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Watch: Dwayne Johnson Is Unleashed In First Trailer For Brett Ratner’s ‘Hercules’

Watch: Dwayne Johnson Is Unleashed In First Trailer For Brett Ratner's 'Hercules'

“I’m just excited that our movies are different and that there are multiple stories of Hercules being told. The Rock’s is quite different. It’s The Thracian Wars, which are the older stories of Hercules. This is the origin, so it sets it up,” Kellan Lutz proclaimed earlier this year, promoting his Hercules movie that opened to minimal interest. Then again, Lutz is no Dwayne Johnson. However, the real question is whether or not audiences actually care about this character.

The first trailer for Brett Ratner‘s take on the ripped hero—simply titled “Hercules” — has arrived, with The Rock flexing everything he’s got. Based on the Radical Comics book, this one follows Hercules and his crew of mercenaries, hired by the King of Thrace to prepare his men for war. It gives plenty of room for both Ratner and The Rock to do their respective things so that this hits all the notes needed for a bona fide summer spectacular.

“Hercules” opens on July 25th. Watch below.

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nice wing!


The lion attack was pretty cool. Still unsure about this.


This looks like shit. The After Earth of this summer.


Looks good to me, it goes back to what we really knew of the story when he had all the test thrown at him and the look is mythological historically correct!



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