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Watch: 4-Minute Supercut Celebrates The Visual Eye Of Michael Mann

Watch: 4-Minute Supercut Celebrates The Visual Eye Of Michael Mann

Over on Vimeo there’s whole little community of video artists whose supercuts and montages string together works linked by a given director or actor, set them to new music, and sit back to let interesting cinematic results emerge: we showed you a Kubrick one back in January and here’s another of a similar sort by Alfred Wong, this time with the movies of Michael Mann, whose career we gave the retrospective treatment that very same January day . Clearly some law of cinematic convergence is at work.

It’s a slick piece of work, even if it doesn’t find quite such striking identicalities as other such clips. It does show beautifully the icy urban lighting that Mann does so well, and the sidelong looks of lust and suspicion that are thrown around by his lonely protagonists. It also, slightly unexpectedly for a director who almost exclusively sets his work in cities, reveals a strange continuity of gun-toting characters moving through trees and undergrowth by night.

It’s a clever piece of work: but sadly, it will never be the best video using Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight.” Never forget

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All the same crap over and over and over. Glamorized violence.


one of the greatest directors ever so distinctive from everyone else that rare thing style substance moods and colors that put you in the frame of mind of his central characters and a visual style unmatched when a Michael Mann movie comes out it is an event.


odd the lack of Luck pilot footage. while the series didn't live up to expectations apart from a couple of stellar episodes, the horse racing footage, especially in the Mann directed pilot, was spectacular.

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