding is that they were filming on the track without permit. It happens… Some times you have to steal the shot. But, cutting costs on an AD or a PA with a walkie, who would send them a warning, that part I don't understand.

Johnny Luckett

Oh that's just so very tragic; rest in peace.


Factual error in 3rd paragraph. Miss Jones as a camera assistant was not in the act of removing a 'bed' when she was killed! There are lots of info on this, please correct.

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