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Co-Screenwriter of ‘Noah’ Explains Why There Are No Black People Or POC In The Film

Co-Screenwriter of 'Noah' Explains Why There Are No Black People Or POC In The Film

O.K. let’s see if this makes sense.

No doubt, one of the most talked
about films so far this year is Darren Aronofsky’s
The film has gotten its share of rave reviews, though there are those who have major problems with it. However, one cannot deny that it is truly an ambitious, unique and original film – the kind of risk-taking movie you wish Hollywood would make more of, like they used to.

However, there is that one thing; That one thing that stuck out in my mind when I saw the film: “Hey, where are the black folks or people of color in the film?” 

If this film
had been made back during the epic “Biblical film” era, in the 1950s, well then, yes, you would expect that.

But even Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments has black people
in it. So, here we are well into the 21stcentury, and Noah is populated with nothing but white people, many who speak with British or Australian accents.

Well, in a new interview on
the website The High Calling (HERE) the co-screenwriter of the film Ari Handel,
who wrote Noah with Aronofsky, was asked about the lack of diversity and
addressed by saying:

“From the beginning, we were concerned
about casting, the issue of race. What we realized is that this story is
functioning at the level of myth, and as a mythical story, the race of the
individuals doesn’t matter. They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people.
Either you end up with a Bennetton ad or the crew of the Starship Enterprise.”

He goes on to say:

“You either try to put everything in
there, which just calls attention to it, or you just say, “Let’s make that not
a factor, because we’re trying to deal with everyman.” Looking at this story
through that kind of lens is the same as saying, “Would the ark float and is it
big enough to get all the species in there?” That’s irrelevant to the questions
because the questions are operating on a different plane than that; they’re
operating on the mythical plane.”

Really? That’s the best he
could do? Why not just say, we just didn’t want to be bothered? I would have
bought that.

So let me see if I
understand this. In other words, if we put black people or POC in the film, then people would notice it, and that would have been like really, really distracting, taking people out of the
film. So instead, we got a whole bunch of white British, American and Australian
actors to represent all mankind, because it‘s just a lot easier?

And, furthermore, putting people of color
in the film would have somewhat diminished the biblical Noah, making it look, God
forbid, like some kind of Star Trek movie?

Sorry I’m all confused here.
I was thinking that, if you want to
represent all mankind in a film, then wouldn’t it make sense to have a cast that
did actually represent all of mankind, in
every color and hue, instead of having an all white cast, and telling audiences to just squint their eyes, and pretend that he’s
another race, because it’s all just a myth after all? So black people can’t be mythical too? Nope, I guess we’re too real, too urban.

Am I wrong here, or is Handel?
You tell us.

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Listen guys, the true Hebrews were POC or specifically, BLACK HEBREWS. The jews that occupy Israel now are not the original Hebrews of the Bible and many say, " it doesn`t matter what color they were" but it does in terms of Identification, and heritage. Most of the black Jews in Israel today are not accepted as Hebrews without signing away their true birth right. These Europeans Jews in Israel are thieves and the U.S.A Support them. Lets talk about this on CNN.


    Ezell, speak TRUTH! And one day very, very soon, their so-called dominion will end. The movie is all about $. It stems from the book of Enoch, with the Watchers and being encrusted in the sharp rocks. This HANDEL dude doesnt even believe in Noah. He says, “It mythical”. They have no soul and its hard for them to believe Truth. YAH is coming back for HIS people. The nations will have to humble themselves and bow (if they even survive the Wrath to come). Let’s just make sure we make it into the Kingdom and guard His instructions. PEACE to you all. See you in the Kingdom, Most High willing.


    I really don’t think Jews were black. They were white. Read the book of enoch, it speaks that NOah was born as a son of the angels and that he was whiter than snow and his hair was white as wool and his eyes as radiant as the sun.


I agree with Daryl and Thomas. All the black actors in the film industry today, Guys come on lets stop complaining. Its almost like we are still waiting on the master to invite us to dinner with his family. Sisters and brothers it ain`t happening.


This movie had nothing to do with Noah from the Bible except the flood itself and the ark. The rest was an abominable anti-biblical travesty work of fiction. The writers should be ashamed of themselves.

As for the race of the people, I don’t see anyone asking, "where are all the white people?" in a black comedy, or "where are all the black people?" in an asian kung fu movie. No, it’s because "diversity" only matters when it’s white people, because the entire ideology is a racism against the white race and an attempt to systematically destroy the white race.

    Marvin Smith

    For people to think the world is out to discredit white people to make them look bad all over the world is because white people throughout history did nothing but cause grief to other nations of people and as far as black shows being all black it was a time when all we seen was all white people even when they was portraying a person of color so why can’t we have our own we telling our story but white people feel to realize everything great they didn’t do so why keep trying to convince the world you white people the only people who can do great things stop trying to be everything damn


This movie had nothing to do with Noah from the Bible except the flood itself and the ark. The rest was an abominable anti-biblical travesty work of fiction. THE writer should be ashamed of themselves.

As for the race of the people, I don’t see anyone asking, "where are all the white people?" in a black comedy, our" where are all the black people?" in an asian kung fu movie. No, it’s because "diversity" only matter when it’s white people, because the entire ideology is a racism against the white race and an attempt to systematically destroy the white race.


there were alot less black people back then, and they were mostly in mid and south africa. The movie was great, as is


    Alot less Black people? So the original humans were black, then what, they just disappeared during Bibilcal times? You sir are a moron. The entire Bible takes place in the Middle East and Africa, so in those regions it’s safe to say there would be alot less White people. Your argument makes no fucking sense, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul….


People don’t want to deal with the reality of important history truths or made up religions. One can not argue the Hebrew are and were black during that era and thousands of years ago. The Hebrews people gave us Judaism, Islam and Christianity long before Alexander the Great concurred a weak Egypt and the end of there reign. The pagan worshippers from Europe could not sail the Nile river until Alexander. There for contributing nothing of any importance to the religions of today. I would give the credit convincing dummies that color doesn’t matter when discussing religious faiths that the BLACK Man CREATED!


Racism is wrong enough is enough already!! Hollywood always get it wrong when they make biblical movies why because they are prejudice when it comes to the real truth that most of the characters in the bible from the beginning are all black, not white that’s the truth why can’t they just accept that!? But too bad for them they can’t!! The truth hurts doesn’t it that we we here first!! Adam and eve were black and Cain and Abel, and Noah and his whole family!! And Moses was black and his wife and sons des with it and stop being a racist!! If not shame on you!! Either do it right next time or please don’t do it at all!! And I’d does matter about race if your lying about it and you are discriminating against blacks in bible movies its not right!!! You directors need Jesus!! And by the way Jesus is a beautiful black king!! Again that’s the real truth, that’s what matters! So stop the lies!! Wake up world and stop the racism!!! Everything isn’t white!! You racists just want it to be but its not!! Black is beautiful and so are other races too not only being white!! Stop the madness!!


This is a proud black woman


Why is there no white girl on the real talk show? I guess if we don’t like it we don’t have to watch it. Get over it. When you make your very own movie you can put whoever you want in it. It’s considered art. Someones artistic vision, and it won’t always be politically correct.


This has to be the dumbest shit I have ever read in my life. All of Racist hollywood needs to be fired, them and the racist assholes at sony.


All thinking people know that there is no a single word of truth in the story book bible however if anyone cares to know there are no black or negro people before the flood in the bible. Black skin is a punishment to the one son of Noah after the flood for laughing at Noahs drunk genitals. I remember wondering why any intelligent Black would have anything to do with a Roman slave owners manual like the bible.


God let it go already. So sick of PC idiots


does the bile say what race or skin color Noah was I think not so Noah can be represent by any color


    Yes, the Book of Enoch says his skin color was white as snow his hair white as wool, his eyes radiant like the sun and that he illuminated the whole house.

Tonius Maximus

The real reason thats a BS answer is because the entire purpose of the ark is to preserve diversity. To then use the exact opposite reasoning to justify a non-diverse cast is Taurus-stool at its finest.


Get over it! What is it, like the first movie in years that didn’t force a black person into the movie for fear blacks will scream and cry racist! Get over it. If it bothers you that much don’t go see it.Go watch Tyler perry’s racist ass.

Pulsar Stargrave

There are ZERO excuses for an All-White cast in 21st Century United States. And the argument of "reverse racism" is just excuse making. A show that takes place in a specific neighborhood will likely have a dominant population but nothing is preventing someone of a different nationality or ethnicity from appearing in the show or movie somewhere, and the proof in the pudding is the fact that so-called "minorities" DO make more of an effort to diversify their casts, because they have SEEN how little effort Hollywood has made to do the same for much of its history. The issue is sensitivity and being aware of the product as its being made. How is it that NO ONE NOTICED that the cast was "ALL (so called) White? Easy, if you’re shooting a movie in a country where there aren’t as many people of color (Australia) but I find it hard to believe they couldn’t have recruited a few Aboriginal people as extras.

And African, Latino or Asian-Americans who may be Christians or Muslims should hold themselves accountable as well: don’t be so quick to flock to these "Biblical" epics about a given "religious" subject or prophet: by giving them your money willy nilly regardless of the quality of the work, you’re just encouraging Hollywood to continue to disrespect you while they laugh all the way to the bank behind your backs.


I was given to understand that the various racial groups developed after the flood, after separating at the Tower of Babel. My hypothesis is this, at one time there were the "waters in the heavens" surrounding the Earth, this layer around the Earth protected the people from the harmful damaging rays of the sun. That being the case, it may be that pre flood there was no expression of very dark skin, which naturally clusters in areas most affected by harsh sun exposure. Pre flood world needed no such protection expressed in the skin. Now after the flood all that changed of course.


Thanks, Topher! We can always count on this thread for a daily visit from the cray-crays.


To answer your question, look up genesis chapter 9 versus 20-27. It’s explains how the first black person is created.


In the beginning there were no coloured people as the world was covered with water protecting them from sun burn. After the flood, the water in canopy no longer protected Noah and his descendants from the sun. People living near the equator got darker while others in the north got whiter.


Eventually, people will realize that the area that Noah (as well as any other biblical people) was from (aka the Middle East) is the extreme northeast end of the African continent. So to think of ANY of these people — including JC — as anything other than people of color is just beyond stupid. Check your geography, people !!!


Hahaha Jews don’t want their historical mythologyto be tampered with, but they have no problem casting black dudes in roles of Norse mythology. Heh just reality, they want mass immigration to western nations but hate it in Israel.

The Welcome Wagon

Welcome, Janet! Thanks for contributing. I’m guessing you’re not too smart (just a guess.) May I suggest returning to school, at LEAST for you GED? You’ll be happy you did!

there were no blacks 500 years ago. There were no shops for them to steal and no state benefits 4 them to claim. they all lived in africa



Its funny how blacks get all bent out of shape when they don’t include any comedians but black comedians on Shaqs all-star comedy jam….oh thats right,they DONT…. i forgot, your own racism is ok.


Although I don’t support these whitewashed films as they are in truth apart of the white supremacist infrastructure I am no longer looking to those same people to all of a sudden not strive to promote the very factors which empower them as the dominant culture. Hollywood works hand in hand with "the powers that be" to maintain the status quo and their way of life. They will never allow us, the black man and woman to be seen as their equals on a broad scale, at a level which would compromise their status in the perception of the world– it would be suicide. We must take and make power. They will never give it up.

Linda Black

I absolutely agree with Daryl, except one thing. I do like Tyler Perry and his films. If we don’t tell the Black experience it will just lie dormant somewhere because no one else is going to do it. I give Tyler big kudos because he brought something different but oh so real to the big screen. People of color didn’t just germinate from a bean or pod; they’ve been around since the beginning of time and will be around until the end of time. Don’t tell me there were no Black people around in the days of Noah when it has already been hinted that Noah was a Black man. While it doesn’t surprise me about the film, it seems that nothing is ever learned about the real history of the world, and the rhetoric of the screenwriters is appalling. If there should be a film about some event or era in history, it surely should be accurate.



