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Watch: First Red Band Trailer For ‘Sex Tape’ Starring Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz

Watch: First Red Band Trailer For 'Sex Tape' Starring Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz

The last time we saw Jason Segel naked, he was being dumped in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” but in “Sex Tape,” he’s getting down and dirty with Cameron Diaz. And he’s even looking a bit fitter doing it. “I took heat for ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ where I was completely nude. But different characters require different body types,” he told US Weekly about dropping weight for the movie. “It is R-rated, and I’m not in shape for no reason.”

And so here’s Segel and Diaz in the first trailer for “Sex Tape,” but as you might guess from the title, their romp in the sack has some consequences when their recording of their intimate moment threatens to get shared with an audience beyond their bedroom. The actors’ “Bad Teacher” director Jake Kasdan is back behind the camera for this one. The last time this trio went R-rated, they bagged over $200 million worldwide, and Sony is banking that the second time around will produce even better results.

“Sex Tape” hits on July 25th. Watch below.

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Hello there, just want to say it's a pretty good movie, worth the time, I gave it a few laughs…if you want, you can watch the movie online at this location : sextapemovie[.]wix[.]com/watch-online

oogle monster

This makes NO sense. They gave out IPADS AS A GIFT? What in the world? This is SO stupid. And the Cloud joke is moronic. God, I love Segel but Diaz has really just ruined her career in recent years. This year looks especially bad for her.


Her crotch is on the poster. Ew.

Skinny seagull

Looks like shit.


Watched the trailer, saw the whole movie…

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