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Second Season of “Mickey Mouse” Shorts begin April 11th

Second Season of "Mickey Mouse" Shorts begin April 11th

two of “Mickey Mouse,” the multiple Emmy and Annie Award-winning comedy
cartoon spotlighting Disney’s #1 star, debuts Friday April 11th (9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney
Channel and will be
available on WATCH Disney Channel, and iTunes the day after their
linear premiere. 

The new season finds Mickey and
pals – Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto – in an array of modern
locales around the globe including Spain, Holland and India, as well as a trip
to outer space. The season will also include several Minnie Mouse-centric

In the San Francisco-set season opener, Cable Car
 (clip above) Mickey and Minnie must stop a runaway cable car as
it careens through the city’s famous streets. Other new episodes include Fire Escape, where Mickey attempts
to rescue Minnie from her burning apartment building, Friday, April 25th (7:55 p.m., ET/PT); Eau de Minnie, in
which Minnie’s new perfume enchants an entire city, Friday, May 23rd (8:25 p.m., ET/PT); and The Boiler Room, where Mickey must face a monster living in the basement of Minnie’s apartment,
(in June, TBD).

Award-winning artist and director Paul Rudish (Star Wars: Clone
Wars, Dexter’s Laboratory
) is the executive producer and
director. Aaron Springer (SpongeBob SquarePants, Gravity Falls)
and Clay Morrow (Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls)
are directors, and Emmy Award-winner Joseph Holt (Sym-Bionic Titan) is the art director. The series is produced under the
supervision of senior vice presidents Eric Coleman and Lisa Salamone at Disney
Television Animation.

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Sorry, MOSTLYFREDERICKSOMETIMESSAM, but I don't care if one of your relatives worked on the original Mickey shorts, regardless of whether or not you're lying. You're still completely wrong and you know it!

Besides, the pantless Goofy/Dippy Dawg is ONLY for these specific shorts, since they're designed harken back to the 20's and 30's, so having him in this look makes him fit in better with the other 20s/30s-esque character designs! And don't you dare compare episodes like "Third Wheel" to something from Kricfalusi or the post-movie Spongebob–they're not even in the same ball park!

As for you, ÖH, you need to quit being an idiot and stop being wrong as well! The new shorts ARE faithful to the classics and you know darn well that they are! >:(

Man, such pompous individuals like yourselves really know how to give people coronaries…


This comment is in regard to the text of this and previous articles concerning the new shorts.

The new Mickey Mouse cartoons fail not as a result of a "shock of the new" phenomenon, but rather in that they borrow from the wrong source material. Although the studio used the UPA limited animation style while Disney was alive, it is my understanding that it was relegated to animation featuring new, rather than classic, characters with the exception of the American Motors 1955 Nash commercials by UPA designer Tom Oreb.

In contrast, the new Mickey Mouse shorts borrow from modern limited animation which was itself inspired by UPA and old Hanna-Barbera such as SpongeBob and Dexter's Lab, instead of picking up where Disney's limited animation UPA-crossover experiments left off. The new cartoons simply aren't faithful to the easily accessed source material, and would have better served as vehicles for new, not classic Disney characters.


When will they have Donald Duck come out of the closet. They have to keep current afterall.


Hi, any word on weather the first season of these shorts will be available on Blu-ray or DVD? Would really like that a lot.


I liked most of the new Mickey Mouse shorts EXCEPT the Valentine's Day one. I mean, good god, Goofy swallows Mickey and Minnie? And flirts with both? I think the writers are getting a little too John Kricfalusi with the series, and if it continues, they'll probably wind up killing it, just like John killed his own "Ren and Stimpy". Excess and gross humor does NOT add up to laughs.

And for God's Sake give that man-dog back his pants!!!!

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