Talking Movies With Doug Benson And Samm Levine

Talking Movies With Doug Benson And Samm Levine

What better way to reboot my dormant YouTube channel than by having a freewheeling chat with Doug Benson, host of Doug Loves Movies, and actor Samm Levine, the most prodigious player of Doug’s “Leonard Maltin Game?”

We recorded this just before a session
of Doug Loves Movies at the Upright
Citizens Brigade Theatre
in Los Angeles, where Doug’s guests were Samm,
comedians Greg Proops and Rory Scovel, and filmmaker Joe Swanberg. I sat in the
audience, but Doug and the guys kept calling out to me so I wound up
participating, more or less, in the festivities.

I’m sorry that, for a variety of reasons, I haven’t been
able to keep up a steady flow of YouTube videos, and hope to remedy that
situation from here on. Thanks for your patience and encouragement.

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