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‘Terminator: Genesis’ Casts Miles Dyson’s Son Danny Dyson

'Terminator: Genesis' Casts Miles Dyson's Son Danny Dyson

Well, that was fast. Just a couple days after it was revealed that the hunt was on for someone to play Danny Dyson (son of Miles Dyson, the brain behind Skynet, who got blown up real good in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day“), he has been found. And it’s not “Attack The Block” star John Boyega.

Instead, Dayo Okeniyi—perhaps best known for playing Thresh in “The Hunger Games,” and who has also booked roles in recent movies “Runner Runner” and “Endless Love“—has snared the part in “Terminator: Genesis.” Basically, Paramount locked down the actor who was contending with Boyega, with both actors also sought for “Star Wars: Episode 7.” (This move basically takes Okeniyi out of the running for that franchise, but let’s refocus back on ‘Genesis.’)

Okeniyi will play a Steve Jobs-type genius who is apparently a crucial component of the third act of the Alan Taylor-directed movie. The young actor will saddle up with Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney and J.K. Simmons, with this one gearing up to get rolling soon and arrive in theatres on July 1, 2015. [via Deadline]

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yay! hopefully he will have more than two lines.


Danny Tyson? Ugh. This has clearly already devolved into fanfic writing. This is the kind of creative choice that people hate sequels for. Callbacks to the original, familial connections, etc. ; all this points towards fan-pleasing, not filmmaking. When they were filming the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, they didn't sit around thinking "Are we putting in enough references to Raiders of the Lost Ark?" They were simply making a good movie.

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