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Trailers from Hell and Joe Dante Visit ‘Planet of the Vampires’

Trailers from Hell and Joe Dante Visit 'Planet of the Vampires'

Destination Outer Space! concludes at Trailers from Hell, with director and TFH creator Joe Dante introducing Gothic grandmaster Mario Bava’s “Planet of the Vampires.”

Bava leaves his corpse-strewn
crypts behind and takes off into deep (and scary) outer space. In doing so he
simply transforms the spaceships into intergalactic haunted houses (though sans
cobwebs). Britain’s Monthly Film Bulletin accurately pegged this lurid
Italian-Spanish-US mash-up as “a triumph of mind over matter, or of Bava over a
shoestring budget and appalling dubbed dialogue”. It comes replete with the
director’s usual stylistic flourishes including the oddly fetishistic space
suits worn by the beleaguered astronauts and a super-saturated red and green
color scheme that suggests sinister Christmas tree lighting.

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The summer I turned 14 I saw this on a double bill with Roger Corman's ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE. Bava and Corman, does it get better than that? Well yeah, because a couple of weeks later the fifth James Bond film, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, came to the same theater and soon became one of my all-time favorite films. Italian vampires, American gangsters and Japanese ninjas all in one summer! What does a 14-year-old budding film buff have to look forward to these days? CGI superhero sequels, CGI superhero sequels and CGI superhero sequels!

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