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Trailers from Hell and Joe Dante on ‘I Married a Witch,’ Starring Veronica Lake

Trailers from Hell and Joe Dante on 'I Married a Witch,' Starring Veronica Lake

A Criterion Grab Bag! kicks off this week at Trailers from Hell, with director and TFH creator Joe Dante introducing “I Married a Witch.”

A savvy satire of both political and sexual gamesmanship, I
Married A Witch, based on an unfinished novel by Topper author Thorne Smith,
would seem to be the perfect union between two brilliant moviemakers, Rene
Clair and Preston Sturges (Clair directed, Sturges produced). It’s full of his
stock company of character actors but Sturges left the production due to
artistic differences. Despite having its concepts ripped off by lesser
productions over the years, this remains a strikingly modern and hilarious
movie that hopefully will find new audiences through Criterion’s stellar
digital transfer.

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Yeah, this is a superb comedy. I liked it far more than the book, which made the witch bride a villain. Clair reversed it, to much better effect. Sorry to her that Lake wasn't liked in Hollywood. I'm a big fan of hers. She seems to have gotten along fine with Alan Ladd, though, with whom she made four or five films. I like the ones I've seen very much. There was one I still haven't seen, SAIGON. Ladd was terribly insecure, so maybe Lake found him easier to get along with than her other co-stars.

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