Sharon Agina

I suppose when the writers were researching Noah’s ark, they went to Africa and so the animals that continue to roam the continent since the biblical time but they did not see any black people!


Yes, I agree with the original assessment. A Benetton ad??? Star Trek. This indicates that including blacks is somehow cheapening the movie when in all actuality it should make it more believable. Furthermore, these supposed "epic" movies continue to white wash traditional stories that if truthfully depicted would be the total opposite of hollyweird tall tales. I’m grateful that I’m a conscious human being! Carry on with British & Australian accents … Everyone has an agenda …even hollyweird & their "his-story."


The big lies need to stop concerning bible history. I know someone has got to know the truth. Stop trying to portray people that you know you’re not. I really feel sorry for people like that. Haven’t you stolen enough already. Give me a break.


Noah’s Ark took place in the middle east and they used an all white cast… That makes no sense. Heil Hitler!


This is dodging around the mythic genesis of human races in some traditions around the story of Noah and the "curse of Ham" – This nonsense was used to justify slavery, so it only makes sense that it should come up in this context.


I don’t know if you noticed but a lot of films are being made without people of color. That is the first thing I look for when I watch a movie or a show. I’m not saying every tv show or movie has to have POC but too may do not include minorities. It reminds me of the old days. Actors of color are probably struggling to get work. It’s not as easy as you think for minorities to just go out and make a movie if you are not financially well off and cannot get a movie studio to accept you movie. I think they should hire more minorities for movies and tv shows and when they do don’t sterio type them. Same with older actors. When they get a certain age we through them away. Other countries treat them with respect. Older people would like movies of older people. They fall in love, they have life adventures, all older women are not Cougars and all older men don’t have to be with women who are the same age as their granddaughter.



Alyssia Alexandria

No POC in the film because the industry did not feel that the lack of POC would create a financial risk AND because historically POC venture to films like this despite the lack of THEIR presence on screen. SUM: If more people of color worked in power positions in the industry AND consumers DEMANDED their presence ( via representation ) on screen and off then more films would "represent" the person of color ( 99% of the planet ) DUH!


P.S This story is truly a myth and non sensical. Don’t get hung up on distractions of supremacy but focus on truth and fact. Start by rejecting the Europeans writing called the NT and embrace the OT(minus some books such as Daniel, Ruth and Esther all false. Then go to Israel museum and see what the indigenous natives of that area looked like.


Whoever is the ruling principality tends to rewrite history to their society. This has been done since the time of the alledged (white) Jesus when the Europeans came to rule. They wanted to identify with the black Israelites GOD then and now use this alien nonsense as they did with the fabrication called christ.

Also Mike

Hi, Mike! Thanks for joining the black website on a very-deadhorse thread! Judging by your comment, rife with spelling error, I’d guess you are unintelligent. Good luck with that! PEACE!


Sticking blacks in a film because it doesn’t have blacks in it is stupid next thing you know we’ll have a checklist at what has to be in a film and it’ll be so long there’s no film just panning from one race to another to keep everyone happy. I don’t care neither should you films tell a story and I watch films to get emersed in the story not scour every shot to see if they have a black man, or a Chinese man or a native american or a European man or a Scottish man or a man who lives in a county called Kent. Suedoliberalism makes me sick


If we are looking at this at a racism point of view you could consider that there were monkeys on the ark. Everyone is accounted for.


Don’t waste 2+ hours of your life. This film is one of the worse films EVER, and the racial makeup of the cast is just superficial to the whacked-out story and acting.

A. Whitaker III

Non of this ever happened. There is no historical evidence that Noah or anyone associated with this story ever excited. The bible is NOT a history book even though people the world over are thought as if it was . Black people need to stop bitching about not being include in white, Arabic or any non African mythology. Hollywood was invented by white Jews and to this very day is controlled by them ,that’s a FACT. Blacks have enough money to make there own movies . How about the story of Hannibal of Cathage, the Great African rulers of Egypt, even racist Russia can’t deny one of there greatest poets Pushkin whos father was an African and mother was Russian. There are so many great story that can be brought to the screen. If Blacks want to see themselves portrayed in there beloved bible they need to make there own version just like the white man has done. Same Lie you please.

ralf ellis

The film portrayal is probably correct.

The Jews came out of Egypt, and they are not black.
And Josephus says the Jews were the Hyksos pharaohs.
And King David was supposed to be a redhead.

Modern Egyptians are not black African.
Ancient Egyptian mummies are not black African.
The Scottish chronicles say the Scots were exiles from Egypt, and they are not black.
The Greco-Egyptian chronicles say that Greece was settled by Pharaoh Dannus (hence the Greeks are called the Dannoi) and they are not black.

In short, the film is probably correct, in showing ‘Caucasian’ Egyptians. See: "Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots".



White supremacy will always be at the top whether we like it or not, Hollywood will never tell te real story there’s always something fishy about the films if you open your eyes carefully. This film Noah is one great example the problem is not that there are black people missing in the film but the problem is that try have switched the storyline ad how can you get the main actor to be Noah and he’s not even religious or believe in yh whole thing it doesn’t make sense. Hollywood doesn’t make sense and if you research about what Hollywood is doing with their mind control intelligence only ten will we wake up!
Have a good day People


Oh for God’s sake, stop it already. So the *&^% what! Blacks are not involved in every single reaking area of white’s lives so why do they cry when they’re not included in every white event? Whites don’t cry that they’re not included in BET or Black pageants. This whining is so so so old and boring.


I am surprised all the actors were not jewish the way jewish hollywood is promoting jews these days. Any movie with more than two jews, I boycott!!


The "issue" of race never occurred to me, not once. It’s a non-issue. It’s not important. The fact that you’re harping on about it shows a problem with you, not a problem with the director and his choices.

Sofia Gelman

I wrote an awarded book JIDS. The editor of JEWISH JOURNAL Danielle Berrin read it, "YOUR BOOK IS NOBLE GOOD FOR A MOVIE" If someone like to work on it , it would be better than FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. You can get it Sofia 323 851 7092


Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother is Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.

darrell E

Captain America: Winter Soldier- Capt. partner for the past 30 yrs has been the Falcon. This isn’t new

buck wade

I’m sick of this controversary about people being hired because of their race. You wanna be fair? You wanna get a good reputation? Then stop being concerned with hiring people by race and focus on hiring people based on their acting skill ’cause that is what you’re going to need; pro actors, not people being there ’cause of their race unless it’s something like 12 years of slave where race is kinda important.


Black folk do not exist in Biblical lore or Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’. Hollywood has excellent reasons not to include POC/diverse actors: yawl just don’t exist.


I don’t see any wjite people on black music tv?


By the way his excuse sounds better than "we just didn’t want to be bothered." Which sounds more racist than the explanation he gave, he didn’t see it as an issue but you’ve made it into one.


Hmm, my opinion is you’ve gone a bit wayward in this article Sergio. I watched the movie, I thought it was okay, I didn’t notice that there was no people of colour simply because I do not pick up on those things, because race has no bearing on what constitutes an enjoyable movie. By pointing out that there is no people of colour you are infact inciting and giving steam to a non existent racist undercurrent in this movie.


and for that reason alone is why I didn’t go to see it and won’t watch it…


Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother is Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.


It really, really doesn’t matter. I’d say it verges on petty to even make it an issue.


If people really believed the Bible, one of Noah’s sons would have been asian in his features, or his spouse. One would have been dark skinned, or perhaps his spouse. The three sons of Noah were Ham the black races descended; Shem, the semites or dark races and other Mesopotamian peoples. then Japheth, the fair complected one where all other races descended from. But if one doesn’t give any credibility to the scriptures then will not pay any heed to what I just said.

Samir S. Halevi

In reality there are no black Arabs,in reality there are no Black Jews, The Black Arabs you see today in Saudi-Arabia, the Arab-Gulf states, were former slaves,The Black Jews of Israel from Ethiopia were possibly Jews who ventured into that part of Africa during Solomon’s time stayed there and through then next three millenia were assimilated in with the local Black Africans who kept up parts of the Hebraic faith.


Because they wanted a successful film shoot without crack and coke and guns. Simple, don’t invite the blackies to the party and there are no problems.


This does seem kinda stupid. I mean if there were only white British and Australian people back then, How do we have the diversity we have today? His reason was lame



I hate that movie!....nothing but lies!!

I hate that movie, nothing but lies!


Seriously who cares if black ppl are in it or not. Why does that matter? And I don't understand how the author or this site doesn't understand what the author of Noah said. He said that they don't have any black ppl bcuz they decided to make the movie mythical so that they didn't have to pay attention to every little detail & didn't wanna have to make the movie 100% biblically correct. By making it mythical they don't have to pay attention or bother with all the details. Bcuz there are a lot of other things they would of had to do besides just getting the proper race for the ppl. But race was one of the details that they didn't wanna have to bother with. So since it's mythical they didn't have to have special & multiple different types of castings for multiple different races. They would of had to have a certain amount of each didn't race & everything. A lot more goes into it than just hiring a few black ppl. So instead they just made it a lot easier n had 1 race with 1 casting. Which made making the movie a lot easier. And making it easier & not having to pay attention to details was y it was made into a mythical movie instead of a biblically correct one

Who cares

Who cares if there are black ppl in it or not. Why does the person who writes on this website only write about black ppl & how they are in this movie or that persons movie. Who cares. It's just a movie. There's nothing special about any race. So Idk why he's always upset about black ppl not bring in this or that. Also the Co writer made perfect sense. He said they weren't trying to make the movie 100% accurate. There are too many details that they would of had to pay a lot more attention to if they did. So by calling it a mythical movie they don't have to pay attention to exact details. The for they didn't need to have a separate or special casting to get different ppl of different races. They just put the same type of ppl in the movie & made it. They got away with avoiding a lot of details by calling it mythical. Idk how he didn't comprehend that. It was just easier not having a separate casting, & having to have a certain amount of this race & that race. Itv saved them a lot of time n work not having to deal with that shit


Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother was Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.


lol… Stop being PC…

and to use the strict Biblical reason, I guess non-whites became so because God cursed Ham for betraying Noah…. But then PC aside, and even as a non-theist myself, I enjoyed the film. I thought it was well-acted, well-written and had an interesting take on the Great Flood story.


If its that much of a problem then we not only as black people but as GODS people should make our own version and set the story str8 as GOD would have it. One of our main human flaws is that of looking at the creation instead of the creator!


Imagine if the boat was filled with all tigers. He could have then said, wellllll we didn't want to try to represent all animals, would they fit in the boat blah blah blah, so we just went with all tigers. Besides this is myth anyway. However, I'm pretty sure he didn't do that, lmao.

I guess at the end of the day his answer reads better than, "Well this is the same Hollywood that has Moses played by a pasty white brother"


The filmmaker's comments make sense, though: since the movie isn't about race, why not just have a neutral cast & not make race an issue? It would have just been a distraction from the story.


Hey, wait a minute….Russell Crowe doesn't look 900 years old in this either. What the Hell? Make it accurate Hollywood!!


This is a story that takes place in the Middle East, supposedly. I suppose it would make the most sense for everyone to have been Middle Eastern, but as the man interviewed mentioned, this is a myth we are talking about. It happens to be a myth that has been incorporated into European culture and folkore. It is a movie made by Europeans, dealing with a myth that is an important part of European culture. Why shouldn't they cast Europeans?

I don't expect my kung fu movies to have diverse casts. They are made by Asians who choose to cast Asians. When Africans want to cast Africans in movies such as Friday, that is ok. I say it's ok for Europeans to cast Europeans in movies made by Europeans.

Diversity in casting is great, and when you are trying to be historically accurate I think it can be important, depending on the time and place where a movie takes place. However, I disagree with the notion that diversity is mandatory and that there's something wrong with a movie with an all European cast.


