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9 New Posters For ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

9 New Posters For 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

With mutants past and present set to appear in “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” many are wondering (including us) if there’s such thing as too much when it comes to the mutant franchise. “I wanted a full cast but I didn’t want it to feel forced,” Bryan Singer told Total Film (print edition), “we wanted to make it feel organic, not take a ‘kitchen sink’ approach but bring together characters with interesting powers.”

We’ll see if that all works next month with the packed superhero film comes to the big screen. Until then, Fox wants to make sure that the money spent brings a good return on investment, so the marketing machine rolls onward with nine posters arriving. They mostly focus on the bigger brand heroes, with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Magneto (Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen), Charles Xavier (James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) getting the focus, and also Halle Berry’s Storm even though she apparently only appears in one scene.

“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” arrives on May 23rd. Posters can be seen at Screen Rant.

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Wolverine is getting old.

Big black

I'm pretty sure the hole "storm getting cut to one scene" was reported false by Bryan singer himself awhile ago


I like the second and last one the best. The former should have a Mark I Sentinel on the left and Mark X on the right, seeing as how they're the main threat. Just seeing them flying high in the latter makes the poster for me.


I don't like the posters at all. Way too much Wolverine and not enough emphasis on the important characters (i.e. Young Charles and Erik). I mean, visually, these posters are rocking, but they feature the wrong people.


Too much Wolverine. But I suppose that was to be expected.


The 1st and last one are ok. They've never really made very good posters. I still like the stories their choosing to do and the chances that this and Apocalypse are going to be the best movies yet.


@Andres: Probably good that you're not an expert, then. The posters look pretty stylish to me…..looking forward to the film.


My non-expert opinion is:

Awful, every single one of them.

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