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Watch: Jeremy Renner Finds The Light In Deleted Scene From ‘American Hustle’

Watch: Jeremy Renner Finds The Light In Deleted Scene From 'American Hustle'

When “American Hustle” was released three months ago, the buzz surrounding the film was deafening. It received favorable reviews, won best picture with the New York Film Critics Circle, and then was nominated for ten Academy Awards. There was, of course, some backlash against the film from those who did not deem it to be so awards worthy. But now, after the movie came home empty-handed from last Sunday’s Oscars, that means we can just enjoy the film again, right? Hopefully, that’s the case, since “American Hustle” comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray just two weeks from now.

To honor the film’s upcoming release on home video, Sony Pictures has given us a glimpse at one of the deleted scenes from the movie. The scene features Jeremy Renner’s character Carmine singing on stage, urging the main characters to join along with him, despite their reluctance to do so. There’s a couple moments in the movie that already feature characters singing so perhaps David O. Russell felt he didn’t need to add yet another one for fear of turning the film into a jukebox musical.

The Blu-Ray will include a featurette as well as a handful of deleted and extended scenes. Considering the improvisational nature of the film, those extended scenes should be fun to watch. You can get “American Hustle” in stores on March 18th or, if you can’t wait that long, you can download it one week earlier. Watch the deleted scene below.

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I can see why this scene might have affected the pace and flow a little bit, but man, I really think it could have helped the movie. It's a nice moment to just clarify the relationships and to add a needed note of melancholy to the whole thing.


Having seen all the deleted scenes online it now seems DOR took a hatchet to the 'relationship' scenes between Bale and Renner and to some degree Bale and Adams, but kept pretty much all of the 'wacky' Cooper and Lawrence scenes. I guess that explains why it made it so difficult to care about the characters. Shame.

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