Here is my opinion. Human life was relatively young in the time of Noah, people had not spread about the earth or earth's land was a super continent at that time. That said, I think it was well after Noah's decendants re-populated the earth and land masses moved/ humans with the masses etc. That humans evolved and their skin pigmentation and features changed according to their climate and environment.


Well the way that I see it, going by his reasoning, is hat the movie could have been made totally with people of color. This would not have been distracting at all to the hollyweird elite. If it was just a mythological movie how is it that all the other fantasy, horror & mythological movies only have a token amount of people of color. I'm sure if he were pressed he would state that some of the actors & actresses had Jewish ancestry so it was not a completely "whited out" cast. What white people fail to realize is that to most people of color Jews are white, they are treated white and act just as white as someone from northwest Europe. White people are the only ones that say that they aren't white, and that is only a small minority. Let's face it, most of the time when you see an American Jew they are from Ashkenazi decent and to the average person they are, to all intents and purposes white. I still remember when there where no people of color tv for the new season. After people started talking about this the networks scrambled but eventually went back to the same old game. I'm not bashing Jews, but every time white people want to mention that something is deverse they mention a Jewish person, like that really matters!!


I do not care. I am not Christian and I don't give a sh– about how this book of fairy tales, the bible plays out on the big screen and whether or not black people are included. It's not my story. We (Afro-Americans/Black people) need to STOP looking for validation from the entertainment world. They have been doing this for centuries, if it's that important to them, let them have it! We don't have time to get riled up about things that do NOT matter.


Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother was Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.


And to idiot from earlier…Europeans actually have a much higher percentage if Neanderthal DNA compared to those of African decent. They have 1-2% and we (Caucasian) have over 5%. So they are more evolved technically. Just research the human genome project.


If those are his words then you are right. You can't even overreact to a statement so ignorant.


Who cares! The film was ok. It wouldn't have made it better or worse. Just like most films.


"as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn't matter"

Then it shouldn't have mattered if some of the characters were played by nonwhite actors.
And the thing is, it does take a certain amount of effort to end up with an ALL white cast. He's relying on the unspoken idea that it's the other way around–€” that it would take undue effort to get a diverse (or even halfway accurate to the time and place) cast. Which is false.

I can't even get into the idea that the default human–€” the "everyperson"–€” has to be white or people (white people, I assume??) will be distracted and/or unable to relate. Wow. So gross.


“as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter”

Then it shouldn't have mattered if some of the characters were played by nonwhite actors.
And the thing is, it does take a certain amount of effort to end up with an ALL white cast. He's relying on the unspoken idea that it's the other way around— that it would take undue effort to get a diverse (or even halfway accurate to the time and place) cast. Which is false.

I can't even get into the idea that the default human— the "everyperson"— has to be white or people (white people, I assume??) will be distracted and/or unable to relate. Wow. So gross.


that person doen there who says black people dont have brains is a idiot! History and the Bible reveals that the caucasians were the people throwing the rocks from the caves of northern Eutope when POC wrte kings and Queens,,,You being the descendants of japeth,.not the blood line of jacob whom God gave his covenant not the red twin Sarah bore for issac are any other yellow haired unclean curse people!!!! look it up in the bible
leviticus..Gods people are the twelve tribes of jacob .not Esau or Cain.. learn your history biblically or otherwise begote oprnong your stupif mouth!


who really cares anyway,,..that movie was complete garbage! It was so far away from the real biblical story of noah it was pathetic, ..this is why there were no blacks or POC in the movie…he was depicting what they meaning EDOMITES…wished it vould have been…simply them.,,,,it was purly fictional…nothing biblical about it becaue to tell the truth…the true story they would have had to use black people and other people of color!!!!! the movie was garbage!!!!


Yes only casts of all blacks are aloud that is ok.


Noah was not black. The black people then were the less developed ape creatures. Which they still are today. Whites, latino and asian are the cromamith more advanced. Black people have smaller braines then all races this is proven with science. They were throwing rocks until tje 1800s.


The movie was sapostoo reprezent a time when life was better with less crime, more inteligence and better life.


This movie was far from the bible. It put me to sleep twice when those boulders, I reckon were fallen angels. It was an awful movie. It was not what I had expected.

Mama Mia

It's obvious why. Denzel wanted too much money to be Noah, Wesley Snipes was still on probation and couldn't leave the country, they wanted Ice Cube he was too busy shootin' Barber Shop 8 and Will Smith wanted his son to play Noah… and all the other characters too, he's sooooo cute :-)

Oh Brother

Oh brother, so where's the Indian guy, the guy from India, the Chinese guy, I didn't see any Latin guys in there either, don't forget the Yanamamo? At what point does the "What color they are" end?


Holy crap!!! When will this end? Lets not be so damn sensitive about every little thing. I am Latino and we have our own separate issues but I must admit that I've never heard any other Latino say: "Oh my God there are no Latinos in that movie" We don't care! We can enjoy movies that have only African-Americans, only Latinos or only whites (did you notice how I didn't capitalize the word "white"? Nobody ever does but you don't hear whites complaining about that). Just enjoy the movie and don't stress about the fact that you don't see anyone in the movie that looks like they can be related to you. Part of what makes this world interesting is the different cultures, customs and looks that people have. Movies have helped me learn about white culture, African-American culture, Jewish culture, Asian culture, Indian culture and Native-American culture. I saw a Chinese movie about their creation mythology and I never even thought about the lack of racial diversity in that movie. I just enjoyed it and learned about something new. I know that there is no one out there preventing Latinos like me from making movies. If that was the case maybe I would have a problem. I know that things aren't perfect in this country but when you come from an oppressive place with no human rights you really get to appreciate everything this country has to offer. I promise you that there is no other place on earth as good as the United States. We made a minority (African American Man) the President of this country. And to prove an even bigger point, we were OK with the fact that he has a Muslim name even after we had just experienced a terrorist attack my Muslims. We are truly the best nation in world history. Again, it is much easier to appreciate these things when you have lived in other parts of the world. Peace, Love and Appreciation. If you were born in the USA then….My God, you have half the battle won already. I know that a lot of bad, depressing stuff has happened in this county's history but lets keep our eyes on the prize. We are lucky to be alive NOW!


There are no black people in this film because they couldn't find any black people stupid enough to be in such a horrifically bad movie.


who cares?


this article and the subsequent discussion are waste of time. this isn't what MLK or X intended.

a black man


Since whites can only create whites and all people come from blacks and Noah was black then that makes the movie bull shit


Why would there be black people in the film Noah? I've seen it and it's obviously a Jewish story taking place in a limited region on earth. Not to mention the movie was horrid and embarrassing to watch so one should consider oneself lucky not to be represented in it anyway.

J.R. Allen

If the story was to be represented in a Biblical context then the presence of POC would be an absolute necessity. In terms of race not being a matter of mythical importance, if we look at how various prophecies are received and dealt with we make it a definite point to acknowledge that the Christian mythical reality is not the same as Aztec mythical reality. Each group possesses its own tribal collective unconsciousness and mytho-poetic universe. Thus, color/race or nationality is a major component of World myth due to that component being based within a different culture and language with different symbols and meanings both latent (hidden) and manifest (obvious). What was presented within this interview was a blatant disregard for both myth and culture and a willingness to further perpetuate the myth that there is no history but white history.

Dirk Fletcher

Its plain and simple. To the majority of caucasians worldwide, black and brown people subconsciously do not represent mankind or more precisely the Christian God's version of mankind.
Blacks as a whole to them are some ungodly invasive species which is in some way connected or related to Satan.
Simply reading the comments whenever a story has any mention of non caucasians shows the type, level and range of attitudes towards an ENTIRE ethnic group(I'm not racing anyone)(put in human on applications asking for race)
You don't however see those attitudes come forward when the story features caucasian people.
The lack of honestly with ones self with regard to feelings about "other" people is also noteworthy.
I could write books on this but its simple.
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia said it best letter written in California on 28th February 1968 and a speech made at the League Of Nations in 1936

"That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained; And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique and in South Africa in subhuman bondage have been toppled and destroyed; Until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and good-will; Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven; Until that day, the African continent will not know peace. We Africans will fight, if necessary, and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil"

Hopefully one day things will be different.

John benson

Come on everybody! It's 2014 you know WE can't have a movie with an all white cast. Sure you can make tv shows and movies with all latinos and blacks, but when it comes to all white no way. Gotta make sure white people can't be individuals anymore as to not offend others.

M King

Come on everybody! It's 2014 you know WE can have a movie with an all white cast. Sure you can make tv shows and movies with all latinos and blacks, but when it comes to all white no way. Gotta make sure white people can be individuals anymore to not offend others.


Always black casts, Tyler perry…………….. . Now an all white movie has people complaining. Ain't nobody got time for this


As a black man

Let the white boys have their movies. Noah is a load of crap


Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother was Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.

Nate Jackson

The white man got a God complex.

Film is propaganda. American propaganda requires that all heroes be white, preferably male and to add the patina of serious cinema- they must speak with an English accent.

What the writer says is perfectly natural. It's a lie, but it is understandable. What isn't understandable is those nutty Transformer/Hulk rock dudes. Brown people wouldn't be believable but the rock guys are?
C'mon now.


you are on point

Nice Change

It's nice to see a movie with an all white cast for once. I still watch the older TV shows like Dennis The Menace, I Dream Of Jeannie, and Leave It To Beaver. I am 46 and still enjoy watching these TV programs. You really don't see much of these all white TV actors. It's really a nice change. I don't care what anyone says about my comments.


And don't get me wrong – there's a TON of whites actors, etc. that I absolutely love, but it's still boring as hell to see one image ALL THE FREAKING TIME. The only way most of them would understand it is if the tables were turned. But that'll never happen, so don't complain when stuff like this happens, and don't expect them to understand when many of them don't care to begin with. Vice versa applies too…it's just the way life is. But you DO at least have a choice in what you partake in, and you can try to make a difference in television, the media and so on…

Go figure

LOL I don't care, this movie is a piece of s*** anyway. I'm GLAD that no black people had to be a part of it. If they had, they would've been some kinda slave anyway (for example look at every other biblical movie EVER made). It is appalling to me and utterly pathetic when whites complain that there are "too many blacks on TV now" – just complete and utter bulls*** – but seriously, what do you expect when one race has been the center of everything since they stole everything but skin from the natives? What needs to happen is more script writers, film producers and directors who are black (Hispanic, Asian, etc.) need to step forward and create a more diverse television instead of wasting time and energy complaining so much. I don't give a rats a** if 60-something % of the U.S. is white. When I see the same old BORING faces on TV for my entire life, but all around me in the REAL WORLD is a mix of EVERYBODY, I get fed up and say 'f*** TV' and shut off cable and surround myself with REAL diversity which this country falsely promotes. Saves me money, so I don't give a ****. Hah


Shut up, please. I am sick of urban black blah blah, too.


Im so sick of this white black bullshit its not even funny
Black people are putting racisim where it is not intended. Hey black people when you throw a party or get together do you look at the scene and say i need a few white guys to fill this out? No you dont. So why do you care so much about a film you wont watch because you read somewhere online that its racist. You know whats racist? BET, black entertainment awards, NCAA (Which was founded by a white dude). If we (white people) xid WET or White entertainment awards we would be racist. But because your skin is darker then ours you have this perconceived thought of impunity and you get away with it. Its been 200 years since slavery literally no one on earth right now was alive when it happebd yet a grudge is still somehow held against another race that literally had NOTHInG to do with it. So quit bitching life is hard for everyone. U cant get a jib well maybe you didnt impact the casting department enough to say we need this guy. Try harder instead of playjng the goddamn race card because weve had enough

Tony Montan

The truth doesn't hurt the story. The truth helps the story.


