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Watch: Take Mutant Roll Call With New Footage From ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

Watch: Take Mutant Roll Call With New Footage From 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

Oh, so the extensive, Sentinel revealing new trailer for “X-Men: Days Of Future Past wasn’t enough for you when it dropped earlier this week? Well, not to worry. 20th Century Fox still has plenty of marketing money to spend, and today brings even more from Bryan Singer‘s upcoming mutant maelstrom.

Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine stopped by SpikeTV‘s “Ink Master” last night (wait, what?) and while he was there guesting X-Men tattoos (wait, what?) he also dropped yet another teaser for the super sequel. And it’s effectively a roll call of some of mutants coming into the mix, with the old school and new school coming together to face off against a threat that could harm hero, villain and human alike. It looks like a big tentpole, as it should, and Singer seems to have a wrangle on the numerous characters in the mix.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past” arrives on May 23rd. Watch below.

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Emperor Zerg Rush

Every time I see a baffling typo or weird sentence I keep forgetting to check the byline, since at this point Kevin is clearly doing it to troll the readers.

Obvious marketing ploy aside, I watched this episode (of a show I'd never seen before) and I'm completely stunned that they even bothered to bring Jackman on at all. Even the way he was introduced made him seem out of place "Tony award winner…"/etc. I honestly kept wanting him to just make an entrance dressed in tails and a tophat while he sang a Broadway hit.

Having him judge tattoos was just absurd though (though there were some really well done tattoos) and his opinion was so clearly unimportant that I could almost hear him going "KA-CHING!" as he cashed the check FOX/et al. wrote him to do that appearance.

All that said, I still think this version of Quicksilver looks suspiciously womanly.


Good grief with all the trailers and new footage for this film. I think I've seen the whole movie. So why bother seeing it in the theaters.

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