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TEASER: Blue Sky’s 3D CG “Peanuts”Movie

TEASER: Blue Sky's 3D CG "Peanuts"Movie

Above: The first teaser from Blue Sky Studio’s eagerly anticipated Charlie Brown 3D CG Peanuts feature film. Fox will play this in front of Rio 2. From the look at this first peek – the fans can calm down. It looks great. The producers made a wise move, keeping the look faithful to flat 2D cartooning of Charles Schulz. Personally, I’m jazzed! 

(Thanks, Anthony DiPaola)

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I wish the designs looked a lot more like Schulz's 1960's work – his best work, by far – and not the animated versions. I loved "Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown" precisely for that reason. Plus the animated was terrific. But this doesn't look as bad as I feared – and Snoopy was playful rather than obnoxious for a change.


The guy at Cartoon Brew really lost it over this. That site has gone down hill fast. I won't be going over there – I'll stay here for great animation news.

Nic Kramer

I should point out that Amid is discussing this on "Cartoon Brew". However, just like most of his posts, it seems he complaining about it just for the sake of bosting the number of comments. I rather he just spend his time trying to figure out a way of getting his book published.


So great… can't wait to see it!

Mark Kausler

The timing on the animation resembles drawn more than CG, but the rendering actually makes the images look flatter, not rounder, something about the contrast between the shading and the drawn shapes. Does anybody care that the continuous revivals of old characters takes up space that new, exciting characters and stories could occupy?

Yvette Kaplan

It's given me a great big smile! Sure looks and feels like Charlie Brown and Snoopy so far to me! I'm jazzed too, really looking forward to seeing it. Thanks and good wishes to all involved!!

Tim Lones

For CG, this looks really good. And I love the fact that at least at this point, they've recycled the original Lee Mendelson theme from the Peanuts specials.

Anthony DiPaola

I'm really surprised they went with this direction. Looks like this movie will be even better. ;)

Kip W

Deja vu — seems a lot like Disney's "Mickey Mouse Club House" program, which got the look of the View-Master models (albeit spookily lit from within), though without any sort of humanity or appeal: sterile, brittle, and empty.

They've drilled and mined so much of Peanuts already, and now they seem to be fracking to get the last little bits of life out. Al Plastino did much better, and even he wasn't able to get into Schulz's head (or heart).

Russell H

This reminds me (in a good way) of those Peanuts "Viewmaster" disks that used models to create the 3D effect.

Max C.

While I'm not sure what the writing and directing team will make of the final film, the teaser still leaves me quite optimistic. That CG gives me a "cartoony feel of Get a Horse meets stop-motion feel of The Lego Movie" vibe.


Wow! I think this is going to be great!


oh how I wish they had based their designs on the earliest versions of the characters.

Cole R.

I think I need to see them move before I form an opinion, but I do really like the look of it. Somewhat reminds me of seeing all those Mickey Mouse characters in cg for "Get A Horse".

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