In Hollywood, Black actors are by and large excluded from movies about significant historical events and religious tales–unless they explicitly involve issues of race and oppression like slavery–because the moment any POC is put into some role like that of Jesus or what have you, a mythologically significant role in our popular culture, it can never just be taken as it is by the dominant culture, it's commonly perceived to be some kind of a statement, a certain act of defiance. To a lot of folks–many of whom are commenting on here–when a bunch of white people act out Biblical stories, it's totally neutral–they're everymen, they're normal!– whereas if Black people do the same thing, it's suddenly a "Black thing," there's a sensation of loss or transgression for the people who are used to seeing themselves represented unwaveringly and now fear that this privilege might be jeopardized.


It wouldn't be a problem if it really was 'just a movie,' but it's not–it's THE movies. This is an incredibly common thing, these all-white casts that just don't want to deal with the issue of race by just shutting everybody out except "the norm," and every single time it happens and people complain about it, we get this "it's just a movie" crap. Each one of them, individually, is just one movie, yes, and there are a whole lot of these single, individual movies out there, way more than all the other movies with similarly homogenous casts, to say nothing of the movies with diverse casts. It's a pattern, it's a problem, and it's both a symptom and a component of other, larger problems. It's not stupid to talk about it.


The antediluvian population were White people, albeit Mediterranean White, i.e. dark hair, dark eyes, and light skin that can tan rather easily in the sun. What we today refer to as Mediterranean Whites would be Semitic people and not necessarily meaning language family as language can change or be supplanted by others. God did not alter the human phenotype and genome to form Nordic Whites and Blacks until after the Tower of Babel incident which was after the Flood. From Adam until Babel, there were no Nordic Whites or Blacks, only what we refer to today as Mediterranean (Semitic) Whites. Soke examples of Mediterranean (Semitic) Whites are: Adam Sandler, Adrien Brody, Hank Azaria, Tony Shalhoub, Mohmar Ghadaffi, and Ray Romano. All these people are White, and are pretty darn light when not tanned for roles in entertainment. The evidence that exists that indicates the original language of man to be what we today would extrapolate and refer to as Semitic would also indicate that it was from this branch that both the Nordic Whites (Japhethites) and Blacks (Hamites) were created from. Linguistics can be used to a point, but other factors need to be considered to. Oje thing they got totally wrong is the technological level of preflood man. They were portrayed mostly pre-industrial with a few exceptions. However, ancient writings depict a space age civilization complete with technology we see around us today! Skin color is insignificant, but the great possibility that our preflood ancestors quite possibly orbited Earth and landed on the moon are points worth pondering!


A movie is just a movie but people should know the truth about ancient people of Egypt the name Egypt should say it all…Africans came from that area how did their skin turn white over night even the ancient paintings of Egyptians are colored im not a racist I just know the truth


But if it had nothing but blacks no one would have a problem and this stupid essay wouldn't be here right? Also the fact I'm speaking up against this suddenly makes me racist, in fact even the simple act of sticking up for white people makes me racist? I really hate where this world is heading liberals make me want to throw up.


then it has to work the other way. taking his explanation at face value, he could've made the same film with nothing but black actors and actresses from different continents with different accents. then the question becomes why didn't he do that?


You're 100% correct, however we all know that hollywood is segregated. If you give someone of color the lead role of any movie it is usually about their ethnicity or culture. The fact that they are colored is usually obvious or payed much attention to, unless you're will smith or denzel washington. But yes for him to even say that shows that the people casting and shooting are clearly white people who feel like diversity is distracting, when actually its one of hollywood's hugest flaws.

Cassie NY

That's because if the cast had mostly been black, white people would not have seen the movie. United States is highly segregated .

Naiomi Suchit

So nothing new in Hollywood then, nor in the great wide world

michael borg acosta

Alright whats the issue with there not people black people I the film, who cares im black I dont give a flying f***k. Let me ask you what about films that only have black people in it did you do a report or an article about it, did you make the writers look like racist im goingto go with no. Ive seen a trend of the whole world looking down on white people for the most stupid reasons. They can have white anything nowadays because they will be called a racist person. Leave them alone man, I see hundreds of black only movies and I see muslim only movies, indian only movies japanese only movies chinese and the list goes on and on so stop bringing up race and eventually race wars will die. You people are the problem yes you editor you keep the stupidity of racism alive by bringing it to the new generation and its sad. And let me tell you its bias and racist to single out whites for doing what ever the fuxk they want.


Many movies based on fiction stray from the original story. This is nothing new or alarming. Except maybe to the 7 people in Mississippi who think it's based on a true story. But then again, they have bigger problems.


The reason there'e nothing but white people in the movie is simple and I don't know why the screenwriter didn't just tell it like it is. Noah and his family have to appear to be related, which means that if there are people of another color or ethnicity in the movie, it's going to look like God chose one race over another. Sure, everyone could have looked african, or middle eastern, or anything else (and maybe they should have) but then you wouldn't get to have Russell Crowe or Jennifer Connelly in the movie. While this explains the all white cast, I don't think it was really necessary. The unworthy masses could have been played by people from a mixture of races and Emma Watson's character (who's not blood related to Noah) could have been played by a person of color. Some people might have still complained that only one out of the seven survivors of all mankind was non-white, but what the hell, people will complain no matter what you do.

Charles Green

This story predates any POC. If you ware watching this movie then you need to respect the fact of where it is coming from. Last time I checked, Hebrews were white and the world at the time was filled with men who lived for hundreds of years. These were the first men, descendents of Adam and Eve and in no way related to the people of the world today. Racism exists for sure and mainly because ignorant people see problems where they don't exist. Oh this movie has no POC, they are all racist….what kind of retarded logic is that?? I bet if it was nothing but a black cast, and then when the flood comes and kills them all, people would throw a monkey-fit, because now the film is saying that POC are sinners and wicked and must all die and God killed them off. If you want to watch a movie about blacks then go see a Tyler Perry monkey film. That guy is a racist. Racism goes both ways people.

Charles Green

Not true


"as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter"

Seriously? Money talks, and this guy knows that if everyone in the film was the same hue *but not white* (let's say black, for instance), it wouldn't even be in the running for major-studio funding and big budget promotion from Paramount, and would very quickly end up in stores on Bluray next to 'Barbershop 2' and 'Medea Goes To Jail'.

That Handel should be so patronising as to say people would be distracted by different races in a movie is baffling. If you walked through every neighbourhood of any US metropolis and only saw one race of people, would that not be a little weird? Cos personally, that's *exactly when* I'd think I was on the set of a sci-fi movie – Planet of the Apes, perhaps…


Aint too many Jewish people either even though I think all of them should have been Jewish….hehe

Michael Walls

Is anyone but me getting sick of the fanatic racial inquisition?

frank doane

I believe what Handel was saying was that they wanted the story to be abstracted from humanity not representative of it or aspirational (what it should be – a la Star Trek). Meaning that they could have tried to cast it as a set of characters who represented African, Asian (old school Asian like Persian), white-ish – Hebrew & other peoples that we suppose lived in biblical times. That implies a historical accuracy that simply does not apply. The story of the flood pre-dates modern humans. As such we don't know what they looked like. They may have been alien-looking, ape-looking, fish-looking, who knows?
Alternatively, they could have done the Hollywood standard thing of making sure nobody gets excluded to appease the modern PC appetite (as in, try to offend us & we'll feast on you in the media – both social & mainstream). That's the Star Trek scenario. This is where he differs from the author on the value of excluding POC [cringe]. He feels that including all races draws attention to the humanity of the characters. He wants them to be more like gods or trolls or some mythic something. Making them all one race whitewashes (excuse the pun) the characters so they don't seem as human. The audience doesn't pay attention to race at all, because everyone is about the same. That this audience (people watching today) have been conditioned to assume it's racist to have everyone in one commercial be of the same race (heck, they can't all be the same race in a family in a commercial without someone getting upset), is a limitation they didn't want to place on themselves in order to get to that abstracted-from-humanity set of characters they were going for.

So author – you are wrong. Not because you don't have a right to join the PC minions who no-doubt thought the same thing you did having been conditioned by years of ads, movies, etc. mandating the Benetton world view; but rather, because you say he would be better off saying, "we just didn't want to be bothered". You would have bought that why? We can't just say that anymore when making a movie. So when he said we purposely didn't mix up the races to make the point that this is a mythic set of characters you discredited their artistic vision & inserted your own mandate that the PC formula always be followed. I hope this makes sense to you. It probably doesn't. I'm probably just a racist to you. Us narrow-minded racists can't see things with the clarity you enlightened post-racial, one-world ideologues do.

Dick Johnson

The movie was about wiping out mankind with a flood not urban renovation teams.

Brian Winiarski

@ MARIUS Q. – Did I strike a nerve with my priest comment? Perhaps you should step into one of your' coloseums with one of the africans you consider yourself so above and call him a tree swinger. Noah lived in or near Sumer. Sumer was a city that was very culturally diversified. The white man's version of the story of early human life is ridiculous. I am adopted and maybe not polish , but I have white skin and blue eyes. My I.Q. however, is colorless whereas your's is obviously white!!!

Brian Winiarski

@MARIUS QUENTICAL- Yes there were Africans living in the vicinity at that time. There were Hebrews,Sumerians, and all sorts of dark skinned people there. The white skinned people were a minority if they were even there at all. The story about Noah and his ark was copied from a story in Sumerian text written about a flood and ark 400 yrs before Noah was born. There was a God named El in these sumerian myths. He was the ruler of all the gods. He supposedly created the heavens and earth. The Hebrew people just copied and changed older sumerian stories. The color of Jesus and God was never really mentioned or dicussed until the Roman catholics decided he was white. Is MARIUS QUENTICAL a Roman name? That would explain your' complete faith in what your' priest told you while he played with your' little wiener. Your' comment about Africans swinging from trees says much about your' intelligence and integrity, and none of it is good.

Marius Quentical

Were there many Africans living around Noah in Noah's time? I think NOT. If you want a movie with more Africans in it from the same time period, you'd need a set in Kenya and a large number of high trees from which the Africans can swing.

Brian Winiarski

The producer of this movie is probably not even racist. He probably just went all white because he knew it would make the most green.

Brian Winiarski

Jesus would not be welcome in any of the (white christian) churches I have been to. He was dark skinned and had long hair and a beard. He did not wear a suit and tie. He had no money for the collection plate. He did not speak in tongues or handle snakes. He was not a republican. Jesus; for your' own good, I would suggest you not visit the churches round' these here parts !!!

Brian Winiarski

According to people of science, white skin is a mutation that occured I believe about 10,000 yrs ago. If this is true and it probably is, that would make this a movie about mutants which would make it sci-fi.


Chuck Bradshaw (didn't you play offensive guard for the Detroit Lions during my 60's boyhood?),if Aretha REALLY respected herself,she wouldn't weigh 325 lb.!!!!!!!!!!


YOU CAN'T HNDLE THE TRUTH,just put fat,stupid,bigoted,Tea Bagger/"Re-Thuglican" Party-voting,'"NECK"-car-watching,moonshine-swilling,meth-tweaking,Confederate Traitor-rag-flying,-wearing,sister/mother/aunt/humping,three-teethed,smelly Bubbas and Bubbettes in the movies for Caucasians to admire!!!!!


I'm real,but I'm FAR FROM URBAN!!!!!!!!


When I read some of these comments it reaffirms my belief that America is drifting back into the "Dark Ages", where science is witchcraft to be dunked in a vat of "Holy Water".

I read some people comments and it reminds me of my daily credo:
GreenDay: Don't wanna be an American idiot. – Great song, very apt.


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. How many of us were NOT here when the natives or blacks were here? Most of us were NOT. Most of us are trying very hard to make things right. Can we fix the issue of the poor and the ritch? Poor people that can NOT help their situation are looked down for their situation. Can we fix this? NO, We can't make every one feel excepted in our country.We have tryed. People with disabilities are looked down by may people that think that they are a much less of a person. I hate to see this too. We can only try to make people excepted. Could it be that there were no blacks for the role? We are to willing to cast stones on people to fast. How many times have someone blamed you for something that you never done? Most of us have. Consider this before pointing a finger.


