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Watch: First Trailer For Tornado Disaster Flick ‘Into The Storm’

Watch: First Trailer For Tornado Disaster Flick 'Into The Storm'

What on Earth is “Into The Storm“? To be honest, we had no idea about this one either, but Warner Bros. is starting to get the word out about this presumably modestly budgeted disaster flick, in which a tornado wreaks some tremendous havoc.

Starring Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Arlen Escarpeta, Nathan Kress, Jon Reep and Jeremy Sumpter this one follows a single, deadly day in the town of Silverton where cyclone tornados lay out a path of popcorn ready destruction, while one storm chaser follows it all for the shot of a lifetime. Steven Quayle, the man behind “Final Destination 5,” is not stranger to outlandish spectacle and death, with this one more than adequately set up for some ludicrous peril.

Whether audiences will be excited or not remains to be seen. But find out on August 8th and watch the new trailer below.

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The title kept being changed,the release date kept being changed,I believe the beginning and ending were rewritten and of course reshot.This was filmed about 2 years ago.Long time ago…I think they are trying to sell it as a Richard (The Hobbit) Armitage movie….Who wants to see this ?


This reminds of Skyline, another horrible piece of crap disaster movie with no recognizable faces being pushed as if the film was a big deal.

Also, millions of dollars were spend making this piece of shit. Can we ask for a better of evidence of how low we've fallen…

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