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You Can Watch ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ on Netflix Right Now

You Can Watch 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' on Netflix Right Now

It sadly wasn’t a fixture in last night’s Oscars, but for those who missed the chance to see last year’s Palme d’Or winner first time around in cinemas, “Blue is the Warmest Colour” has been added to Netflix Instant Watch. The 3-hour coming of age drama tells the story of high school student Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) falling madly in love with blue-haired Emma (Léa Seydoux), their ensuing relationship, and the personal transformation Adèle must undergo as she comes to terms with her sexuality. 

While being one of, if not the most critically-acclaimed film of the year, “Blue” was notably ignored in the Oscars Foreign Language Film category along with 19 year old Exarchopoulos, who gave a more moving performance than I’d laid eyes on in a long time.

Watch it here.

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It's not on netflix. I've just searched for it and it's not there. This is obviously an error of some kind.

kailash gaur

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