Well I can buy what he say when he says the bible stories are just myths, so he can dream up any color he wanted even making the people blue because it's not REAL.
For example just as in Greek mythology the god are all white and there are flying people and flying horses, we don't ask them to make subjects of a demented-creative mind conform to reality, now do we?

I am truly sorry that he thinks hiring POC is an inconvenience but he's got a point that the bible and it's stories are no more than stories of a David Cameron Avatar type, feverish mind so the people can be any color.

Lon Spector

African people only came into existence AFTER Noah departed the ark.
Noah had 3 sons. The white, asian, and black races are the desendents
of Noah's sons.


I watch this movie, and I liked a few things. I am Latino and I never noticed they weren't any blacks in the movie, so many people it was hard to spot any race at all. I thought the young girls that appeared in the film (in captivity) were Latinas, but obviously they were not if I read people talking about only whites were in the mix.

The truth is that everyone has a good point, but we have too many issues in this country as it is. We need to start working for a better tomorrow and embrace all races. The color of your skin is only a temporary vehicle to live this life. What lies inside our bodies is what counts. God created men and women, he never said he created white or blacks, it reads men, so who cares about the color of the skin, this is a subject that needs to be abolish and forgotten.

This is 2014 in case you have forgotten, let the ignorant past go away, and lets embrace the future. We have a black president, we have women smarter than men, we have people of all colors proving they are as bright or brighter than any other white men on earth. Jesus died for humanity (as in white, black, orientals, etc) and he was a middle eastern man.

The point is stop your b/s, get an education, get a job, get busy and embrace your fellow human neighbors, friends, of all colors, of all races, of all creeds and let's live in peace. We have a brain to use it for greater things. Not to be stuck trying to figure out why blacks or whites are the best thing God ever made.

"We had become so immature and irrational society, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. We are all the same, we are no better than the next person. The color of my skin is not what makes me who I am."


No blacks or PoC because they didn't exist before this. According to the Bible (yeah right) and according to the church, blacks came to be because of the Curse of Canaan (Noah's son), and this was used to justify white superiority. Even Martin Luther King spoke against that. The producers of Noah are racist assholes who are avoiding this topic at all costs.

Doctor Reno

What kind of dumb ass logic is it that says a biblical story (or a screen play about a biblical story) HAS to be "…represent all mankind in a film," or even more dumb that a producer, director, screen writer HAVE to force race or culture into a story that has nothing to do with what they're trying to film. And, no it doesn't "make sense to have a cast that did actually represent all of mankind," because:
1. Who says it has to represent ALL mankind–with your dumb ass logic they'd have to have Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Eskimos, American indians and a few dozed other races not relevant to their story.
2. There are actual people using THEIR money to produce a story THEY wan't–not what you want.
3. Using your logic if you had a story about Kenyan's 1000 years ago, say a story like Noah, wouldn't you have to go by your own rules and include at least one of everyone "to represent all mankind." Of course you wouldn't because that is NOT what you are complaining about is it.
Why not just admit up front that you're a racist. Why not just admit you want every story to be about blacks–"represent all mankind?" what a load of BS.
No wonder the US has become more divided, more hostile and even more violent than befor Barry Obama was picked to run things.
Last, forcing everybody to think and act the way you think they should think and act is WRONG, racist and bigoted and just plain stupid.


This guy who wrote this article Sergio probably doesn't care about anything but making money or chaos. He is in the media business like reporters and don't care about anything but twisting something good into something controversial. Remember rodney king? The media only showed you the last minute of the tape of him getting beat up and a jury of our peers acquitted the police officers. Why was that? Because the first 8 minutes of the tape you see a 6'4 260lb rodney king beating the tar out of the two officers and each minute later after the 2nd and 3rd officers responding more back up arrives. So my point is, media made something into nothing and made millions covering LA riot and we are here fighting because media has turned us against us.


The real question should be where are all the Middle Eastern types in this film, I really didn't expect to see a bunch of Northern Europeans actors, who in reality would have been worshipping some bloody tree spirit in ancient times around about the time of this biblical flood, they could at least got a Jew to play the lead of Noah. The whole thing makes me laugh, it is like watching those 1940s/50s when the lead actress was always blonde and blue eyed. It is the same thing in that other silly film 'The Clash of the Titans', the princess,, Andromeda was Ethiopian, so she would have looked like the model Iman, but no they stuck some white actress in it to play the part of Andromeda. Hey ho, on goes the twisting of the truth in these stupid film, why don't the film makers go one step further and do a film with the Norse God Thor as kinky haired blue black skinned Sudanese with a spear instead of a hammer, it will be worth it just to read the responses of all you lot defending this fake film. Toodles to all.


They will do it and continue to do it because they can. What are you going to do about it except whinge on social media and the internet. If diversity was really that important for minorities all those high profile wealthy people would have created their own industry by now.
It is a business and this homogenous casting has obviously been making a lot of money for the industry, so it simply won't change.


Get over it you anti-Whites. Go make your own movies and stop complaining like bratty children. We all know "diversity" is code for Anti-White.


I think the question should be proposed to the producers and casting. Who are they, anyway?


If the film is good why does it matter who acts in it? This shouldn't be a race issue yall.


That was a fake ass answer that went nowhere. That's why I refuse to support this movie I will not waste my time or money.

Irving Brown

White supremacy in action. I'm shocked that they think they can pull this off in this day an age. Try again Motherf@#@er, it won't fly. Lmao!


there are no blacks because the devil wants to erase you,he knows who you are,even you dont.


are japanese persons of colour? some are whiter skinned than michael jackson, its a tricky one, WHY ARENT THERE JAPANESE IN THIS BIBLICAL MOVIE?!

You cant handle the truth

Want a movie to be a smash hit??? Have nothing but white people in it. People are sick of blacks and browns ruining their daily lives with their shennanigans. They go to the movies to get away. Noah, Frozen, etc. etc. etc. White movies for white people!

Renzo Caldwell

Wow how does "the race of the individual does not matter why is everyone white that contradicts itself…

Steven Mix

Let's see, what would you have said if they had cast at least 1 man and 1 woman of every race (to be completely fair to all races and both men and women) then had Noah and his White family be the only people to survive such a disasterous end, would that not have made people even more upset?

Furthermore, what would have happened if they chose another race to cast in the film instead of Whites? I can see Morgan Freeman (African American) as Noah, and Perhaps Yun-Fat Chow (Chinese), but I think Raviv Ullman (Israeli) would have done well too. I am not saying that "White" people were the better choice, not at all, but a movie with such a large spotlight to be successful had the best chances to make the money invested back by casting white folks. Its almost a Morbid sense of business, but I am sure it was the main factor in why they chose to cast all-whites.


I'm black. Why do people of brown-dark skin has to be called, colored people.
I think that it's the caucasian who need to called "people with no color". That will establish thing.
Because they said white and black skin color, and behind the black they put a lot of racism stuffs. So a lot of black people doesn't see themselves as blacks, because for them black is being poor, violent…
There are no black or white in reality, there are people with different degree of melanin. And because of that white people are people of no color.
It's not that people are white or black, it's that some people lost their color.
Other thing:
-People from USA present themselves as american (forgetting that it's a continent)
-white american present themselves as americans , so the indians are native americans. Why aren't native american become "american" and white american are "migrate american" or "american settler". No they need to be the first….
Black american are presenting themselves to distinguish themselves from white american.
as well as chinese-american….
It's not racism, it's pride. But pride precede fall.

Dr. Reno

Ultimately it's a question of Hollywood's ultra-Left trying to get the rest of the world to conform to whatever happens to be the cause de jure; in this case POC (I love these made up acronyms).
It's not bad enough that the ultra wealthy try to force everyone in the US into their own respective politically correct 9 foot square cells, these folks and their massively over inflated egos assume they are so smart, so sophisticated and so pure in thought, word and deed that naturally they should be chosen to dictate to the rest of the world their own idiosyncratic, and oddly skewed view of the world, to all society everywhere. But when, inevitably, some little guy somewhere (actually anywhere outside hollywood) decides his ideas are as good as theirs, these elitist egomaniacs go on the attack… "why don't you think the way we tell you to?" they ask, and "how dare you step out of line, and do something you know we don't approve of (this week)?" they complain–actually rant would be a better word.
The actual truth is that their anti-racist diatribe is so racist they can't abide even a slight deviation from what THEY consider correct for all mankind and so skewed that it literally verges on high-comedy.
Oh, yah, and to the genius who says the Egyptians were black–if you'd ever been to "the museum in Cairo" you'd see that the Egyptians never, never, ever depicted themselves as black… EVER. But then the American Left wouldn't allow you or anyone else to admit that–not on your side of the Atlantic anyway.


Haha this post is hilarious! Great writing too, I haven't seen the film yet but if the director said stuff like that I really can't be bothered with it!


I really wish people who ever they are would stop pointing out whether blacks have adequate representation in Jewish/White movies. Seriously people. Movies are a form of art. If the director or producer did not cast black actors who cares? If we want to see our selves represented more we need to make our own ish. I think it is embarrassing that people make a big deal about not being let into the popular kids table. Sorry minorities, white culture has little room at this time to cater to minorities. The majority of America is populated by whites and those who love and want to be in their culture. You don't like it?…Tough beans. Follow the money. Cash is King at the end of the day. They thought they would make more money if the cast was Caucasian. Black people we just have to make more and more and more of our own films until our bellies burst. We should not only hope for 1 or 2 good movies a years. We should be producing our own ish to the point we are making our own Noah's ark or Ten Commandments.


You got a black racist president, you got a black racist attorney general WTF more do you want?

James Reed

This writer is a racist – look in a mirror, you f!cking retarded racist!

JESUS WEPT. 60 years after civil rigthts guarantees, preferential treatment,and you are bitching and moaning about "racism," the latest example being a illegal wiretap of an NBA owner who has paid $millions to black athletes.

What a crock!

Get a life!

Dont steal MY LIFE, get your own, a!shole!

Other races and cultures come to America, succeed and prosper, Asians, South Americans, black Africans – they all succeed and prosper, and they laugh at American blacks.

Jesus wept.

sayit likeitis

When you all make a movie…you can make it the way you want :) Lot's of time money and work, no one owes anyone anything. I get so tired of entitlement when it comes to movies. Go make a movie and please everyone , I laugh at the critics….


Worst show ever – can't believe it's still taking up space.


Just cast the movie! If its fact that the "real Noah" was black then it's what it is-DONE. Its a great myth and an alright movie. I am not interested in who these people cast. I just want to live so one day people can be making motion pictures of my life for years to come, just like Noah-blue, pink, grey or green.


This all makes me sad in my insides. We keep up inane irreconcilable rhetoric and the whole world, Our one world, with all its governments, spins way beyond our reach. Tend your own yard, do unto others. We will all die soon enough. Blessed be.🐦


The Hebrews were Black folks. The land of Ur, Mesopotamia, the Assyrians were Black folks. Noah was a Black man married to one wife and they had Black children. This link shows you the true Hebrews from the walls of the palace at Susa, in Babylon. Just check out Les Lester's Chronicle and you'll see the facts.


Oh does it really fu*king matter?!

Noah is a good film! If there were no white people you wouldn't have a problem with it and if you did have a problem with it you'd be seen as racist/a white supremacist!

Why do people always feel the need to play the race card?!


First of all, this is strictly white propaganda – period! Everybody knows this bible story should have casted Africans or African-Americans. BUT…what everyone does NOT know is that 1.) Noah was an albino! and 2.) his original story in the bible, originated from African folklore. So, somebody is simultaneously getting paid off of African mythology while being disrespectful at the same damn time. Thus, the fact that an all-white cast was featured in this whack carbon-copied film proves that the decision-maker is racist!


Race is how we distinguish everyone from everyone
otherwise there would be confusion and God is not the author of confusion.
God does everything perfect
and every race is known by what they are known by for a reason.
Usually it is based on color or location,still it is that way for a reason.


