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Watch: 4 Deleted Scenes From ‘American Hustle’ Including More Blazing Jennifer Lawrence Karaoke

Watch: 4 Deleted Scenes From ‘American Hustle’ Including More Blazing Jennifer Lawrence Karaoke

For all the dumb “American Hustle” vs. “Wolf Of Wall Street” bickering by critics (which prompted New York Times doyen A.O Scott to scold folks on Twitter,) what did it land both films? Zero Oscars. For David O. Russell’s film, being nominated for 10 Academy Awards and receiving none must have hurt. But with the Oscars in the past, Sony can concentrate with the here and now as “American Hustle” is available on DVD and Blu-Ray this week.

Four deleted scenes from the movie have been released this week which give deeper context for the film’s “some of this actually happened” story. “She is the only one I can’t play,” Christian Bale’s Irving Rosenfeld admits in a clip from USA Today. He can’t control his headstrong wife, Rosalyn Rosenfeld played by Jennifer Lawrence. And his mistress played by Amy Adams is pissed.

JLaw already stole most of “American Hustle” with the science oven scene, and her boisterous karaoke rendition of Wings’ “Live And Let Die”, but apparently there was more. Buzzfeed has an “American Hustle” outtake of Lawrence belting out Santana’s “Evil Ways.” All four minutes of it. Entertainment Weekly has a clip (Bale encouraging Amy Adams to “cry British”) and another clip featuring Jeremy Renner is online too. “American Hustle” is out on DVD/Blu-Ray today. While you’re at it, why not check out this related feature: Swindlers, Crooks And American Hustlers: 20 Films About Con Men. Watch the clips below.

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Jay in Austin

Hey, Kyle. Just go see the film again so you can appreciate how really good it is – the writing – the casting – the acting – all of it. There's a difference, a BIG difference between regular Hollywood stuff … and American Hustle. So just shut up and go see it again, wuss.


Actually, she can't cry British. Or speak it.


Geez how many deleted scenes of Renner are there? This is like the 4th or 5th I've heard of. I'm beginning to think I'll be seeing more of him on the DVD than I did in the film.

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