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Watch: Errol Morris Uses Ronald McDonald To Promote Taco Bell In New Series Of Ads

Watch: Errol Morris Uses Ronald McDonald To Promote Taco Bell In New Series Of Ads

While he’s best known for his documentary work, Errol Morris has long been a commercials director too, cranking out spots for major brands like Apple, Adidas, Nike, Toyota, Volkswagen and many, many more. And the results are always the most satisfying when he brings his own, distinct interview and observational style to the small screen.

And so it goes with this string of ads for Taco Bell, which have a unique twist. To tout their new line of breakfast tacos, the chain rounded up a bunch of real people named Ronald McDonald to endorse the range of things that are probably super unhealthy and/or totally gross. It’s cheeky stuff, and Morris makes it look easy. Check it out below. [Adweek]

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Why do I not like the ad? One of them is supposedly from Worcester, Ma. The second or third largest city in New England depending on year/census. The background for this guy is in front of a tractor with mountains in the background. Smell test does not work for me. I've never seen any scene in Worcester like that though it does look like California. And I grew up in Worcester and went to college there.

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Why do you waste space with this ad shit? What just because director hack Errol Morris makes an ad somehow you need to waste everyone's time an convince us that that shiitt is important?


I think these ads are stupid and gimmicky, but Errol Morris is great.




When i saw these ads on tv I thought someone brilliant was behind them. Now I know

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