The real Israelites are not black or white,yet Middle Eastern.
The Albino's are not the origin of the White People either.
Truly Caucusion people are not actually white
just like African people are not actually black.
Negros are black somewhat.
Still,those are stereotyping people.
Jesus was not white or black.
That is the truth.

Eddie Brooks

African-Americans, The Real Hebrews Israelites, according to Deutronomy 28-68. Before our fore fathers and mothers left West Africa in slave ships; they were called "The People Of The Book". When they reached the Western Hemisphere, they were called colored people and strip of their culture, tradition and way of life. Satan's GREATEST weapon has been RACISM. From 332 BC to 2014 (present day); the world is deceived because of RACISM.



N*gger needs to shut up

So what if there are no n*ggers in the movie? Maybe the director or writer just didn't feel like having them in there. Suck it up and go whine somewhere else.


It was intentional as the belief system of the source documents (not the Bible but the Zohar of Kaballah, Gnostic writings, and other forms of extra-biblical texts) has been interpreted to began the division of race by color with the curse of Ham (some scholars in the past interpreted the Bible's telling of Ham's curse in this way also and others viewed this as part of the curse of Cain). All such beliefs are based on things outside of the Bible and completely racists. POC were omitted on purpose. It was wrong, but intentional.


It didn't even occur to me… Often I don't understand why some people make such a fuss about color. I try not to see color, but people!

For those who wonder even if it shouldn't matter i have a brown skin. It's just skin.

george Thomas

We live in a racist society. Pretty white women have always been the standard. Their posted everywhere and they wonder why black men love white women. It's all we see when we pick up a magazine. Plenty of All white movies but who really care. Just don't go see the movie. Nobody seems to care that the Homosexual community inspire fashion but nobody complain about that. You just choose not to wear that style. We have parental control on our tvs so why do you bother to watch that bull.


Annunaki. Maybe they were white and the present day dehumanizing of blacks was really started thousands of years ago. What if civilization was flourishing before the flood? Why do most ancoent texts describe the afteraffects of the flood as pearly skinned creatures with glowing eyes emerging from the Caucasus mountains? Isnt that near Russia? Why would a race so persecuted through history expel people from Jerusalem when they never had a right to it? Why do most religions have that same story line of virgin mother birthing a prophet and that prophet being persecited by his own people?? Wheres our history? What happened in the Golden Age? Why are the Sumerian tablets being ignored?? This Noah movie seems bigger than just race. Everything going on on this planet seems bigger than race. Its skin deep lets crack on. Powers are at play and we dont wanna be caught by surprise….again.


If there were people of color in the movie…

so did all the different colored people move on to different areas of the world after noah? if so why? it puts a gaping hole in the biblical noah story.

we all know what happens when races mix. the people become like the people of india. but we know that didn't happen after noah. coz there were pockets and even continents of people with similar features grouped in these different places. scientifically speaking, if the continents were separated so that people couldn't move across to one another, the races would be called sub-species of homo sapiens…


Okay. So African descendants are in uproar over European descendants' portrayal of WEST ASIANS (middle-eastern or arab/turkish). The people involved in that myth (including the authors) were, if Anything Brown or Olive skinned. Neither white nor black most likely. That's the sad part. Where do WE come into the "picture." Sad on both the Director's and Blogger's part; Not addressing the problems of History!!!

mark anthony pereira

Screw handel and all racist whites. Noah (as) will not save him from God on judgement day.


The funny thing is, race doesn't matter when we ask why no people of color….But I read one of these comment sections like this after the bible series aired on History channel and the white people where angry to the point of indignation that Sampson was portrayed as a black man…. The comments were so reviling and hate filled I had to check the year and see if it was 2014….I've done a lot of research and figured out most of us are severely deceived by the same ruling class to make us believe what benefits them….Funny how the bible foretells all these things and some of us read over it and never really see it….Its so obvious blacks in the Americas, with no history past the TransAtlantic slave trade and no homeland to return, to fit so many of the prophecies in the bible, especially about being returned to Egypt (the house of bondage) by ship no other people on the face of the earth fulfill these things. And why does the U.S. dollar have a pyramid on the back any way. Those who I've found who seem to have some knowledge of the truth reject the way of salvation clearly outlined in the same Bible they profess is the word of GOD…Satan has everyone deceived and is playing both sides of the fence to get our attention off of the SALVATION OF GOD. For those who say the people of the book are not what we consider black people, in Daniel 7:9 the Bible says that GOD's hair was like pure wool….Other places describe the ELOHIM as having hair white like wool which could describe the color or texture in appearance, however in Daniel 7:9 it mentions only that the hair is like pure wool and mentions nothing of the color….If Jesus was albino I'd still love HIM….but there has to be a reason the synagogue of satan wants to withhold the truth….Salvation is of the Jews…When we get to heaven and JESUS looks like and has an accent like the East Indian we will all be cracking up laughing but is any of you going to say I'm sorry GOD but this is just not what I had in mind I choose the other place instead? I don't think so….


Well noah was middle eastern and the story was originally from that area so I wouldn't of minded if most of the major cast were middle eastern and a couple black people and white were added in the mix and remember guys the people who wrote this is white so just like Tyler Perry most if not all the cast will be how they visualize it is kinda racist but not totally but calling these guys racist is calling most black directors racist and also you don't stop a fire by creating a new one


Why does it matter what race the actors in the film are? Obviously the film wasn't going for accuracy. No one complains about how in all of the Lil' Wayne videos, how all of the white men are either homeless, police officers, or not in the video. And this movie had no Asians or aborigines or Indians. Unless the movie was taking a stance against or for some race, it doesn't matter the color of the cast.

Jen G

I find it just as confusing that this was supposed to be a Christian movie that supposedly ALL Christians could relate to then it is referred to as mythical and no biblical. And I have to agree I think the movie is racially biased if there are no people of color in it to represent everyone. White British male types are a very small percentage of the human race and are therefore a poor representation of all of the human race.


If you just read some of these racist peoples statements written below you start to overstand how much the pale man really hate his darker PARENTS , biologist, geologist,archeologist and all others IST will tell you the dark man is the ORIGINAL MAN and thats just the truth and for the idiot whom has never seen a true ALBINO whos parents are sometimes dark as boot heels,but before we allow that old demon to keep the truth hidden and keep us at eachothers throats while he lures us to hell with him people don't keep falling for this distractive nonsense ask YAH for real understanding and let the demons flourish with the demons. SHALOM

Greg Magarshak

Isn't the same Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition that believes the story of Noah in the first place also believes that black people came from Ham? That until then there were no black people? So how do you ignore the tradition behind the Bible when arguing for the story to "match" the biblical story more closely?


I agree with CHAR, but I'd just like to say that people should go and see the movies they feel will be the best for them to see. Whether it's the quality of the acting, the cast of actors/actresses, the plots and storylines and the general message of the film etc. Don't go and see movies that you know you won't like for whatever reason. Check out reviews, comments and articles before hand and then decide. Movies are made to entertain. They aren't necessarily a reflection of real life. Or at least a lot of the time they aren't. Just enjoy them for what they are.


Oh my goodness. Every comment below me is from people who are blind to their own racism. This ridiculous. There's no reasoning with these kinds of people. I'm not even going to rant. You people are the reason I feel like giving up on the world all the time.


First Sergio, you fail to acknowledge Handel's point, that (from Handel's perspective) the story is a myth so the characters in the film are mythical. Myths are stories that often times represent aspects of reality such as people and society and any other details you want to complete the universe of the myth, but are NOT reality. Since the myth is representative of all people on earth, they tried to stay away from the illegitimate and socially-constructed concept of race by not including it. The people that are represented in the film DO represent everyone on earth, but with race comes association of discrimination and prejudices. Thus, since race is a concept not backed by any science (except theoretically), the cultural ideas of race would be viewed in the film and potentially take away from the point of the story because everyone focuses on the issues of race.

His second quote is talking about how someone does not take the story and apply it practically or it would not make sense anyway. Frankly you would need a boat larger than any built ever, before a time when engineering and aquatic design has never been more advanced (Check out Bill Nye's debate with Creationist Museum), and Handel regards asking why black people and 'POC' are not in the film as being just as impractical. By not referencing race, they attempted to be above it and have a more unified idea of peoples. And 'people of color'? A termed used to subordinate, or a category that is 'non-white'?

Who is more discriminatory?

As to whether Handel was successful or not is up for debate Sergio, but…

You are wrong.


I always find it interesting that any white films are made out like this but a all black film either has no whites and that's okay or the whites they do put in the film they make them look like asses. Can't we just get over this already. We have a min America president…. What doesn't that say for America? Get over it, stop trying to get publicity over rubbish and talk about something worth reading! Thanks in advance!


Dude, make your own movie and put as many black people in it as you want.

Martyn Slaven

And you do realise that Noah and the Arc isn't true anyway, it's just a recreation of the epic of Gilgamesh and put in a bible.

Martyn Slaven

The simple fact this doughnut refers to other ethnicities to his own as people of colour is a joke. Last time I checked white was a colour too. Trying to get brownie points. Sad man.


Again racism….and I bet it started by a person of colour……I have seen indian movies with indians in it,asians movies with asians in it and black movies with black people in it so why not have one with white people?You don't like-watch something else instead! No one is forcing you to pay and watch this-chose something else instead.I will watch this as it is great movie.Maybe black or other colour people should make their own version of Noah…..maybe some will watch it in asian version or black one….just make sure to make it good enough for your people ;)


The cast should have been all mesopotamian Arab (Iraqi, Kuwati) since that is the region the story took place in. Or maybe if you are trying to merge the Noah story with history and science the cast could have all been Australian aborigines since they are a living fossil of the eariest anatomically modern humans out of Africa.


I agree with the filmmaker. I know in our society at the moment we are hyper tuned into how people are cast in which ways. It is difficult to please everybody. The idea that every movie must adhere to some quota system is just not realistic. At the same time, in the region this story is supposed to have happened, there were no white people. On the other hand, the story never happened. Bottom line is it's a movie. Let's just love it or hate it for what it is instead of over politicizing every movie that is made. I am against racism, but I also don't know how useful it is to criticize every movie that doesn't have a cross section of people in it.


Black people have many films without white people in them. Theres no issues with them, White people dont complain. Cant whites just be left alone. Cant people stop trying to force them in to believeing everything has to be multicultured when it doesnt.
When are black people going to stop hatinf on white people and focus on there own films there own culture. Stop trying to control whites.


why should there be?

the author says "film"… ignoring cultures and societies entirely. there is NO REASON in the world for black people to be inserted into any aspect of another racial culture and community.

and THAT is the issue that black racists and non-white racists have. oh certainly, non-white racists will fall into hysterics and babble about so called "diveristy" and "multiculturalism"

but of course, they would NOT be talking about either diversity or multiculturalism… those are their cute little euphemisms FOR RACE. and what they WANT what they perpetrate…is inserting non-whites INTO white societies and cutltures.

that is not "non racism" …that IS RACISM.

wether its fictional characters, cultural icons, movies, books, comic books you name it…. it is non-white HATE that looks to insert themselves into white racial culture.

go create a movie, a character, make your own movies…stick whomever you want into it.

nothing and non one stops you.

what these non-white racists WANT, is for other racial cultures to deny themselves… the fact and reality of a racial culture and community …the mere existance of it…is the "offense"

racist cowards, who wrap themselves in a veneer of victimization to justify their own HATE, there own racial Interests…. what they WANT. not what is 'non racist"

this is yet another example of racist HATRED towards white people.

a movie without black people is not a crime. a book without a black character is not a crime. not taking a cultural medium…and turning it into an opportunity to promote ideological social dogma…is not crime.

doing so IS the crime, it is hatred in its purest form.


why wasnt there any white people in boyz in the hood


No surprise here, the film industry is racist. Why do we support them by watching these films?


