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Watch: Supercut Of Martin Scorsese’s Use Of “Gimme Shelter” In ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Casino’ & ‘The Departed’

Watch: Supercut Of Martin Scorsese's Use Of "Gimme Shelter" In 'Goodfellas,' 'Casino' & 'The Departed'

While there are many recurring motifs, themes and interests one can talk about when discussing the five-decade-plus long career of Martin Scorsese, when it comes to soundtracks, he’s long shown an affinity for The Rolling Stones. Close pals with the rock ‘n roll legends (he directed their 2008 concert doc “Shine A Light“), even since “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” rumbled through “Mean Streets,” he’s kept an ear for opportunities to use the tunes of Mick ‘n Keef. But one song in particular has been a favorite.

“Gimme Shelter,” the lead track to the band’s Let It Bleed, has been used in no less than three Scorsese films: “Goodfellas,” “Casino” and “The Departed.” And so, naturally, someone has taken the time to paste together a supercut of that song in all three movies. And the result is a look at how one song is pretty damn useful for montage sequences, though if Scorsese never uses it again, that would probably be a good thing. [Reddit]

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SO tired of Scorsese's 'POP' culture incest.

Meanwhile, DeNiro's looking more and more like STALIN.

The country's being USURPED by the globalist MAFIA.

SCORSESE should direct the definitve STALIN!

JOE PESCI would be the perfect BERIA!

tristan eldritch

I really thought the use of it in The Departed was gratuitous and almost self-parodic. Didn't Jagger joke when Marty was making Shine a Light that it was the only Scorsese film that didn't feature Gimme Shelter?

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