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Watch: Oscars In Memoriam 2014 Presented By Glenn Close Plus ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ By Bette Midler

Watch: Oscars In Memoriam 2014 Presented By Glenn Close Plus 'Wind Beneath My Wings' By Bette Midler

Another year has passed, and with it, some of the cinema’s most beloved artists passed away. And so it goes, the Oscars took a moment to remember them all (except Alain Resnais) with the annual In Memoriam segment.

Glenn Close introduced this year’s reel, which dutifully and respectfully honored those who left us, and was appropriate in tone and length. And just when it seemed like it was all over, Bette Midler walked out on stage and turned the moment into something beyond adequate description by warbling “Wind Beneath My Wings.” It was something… else… It was certainly one of the odder decisions Oscar producers made this year, but you can check it below. [Rickey]

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Joe JOhnson

Jonathan Winters was an entertainer for so many years and should not have been snubbed. and Lee Thompson Young and Cory Monteithweren't around as long but deserved to be acknowledge


Bette Midler is (of course) mentally ill. When everyone's standing and applauding the memory of everyone who passed after her song finished, she's beaming and gesturing to everyone like they're giving HER a standing ovation for that performance, and not the wall of faces behind her. I was laughing so hard when I saw that.


No mention of Ed Lauter passing.


no mention of dennis farina?


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