Biblically there were no black people then since Ham had not yet been cursed. Like it or not that's the story and is just as likely to be accurate as the existence of the ark.


This is without out doubt one of the stupidest excuses I have ever heard from a filmmaker in my life. On the other hand it's given me a great quote for the essay I'm writing on this very issue for college. Cheers Handel.


FACT: You cannot get a "black" baby, from two "white" parents (with no black ancestry), but you can get a white baby from two black parents.
Everyone in Noah's day were black. Shem, Ham, and Japheth were what people today call black.
It's just the truth, no need to get offended. I'm not bashing white people, when I'm light in complexion myself. Just stating facts. Read the Tanak and the Renewed covenant, study to show yourself approved and you may be able to find this truth too.
And just to help any who may not know scripture and were misled by the movie in anyway: There were 8 people on the ark – Noah, his wife, his three sons (who were born to him when he was 500 and they entered the ark when Noah was 600, so they were around 100 years old. Shem was 98 years old for ex.) and each had a wife. The clean animals entered in 7 pairs of each kind and the unclean animals entered a pair of each kind. Each pair male and female. Genesis states these facts.
I know this movie is what the director who made this movie called myth, but for those who love truth, don't be misled by images on a screen. Meaning don't lean on this movie for any biblical truth.
For anyone who desire a more honest account on the beginning FIRST read the first book of the Torah and then check out the Book of Enoch and the book of Jasher – really good books :)

paul blake

I bet you if this "mythical story" had a black Noah race would matter then. I agree with the author of the article. Just say you didn't want to have a diverse cast, rather than trying to insult people's intelligence by giving ridiculous excuses.

banced upion

AND…. what; if the film had been made with an all black cast would anyone be complaining … ah no. So much race hate aimed at white people these days.
The animals were lead in by two by two as the story goes I guess someday people will be complaining they should have been integrated. What next the word black coffee will be banned and half the polar bears at the zoo should be dyed black. Its film Get a life and stop whinging.


That's precisely why I didn't see it. No black people in it.

Tired of this lame nonsense.

Don't worry in 100 years 1 out of 3 humans on planet earth will be black. Look up all the statistical projections of the world population. By 2100 its over, you're either black, Indian, Chinese… We win anyway.


you're so right.if you're having a movie from that long ago,one or two black or people of color
in the film.i mean well I'm a person of color but it doesn't change any thing. i felt a bit shame.


Did you ever think that maybe the directors picked the actors they thought would be good for the parts? No one could have done the movie, Django better that Jamie Fox.


How dare they make the characters talk in English in this movie?! They had to make each character speak a unique language, and just put English subtitles. Again the English populace "making themselves the default". I am very offended now . And why weren't there any disabled people? I'm pretty sure they are also very offended by such discrimination. And where were all the obese or anorexic people… They definitely should have included a representative of every single group of individuals. Since they didn't, the movie is racist.


I now understand why Muslims forbid depictions of prophets; to avoid race wars. Make sense especially since we don't even knw what the prophets look like for real.


People of color? I'm not white as paper. I have color. It may be a myth, but it was a myth from a particular area at a particular time. It was just as stupid to have European actors, but I guess they should have all been Jews or at least Semitic actors. (Semitic is Arab also)
Get over it. There are no black leprechauns and Mowgli wasn't an Eskimo and Pocahontas wasn't European. They're stories FROM a particular culture. If there were black people there, they would have been a long way from home. So maybe a few of other countries scattered among the Semitics, but certainly no Australians.

George Orwell

And where are the Eskimos? I really missed Eskimos.


Recently, I was visiting my partner on the Hunger Games shoot for the last episode. I was very surprised with crew members "cat calling me" in the hotel lobby where they were staying and during breakfast, a group of white women were casually sitting and I overheard one of them whisper to her colleague something about my ethnicity. It is not surprising for many people in positions of Hollywood to be completely oblivious and unsophisticated to things that do not concern them. I'd rather not go into what other things I heard from other sets but it confirms that many of the white hetero men have no understanding of what it is to not be white, female and being anything less than heterosexual without being completely rude and insensitive – and lastly sounding like an utter jack-ass


Recently, I was visiting my partner on the Hunger Games shoot for the last episode. I was very surprised with crew members "cat calling me" in the hotel lobby where they were staying and during breakfast, a group of white women were casually sitting and I overheard one of them whisper to her colleague something about my ethnicity. It is not surprising for many people in positions of Hollywood to be completely oblivious and unsophisticated to things that do not concern them. I'd rather not go into what other things I heard from other sets but it confirms that many of the white hetero men have no understanding of what it is to not be white, female and being anything less than heterosexual without being completely rude and insensitive – and lastly sounding like an utter jack-ass


This is one movie I am glad there are no Black people in. I did not need to see myself anywhere in this dumb ass fairy tale.

This movie was a piece of fiction. The story itself is a piece of fiction. I personally couldn't care less. I was curious about what the director would say though and I agree with this author… The co-writer should have just said, "We really didn't want to be bothered."

Gary K

I was quite upset that there were no Scottish people in Machete… Don't think that's very fair.


There white people go again, making themselves the default. Is anyone surprised?

If you don't like it, boycott white hollywood. Why stop there, boycott everything white you can, until they show respect. If a company doesn't make an effort to carter to my eace, I don't from it. Simple.


You're wrong.

Sammy Boi

yeah you are wrong you moron. I don't understand why people don't get this already? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACE you idiot. It doesn't exist. It's just a flawed social construct. Pointing out that there aren't people with dark skin in a movie is ridiculous and stupid. I bet no one started a blog talking about there not being enough people who are over 6'5" in a movie, or saying there aren't enough redheads in a movie, or there aren't enough people with green eyes in a movie. These are all physical features that no one cares if the cast has or not. So why do you care about skin color. It's senseless, uneducated, and primitive thought.

michele watley

Thank you so much Optiq for the explaination of why it matters, I just wanted to add another form of historical white-washing regarding the statue of liberty. For Kay just imagine how you'd feel if you knew your mate was cheating , you saw him one day with your own eyes and when confronted he responds by saying you are struggling with your insecurities and issues and deflecting it on to others …


Who cares? Furthermore why is it "Black folks" OR "people of color" ?
Why not just say "People of Color"? Why does Black folks take precedent over POC?
The fact that you can't even get this right tells me you are the one struggling with your insecurities and issues and now you are deflecting it on to others.


I was very excited to see this movie. After seeing it, I was massively disappointed and this movie should have been a huge flop. Story sort of didn't really make much sense, lacked real depth, suspense and purpose. Obviously no religious underpinnings and mentions the 'creator' and trying to be politically correct and appealing to all audiences. The story line could have been better but still very hard considering the type of movie it was. Just never caught my attention or kept me interested. I think I should have spend my 10 bucks somewhere else, maybe watch the new 300 film. Disappointing for Russell Crowe.

This was not a religious based movie and was not based on the Bible so why would people of color be casted. It was an atheist film with British, Australian and American actors. Very much like medieval era of England, countryside in some areas and baron waste lands. Reminded of Harry Potter a lot. An anglo-film based on nothing religious or ethnic.


Wait, people still make a big deal over skin color? What year is this?


Obviously people have noticed that there are no people of colour in the film, they now expect to see different ethnicity in the background (though sadly, not in the lead roles) it's much the same with representation of women, who are over half the population, but are only in 17% of crowd scenes, any more and it 'doesn't look real' apparently. So their attempt not to make people pay attention failed. If I were producing any film or tv show I'd make it as diverse as possible, if only to reach the widest audience and make more money (if that's all Hollywood will listen to)


It really did not bother me. And after watching it, am very glad that they did not include POC in this colossal monstrosity. It was an enormous gamble and believe that we, POC, were spared the irreverence committed by these knowledgeable men and women, PONC (People of NO Color). The trivialization of the Biblical Narrative is the oldest and most common ploy against Scripture. Well, POC, whether you believe or not, we dodged a BIG BULLET.
Thanks PONC!!


Great article. What's the use of an "everyman" policy that lots of men will struggle to relate to? Disappoints me that Handel can't make more of an effort to include people everyone can easily identify with in his films. (by the way, not that it makes a difference but I am white British)


It doesn't bother me that there were no Black ppl in the film. It bothers me that Black ppl still expect these guys to consider them in casting of characters for films. Nope, never gonna happen. I think Black ppl, and POC, should make their own movies, and make the stories they want to see.


i don't know instead of bringing new constructive idea you talk about color,width,length,thickness………etc I think your live hood is based on dividing people


Sergio, I really appreciate your blog post. I am in a media and technology course at my college and I am reading Marshall Mcluhan's theory on "Movies". In his chapter on movies he is quite racist. Though the theory is quite dated (1960's). It still trigged me to find out some different views of people of colors in films and also as audience members. I am going to link your blog in mine and discuss it. You can find it here
if you would prefer I took it down please email me. Thank you again.


I didn't even notice. I wasn't looking at skin colour. I was watching the film.


Nicely done! This was the first I heard that there just white folks in Noah. That's disturbing. But the explanation of co-writer Handel is profoundly disturbing. There is a little bell that rings (with overtones of chills and faint nausea) when people make "something's off" explanations about how behavior with racist consequence is innocent of racist intent. Nothing is done without purpose in a multi-million dollar production. The absence of a plausible explanation of intent leaves us speculating on what the un-revealed intention is. It was the Starship Enterprise line that rang the bell. Is there something about realistic diversity that makes Handel uncomfortable? Or his target audience uncomfortable? The world wonders.
White guy in NJ (some of us are less clueless).


Wonderfully written! It's the same crap they've been pulling for millennia!!


Racism at its finest. White men playing God. This is just more propaganda, white wash history and call it entertainment for a consumerist society. Even fictional history now is completely white? or should i say "mythical" history… yeah that's the word were using now. I think its funny how every race other than Europeans are some shade of Brown… yet the Europeans want to annihilate every other race. maybe so in the year 3014 they can tell all the little fortunate white children that no one else ever existed (and their dumb asses will probably believe it.) All People of color were kings and queens, chiefs in their own respective regions, living in harmony with the earth while white men were in caves scratching their balls and f*****g each other in Sodom & Gomorrah. Oh yeah but… Jesus had blond hair and blue eyes right?… and no one but the white folks were saved from God's almighty hand… yeah right. only in America.

snippity snap

It does not represent all the people in the world. It represents the people in a mythical universe acting out events that never happened. All religion is be anyway and to believe that the "talking sky buddy" in the bible actually exists just proves how small minded and ignorant the "believers" are.

Dolby doo

Who cares. When I watch a movie with a bunch of black people in it I don't get pissy about the lack of white skin representation. Why is it the people who claim to truly want a color blind society seem to be the ones always making the biggest stink about skin color or racial diversity every chance they get?

This article is probably written by somebody using race just to draw attention to their body of (crappy) work.


Comparing Tyler Perry movies to a story as well known as Noah's Ark just makes you a f@#Â¥ing idiot. The actual reason it doesn't make sense is because Noah and his family were not Caucasian to begin with. Hollywood does this a lot with mythical movies. All white cast when really it was set somewhere in the Middle East. The whole white Jesus in the passion of the Christ was bad enough. Please stop.


If a bunch of white producers get together and fund the creation of a movie, they should be allowed to cast white people to their heart's content without anyone complaining that they are racist. No one is stopping black producers from funding a movie and casting only black people. Of course, movies about white people are going to make more money because there are more white people who are going to see it in the USA due to them being the majority. Also, people in Europe and Australia are a lot more likely to pay to watch a biblical movie made in Hollywood than Africa or Asia, I would assume, so why not cater to your audience? As a white man, I would be 100% OK with blacks in America, Africa or anywhere else creating a "black Hollywood" where black movie producers make movies for black people starring mostly or entirely black actors.


