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Weekend B.O. March 28-30 (Nothing To Worry About)

Weekend B.O. March 28-30 (Nothing To Worry About)

Who was worrying? Paramount
was actually.

They were worrying if they had a major disaster on their
hands with Noah. After months of hype,
the studio began to get worried when high profile Christian organizations and
leaders did not totally embrace Noah, or flat-out had objections to it, and
weren’t going to endorse the film.

And to add insult to injury, the film even got banned in some countries, such as Indonesia. As a result, the studio started getting cold feet about the
film, and, in an unusual move for such a highly publicized, very expensive film, held up advance media screenings for most of the national media until
just two days before it opened.

And some box office predictions were for the film
struggling to break past $30 million, which meant trouble for the reportedly $130
production (though some estimates have the figure much higher than

Well it turned out, as I said, that Paramount had nothing to worry
about. Thanks to huge interest and crossover appeal, a great media campaign and
good reviews, Noah came in at No.1 this weekend, earning $44 million, which was much better than expected. And add to that the $51 million that the film has made
overseas to date, and Paramount execs are breathing a sigh of relief.

On the opposite end, Arnold
third attempt at a comeback in the movies, with David Ayer’s Sabotage, completely
fizzled, earning a lousy $5.3 million
this weekend. It seems obvious that his time has come and gone.

Last week’s No. 1 film Divergent dropped 51%, and yet was still
able to hang on to the No. 2 slot; while Muppets Most Wanted came in third.

And 12 Years A Slave proves once again the falsehood that
black films don’t make money overseas. With $121 million to date grossed in foreign markets alone, twice the almost $57 million it’s made domestically, and with
a worldwide total of $178. 6 million,
at the rate it’s going, it will soon hit the $200 million mark worldwide. 

1) Noah Par. $44,000,000 
2) Divergent LG/S $26,500,000 Total: $95,260,000 
3) Muppets Most Wanted BV $11,373,000 Total:  $33,210,000 
4) Mr. Peabody & Sherman Fox $9,500,000 Total:  $94,909,000 
5) God’s Not Dead Free $9,075,000  Total:  $22,028,000  
6) The Grand Budapest Hotel FoxS $8,825,000  Total:  $24,457,000 
7) Sabotage  ORF $5,330,000  
8) Need for Speed BV $4,335,000  Total:  $37,753,000 
9) 300: Rise of An Empire WB $4,300,000 Total:  $101,145,000  
10) Non-Stop Uni. $4,087,000  Total:  $85,167,000 
11) The LEGO Movie WB $3,105,000 Total:  $248,304,000 
12) Cesar Chavez LGF $3,000,000 

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I never doubted that 12 Years a Slave would slay overseas, largely due to its international cast and overall excellence. I believe it's very telling that foreign markets have doubled the domestic box office. There's resistance to this movie at home even with the Oscar nods.

Mark V (or 5)

Sergio, luv you dude, but once again it seems like S&A's facts aren't in touch with the rest of the business, like that time Tambay boasted "Best Man 2" was passing 100mill without knowing the facts of the production. I can tell you right now that there are some who are VERY worried about "Noah"'s prospects, and are calling it this year's "John Carter". Just check some of the other trades.

I want this site to be the black version of "Deadline" (a rich, untapped market) , but you guys keep saying things outta left field, keeping it closer to "AOL Black Voices".


I've happy to hear about 12 years. I hope it does reach $200 million. That's a huge accomplishment for any period film, especially a black one. It's sad Divergent fell to second after it's first week. You can't be the 'next hunger games' when your film can't hold number one.


Where's TP's "Single Mom's Club?" Didn't that just open two weekends ago? And its already come and gone? Wow! Talk about loosing one's touch.

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