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WATCH Jennifer Lawrence Lip-Sync to Santana in ‘American Hustle’ Deleted Scene

WATCH Jennifer Lawrence Lip-Sync to Santana in 'American Hustle' Deleted Scene

If Jennifer Lawrence’s rendition of “Live and Let Die” in “American Hustle” wasn’t enough for you, now watch her lip-sync, air-guitar and rock out to Santana’s “Evil Ways” in a deleted scene.

Director David O. Russell was probably right to drop the sequence. It goes on a little too long, and doesn’t have the campy punch of the Paul McCartney singalong that made the final cut. But it’s a treat watching this spiky housewife, yellow gloves and all, break down and let it all out.

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Overrated ass film!


Love this!….I loved American Hustle and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing.


So I guess there WAS a way this movie could have been worse

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