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USA Picks Up Medical Series From ‘Warm Bodies’ Director Jonathan Levine, Sets Final Season for ‘White Collar’

USA Picks Up Medical Series From 'Warm Bodies' Director Jonathan Levine, Sets Final Season for 'White Collar'

Do you like “Royal Pains?” USA Network is hoping your answer is an enthusiastic “yes,” because it’s adding two similar titles — at least in premise — to its youth-infused upcoming lineup. The network also renewed “White Collar” for a final, brief season of six episodes.

The first of the two new medical dramas is from writer and producer Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies,” “50/50”). “Rush” focuses on Dr. William Rush (of course), played by Tom Ellis — an on-call doctor to the stars living a fast-paced life in Hollywood. Anyone hoping this was a spin-off of Ron Howard’s 2013 racing film of the same name is sadly out of luck, though Dr. Rush could be seeing a Chris Hemsworth type if he’s stricken with, I don’t know, a tough bout of handsomeness.

The second series comes from a familiar face. Creator and executive producer Matt Nix spent seven season on USA’s hit series “Burn Notice,” and now he’s back with “Complications,” a medical drama centered on Dr. John Ellis. Ellis, played by Jason O’Mara (“Terra Nova,” “The Good Wife”), works at a suburban emergency room, but has a life-changing event when he saves a young boy from a drive-by shooting but kills one of the attackers. Ellis is then charged with protecting the child, who’s still being hunted. 

The latter of the two shows certainly sounds further from the laid back charms of USA’s original show about on-call doctors while “Rush” sounds like it should be titled “Royal Pains in Hollywood.” Hopefully Levine, the writer of “The Wackness,” has some tricks up his sleeve for the new drama while a new, grittier medical drama in the vein of “Burn Notice” wouldn’t be unwelcome at all. What do you think, readers? Do either pique your interest, or are you more eager to see Matt Bomer return as Neal Caffery — or Felix Turner?

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Calling 6 episodes a decent final season of White Collar is way off. The show deserves a proper goodbye wrapping up all open storylines, and that is simply not possible in just 6 episodes. The network knew they couldn't cancel on a cliffie, but what they are giving the series, the cast, the crew, and the fans are only crumbs, when we all know very well that what we deserve is a whole bread.

We're not asking for unlimited episodes, we know the show is ending. We just want a decent closure as other series have received. Look at Psych that was given 8 episodes and upped to 10! Why is White Collar being treated like the unwanted stepchild?

The fans won't sit back and just accept this – if USA Network thought so they miscalculated! Show us some respect, show the series and the cast the well-earned farewell. There's a reason (or 3 millions) that White Collar has been a signature show for 5 seasons.

Even when there isn't trust, there's always faith. I have faith that USA realizes this before it's too late, and give us all what we really deserve.

The fight continues on WhiteCollarClosure.TV


We'll see Felix once and will remember forever. But now we have a chance to see Neal 6 times in WC (or if by some miracle 16! who knows, we can dream).

Oh! Happy Neal Caffrey! we did not forget it's March 21! Be happy, we love you!
Remember? ''Neal, you are one in a million" c., June.

We do not want to believe that the season 6 is final (( No no no, one more season, please.. more time for bromance, friendship & love. More time to see him smiling and having some fun again!
Alex may be back? or Sophie? Love all cast and can't wait to see everyone soon ))


Matt Bomer -Neal Caffrey – Felix Turner

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