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Watch: Oscar Winner Alfonso Cuarón Discusses ‘Gravity’ & His Career In 1-Hour Talk

Watch: Oscar Winner Alfonso Cuarón Discusses 'Gravity' & His Career In 1-Hour Talk

For the rest of his career, the words “Oscar winner” will precede the name of Alfonso Cuarón, and it’s certainly been a journey to get there. The director’s latest, “Gravity,” was a labor of love, technology and the faith it would turn out, with the years-in-the-making film turning out to be not only a box office hit, but an awards season favorite, ultimately walking away with two of the three major trophies it was nominated for. But before he had the golden statue to put on his mantle, he was still another flimmaker with an excellent body of work hoping to get to the next level.

Back in January, Cuarón sat down with BAFTA for an hour-long talk about his career, and for any fans, it’s well worth a watch. The director discusses how films like “The Bicycle Thief” and “Doctor Zhivago” first stirred his interested in moviemaking, his opinion on “Great Expectations” (it “sucks”) and much more about his journey that eventually led to his Oscar just a couple months after this interview was conducted. So with the day winding down, this one you’ll want to make a bit of time for. Watch below. [via Slashfilm]

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