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‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon Will Write HBO’s Oprah Winfrey-Produced Martin Luther King Jr. Miniseries

'The Wire' Creator David Simon Will Write HBO's Oprah Winfrey-Produced Martin Luther King Jr. Miniseries

It’s the second of two (2) Martin Luther King Jr projects that Oprah Winfrey is attached to produce – the other being Ava DuVernay’s Selma, which David Oyelowo is attached to star in, with Paramount distributing.

First announced 4 years ago, this one is set up at HBO as a mini-series, and looks to finally be on the move.
With his New Orleans drama Treme now officially in the history books, The Wire creator David Simon is now attached to write HBO’s Oprah Winfrey-produced Martin Luther King Jr. mini-series.

Simon has reportedly agreed to write at least the first part of the planned six-hour project, which is based on the acclaimed book trilogy by Taylor BranchAmerica in the King Years

The miniseries will cover the freedom rides, the civil rights march on Washington that he was organizing when he was murdered, as well as King’s relationships with John F. and Robert Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Simon will reportedly work on the script with Treme co-creator Eric Overmyer.

No casting nor expected premiere dates have been announced yet. But this is the first news of any real progress on the project in years, so it might be another few years before there’s any further progress.

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I really don't trust white people to write on the King Legacy. I don't give a crap that his series was name the best television show of all time. And I hope that if the King family can stop any tarnishing of his legacy they will. They wanna show King any ole way but they won't show their beloveds (Kennedy and Hoover) in any compromising positions (drug user and crossdressing). The hell with anyone who has a problem with the King family protecting their own. They don't owe anyone anything.


So this is a scripted series, not a documentary?


Well, it'll be interesting if and when the Intellectual Properties Management mob, aka the King Family, will try to muscle in on this since they claim to control any and everything about MLK in re to intellectual property rights.

The real story isn't about MLK; it's about how his family, much like King Lear, have become greedy and squandered his legacy.

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