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Screenwriter Antony Horowitz Reveals Script For Next ‘Tintin’ Is Done

Screenwriter Antony Horowitz Reveals Script For Next 'Tintin' Is Done

Things have been pretty quiet around the fate of “The Adventures Of Tintin,” the franchise with the combined powers of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson behind it, and of course, one of the most popular comic characters of all time. But it has been three years since ‘Tintin,’ and those initial plans of a Christmas 2014 or summer 2015 release for the next chapter certainly won’t be bearing out. But movement does continue to happen and one more major step in getting things rolling has been taken.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, novelist and screenwriter Antony Horowtiz provided an update on the his work on the sequel, the tentatively titled “The Adventures Of Tintin: Prisoners Of The Sun.” “I’ve just finished writing the new Tintin film for Steven Spielberg,” he revealed. And that’s it. (And note, Spielberg is a producer on the movie, and directed the first installment).

And this is probably still a way off—Peter Jackson is still in Middle Earth, likely working until the end of the year, putting the finishing touches on “The Hobbit: There And Back Again.” But last December, he did promise that this was still very much on his radar saying, “It was held up by ‘The Hobbit’ but we have every intention of doing another ‘Tintin’ movie and it’s just waiting on me to be done with these ‘Hobbit’ movies.”

So, we’ll see how this goes, but the script is out there now, just waiting to be made.

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Although this article makes it seem the title has been suggested by Mr. Horowitz, the script is “tentatively” titled “Prisoners of the Sun” only in so far as this is what someone guessed a couple of years ago and put it on imdb. The fil makers are still tight-lipped about it, and have done nothing more than throw out several possibilities over the years.
It is entirely possible that it *will* be the book on which the next film is based – it’s a very popular book, and the fact that it is part of a two-book adventure gives it greater weight as a candidate for a full-length feature – but it is still only a guess by someone not involved with the production, not from the horse’s mouth.


Yeah I enjoyed TINTIN too. It was a better Indiana Jones movie than INDY IV!


Awesome! Bring it on! Can't wait for Steven Spielberg to make another Tintin after this one.

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