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Watch: Lena Dunham Directed Video For Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better”; ‘Girls’ Denied Filming At University Of Iowa

Watch: Lena Dunham Directed Video For Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better"; 'Girls' Denied Filming At University Of Iowa

Well, “Girls” season three is wrapped and in the can, and before Lena Dunham dives back into the show for season four, she’s taken a little detour to help out her boyfriend Jack Antonoff. A member of the band Fun., he’s now launching a side-project, Bleachers, and Dunham has directed the video for the first single, “I Wanna Get Better.”

The track is an upbeat slice of pop, but the storyline of the video is particularly Dunham-esque, with Antonoff playing a therapist trying to help others, even with his own life in shambles, recently dumped by this girlfriend, etc. It’s a pretty effective little spot, and yes, that is Retta from “Parks & Recreation” in there.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting curio for “Girls” fans curious about where the show will go next, with Hannah deciding to attend the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop—the production has been denied access to the University Of Iowa campus for filming. “While we are pleased that the Iowa Writers’ Workshop is receiving national attention and that our graduate is doing well in her career, our general practice is to not allow filming, due to potential disruption to campus,” spokesman Tom Moore told Press-Citizen (via Variety).

What this means for the storylines for next year remains to be seen, but it’s not like “Girls” couldn’t film elsewhere and still call it Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Until we know more, watch “I Wanna Get Better” below.

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Great song. "Shadow" recently debuted too. Loving Bleachers!


This video is so cute. Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff make a great team. Can't wait to hear more from Bleachers :)


Nate Reuss is the frontman of fun.


Um, why exactly can Girls not film elsewhere and call it Iowa Writers' Workshop? I mean, you guys are aware that locations are cheated all the time in film and TV, right? Sure we all love authenticity but there's no reason they can't shoot at another campus and call it Iowa. This is not an issue.


That was a great music video.

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