The movie was not made for people of color. If there was ever a time to read between the lines this is one. He wanted to make sure that everyone was represented. Yeah. Everyone is code for "only those that matter". This movie was made for white people and the producers, directors, etc could careless about accuracy. Look at the uproar over a black guy being cast as the Human Torch, and it is mythological.
Like "The Passion of the Christ," I don't plan on watching this movie. I don't need Hollywood's interpretation of what they call "mythology". As long as they cast other than people of color in roles that history tells us were people of color, I could give less than a damn about it.


Haha ,I AGREE!! sadly his response put me off the film.


You totally got him!!!!
What a bullshit excuse!!!!

so what

Tyler Perry makes his all black movies and that's just fine.


Who cares! I heard the film sucks!
Let the little racist jewish hollywoodites make thier racist little "fantasy" films!
Talking of Star trek 'JJ' white washed the latest one by making Khan 'white'!
It will not be long before a white guy plays Othello!
They did it with Jake Gyllenhaal playing a Persian in "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ", Josh Hartnett in "30 Days of Night " his character was an Inuit/Eskimo in the comics, everyone in the " The Last Airbender" & " Dragon 'BALLS': Evolution" !
I'll let "Cloud Atlas" off has it was dealing in re-incarnation etc, same actor different characters. I haven't bothered watching " The Hunger Games " but heard bad things.
Racebending as it is known has been a staple of Hollywood since its inception!
Hollywood gets away with blatant racism yet if you portray Jesus as a POC then all hell breaks loose!
It would be funny if it wasn't true!


I find it very entertaining reading all these hateful comments. Here we have people of all races and colors in a forum spewing racist hatred at each other over a stupid movie. Being that i am a normal catholic and i don't go to church every Sunday or read the bible, i figured i would read the passage before commenting and i was surprised at what i found and reading these comments sounds a lot like why God created to "Great Flood" in the first place.
Genesis 6:5-6:65
The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. 6 The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. 7 So the Lord said, “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.”

Secondly, as a caucasian man coming from NYC i have grown up with people from all races. And after saying that I am slightly upset about the directors view of the scripture because the scripture clearly says:
Genesis 9:18-9:19
18The sons of Noah who came out of the ark were Shem, Ham and Japheth. (Ham was the father of Canaan.) 19 These were the three sons of Noah, and from them came the people who were scattered over the whole earth.

"From them came the people who were scattered over the whole earth"….. Would have been thoughtful for Noah's sons to be of different races.
Anyway, that is just my $0.02. You may continue your hateful comments now.


This is all just fun to look at. I see people on here are talking about skin color, but I don't see anyone looking at skull shape. Look at Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid skulls.
I don't care if you think "Noah" was blue from not having sex on a big ship for a long while,
SKIN COLOR just isn't the route to take, SKULL SHAPE is.

By the way if you didn't already know this, NOAH IS A FAIRY TALE, JUST LIKE GOD.
Now if you can't even understand those 2 simple facts, you're just plain stupid. I don't care what flavor you are, you mine as well be plankton.

And to the people who bitch about there not being black people in that movie, shut the hell up it's not your decision. When you can get through clients in pre-production to raise the money for something, then you might have a say in the matter. It's a private decision, not a public decision. Until then, shut your damn mouth.


What people seem to not understand is that this movie is an heretic abominable occult statement. Shamanism and paganism, genocide, and world agendas. It has nothing to do with the biblical story. Somewhere in the game, when Noah takes his son to visit the grandfather. as he says after his "vision" "Some will fall, while others rise", and then a close shot of the kid and the grandfather playing with some strings, shaping it like a pyramid. Clearly and Illuminati symbolism to the real purpose of the film. the absence of black people in the movie, means their desire to eradicate African nations from the world. And you can see that by the this recent "outburst" of Ebola virus in Africa already on 7 countries. This movie is all about making God look bad, to make the nephilim (fallen angels aka demons) look good. to make Noah a holy man look psycho, to diminish the purpose of the punishment disguised as an environmentalist story. Aside all this, the movie sucks script wise, the special effects are somewhat ridiculously bad, and it is clearly that the desire was not to make a profitable movie as any investment usually is. The purpose is to corrupt the biblical story, to make "Christians" like Noah seem dangerous psycho fanatics, and to give subliminal hints of the new world order agenda which is to exterminate everyone to suit their occult purposes.

Forward In All Directions!

I imagine that on at least one of Noah's locations – ICELAND – finding hundreds of Middle Eastern extras would have been a challenge. Finding more diversity would have been relatively easy in the other locations: Hollywood, New York City, even Memphis. The race issues with "Hollywood" (let's just lump all mainstream American movie and TV making under that banner) are systemic, historic, and…economic! To get financing for a big-budget motion picture, it is imperative to have a big-name "A-list" actor committed to it. Russell Crowe is obviously a box office draw with a proven track record. So, do you paint Russell Crowe in mocha makeup (which is also problematic) or do you surround him with similarly-skinned people? I'm NOT defending the industry or the people involved, but it is helpful to consider the thought process. Yes, there are plenty of excellent actors "of colour" who are also big box office draws. But then you also have to consider the Production team of this film: Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer Darren Aronofsky; Co-Writer/Executive Producer Ari Handel; Producers Arnon Milchan, Amy Herman (among others). POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS ALERT: If you are Jewish, Arab, or just easily offended on others' behalf, you may want to stop reading this now. The Director, Co-authors, and most of the Producers of this film are Jewish. Fact. Did they have "no power" to cast authentic Middle Eastern actors? Or is it more accurate to say they CHOSE a largely "WASP" cast? The portrayal of Judaism in Hollywood is another interesting subject, as is the portrayal of the State of Israel. I do not wish to offend, but I humbly suggest that the film portrayal of Semitic peoples as controlled by Hollywood is effectively a "whitewash", as Jews and Israel wish to conceptually and racially separate themselves from its geographic neighbours. Racism goes in ALL directions. We human beings would do better to address our HATRED, GREED, and INDIFFERENCE with humility and honesty, than to blindly continue on the destructive path we are on. Spread FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, AND TRUTH instead!


That kind of ignorance belongs in a YouTube comment so I suppose it's hardly surprising that he didn't have enough sense to keep his racist mouth shut.


That kind of ignorance belongs in a YouTube comment so I suppose it's hardly surprising that he didn't have enough sense to keep his racist mouth shut.


Why does it matter if there were blacks in the movie. Were there blacks or PoC during this period? Does it matter! That is the last thing I was thinking about watching this movie. I was thinking of how much artistic liberty they took in the story of the flood and it was alot. Considering that the bible does not mention rock angels, or that Noah and his wife were really old and in the movie they don't look in there forties. All three sons were grown men and they all had wives when they bordered the ark.

If you always look for racism or really any issue you will always find it in everything. I am Mexican and I was not thinking "Where are the latinos or hispanics in this movie?". I took into consideration the period and geographical area this was supposed to be happening. Then, I threw all logic out the window to enjoy this movie.

Were there blacks, asian, or othere ethnicities during this time if we take into account that we all came from Adam and Eve then how long would it take for our genetics to change?

Yishai Yahaziel

What no Blacks in Noah? I didn't know that. Then how could I?


I just can't watch a lie. So I just read the Bible where the truth lies in the "ORIGINAL WORD".

Karta Paulo

If you look for racism of course youre goingto find it…




You also have to realize that black people are not the only people that have been subjected to racism. Why does there have to even be racism? is it not racist if you choose for it to be racist? There was not at least one person of every race anywhere you went there for why does there have to be one in this movie? To be accurate i do believe that the actors could have been somewhat darker complected through make up and such but to say that they had to be black, i think is stretching it to far. He took creative liberty, why does it have to be racist that he does not choose to put black people in it, let alone that fact that he might not have chosen that.


First of all Noah is a fantasy. Second why do people complain if it's all white people. No one complains if it's all black people. Sometimes I wonder if Lincoln should have freed the black people in the first place. Then again I do idolize Michael Jordan of Chicago Bulls and ray Charles and other black artists. And besides the Israelites had it worse than the African community. And the Jews too in the time of hitler. Jews had a mass genocide coming for them compared to the blacks.

ahh yeah

maybe it was a genuine concern that with so much water around such such a lack of swimming ability outside of the white community …..


Or maybe the white people were just the best in the auditions for the parts? Maybe it has nothing to do with race but about skill and suitability? Maybe no black people auditioned? If we are a truly non racist society then we would not notice such things because race would be of no notice; the fact that you observed and passed comment would suggest that it is you who are the racist party here.


Donald C. Johanson and a coworker on November 29, 1974, discovered small bones on the slope of a desert channel at Hadar located in Ethiopia. There were the bones of a unique hominid that did not resemble anything discovered earlier. It was named "Lucy" (after the Beatles' song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"), the small skeleton was an incredible discovery and a significant link in the search for human ancestors.



Watch the movie in black and white instead of colour…..problem solved :)

Edward Teach

If there were "Blacks and POC" in it would it be enough of them,how many would it take to suit you?If they were in it what part would it take to make you happy.Would Noah need to be black?The man gave you his answer and you don't want to accept it.I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it should have been cast,or better yet;why don't you make your own movie and cast it as you see fit?Then the rest of us can pick it apart,and second guess you,and accuse of racism and whatever else comes to mind.

R Belcher

No people of color in the biblical epoch Noah because is a projection of a reality cloaked in 2000 years of myth, 400 years of slavery and miseducation and non scientific clap trap. That is why there are not people of color in the movie.


Who Cares POC are only tokens in films anyway


I'm so tired of these movies with no color, and the bible takes place where there is nothing but people of color… Sad this day and age


There might have been somewhat fewer physical differences, in the centuries before the Deluge because it was only after the deluge that the languages were confused by God at the Tower of Babel. To begin with, Adam and Eve were given all of the genes that eventually produced many different physical features in their descendants. But after the Deluge men and women were scattered into different areas of the earth where each group had a different language and eventually as generations passed, each group became more distinctive in their physical features and cultures, due to " gene pools". From Shem , Ham and Japeth, there were a variety of genes to produce all of the people that we see now , we are all of one race ( human), just with varying amounts of genes from our ancestors that makes for the different shades of skin, body structure, and hair textures .


I don't want to see Blacks in EVERYTHING!


It does matter for the fact back then they really were black.So for people to try to past them off as being white like they do Jesus sickens me.He states that it's a myth when we all know this is suppose to be based off a true story.Why not name it something else.Now he could have made a movie about the Romans because them were the only "WhitePeople" in the bible.But I'm just tired of people not telling history the way it really was.We all know Adam and Eve were Africans.So all human beings came from them.So what does that make everyone on earth?And I don't understand when people only view "Blacks" as African Americans when there not even from Africa.But they say they derived from there.But didn't we all? So wouldn't all human kind be considered African American?But I think when judgment day come.People that did God's people wrong "African Americans" will be done like Judas because people are denying him again.I think he is the same race as Adam and Eve because if he wasn't wouldn't them or their sons,and Moses anyone who seen him would have stated that.Especially if he was a white man.People are ashamed who they really are.SO U R DENYING HIM TO BE THE PEOPLE HE CHOSE TO PUT ON THIS EARTH FIRST.YOU WOULD RATHER BE SOMEONE ELSE.


The Bible may be on a mythical level, but the ethnic groups mentioned in it ARE real. Really, some of those ethnic groups were *GASP* Black even. So really, tell us the real reason why you Mr. Handel are so intent on erasing real people from books that mention them–books where they also played a big part?


White power


Well, I suppose in Ari Handel's utopian mythical universe, all people are white. Films of this ayrian ilk should net ZERO dollars from communities of color. My fellow people of color, how about a boycott?????


The story of Noah is to save two of every animal. To suggest even on a mythical level that POC did not even exist goes against the main moral, DIVERSITY.


Who the hell dignifies this garbage? Noah! Don't make me laugh, if white people want to make films about themselves set them in europe, I take it aronofsky & ari handel are jews? Well they can ggive us that 'speech' & defend lenni riefensthauls 'triumph of the will' that's a good film with no diversity! All white cast, set in europe & full of mythical imagery.


Guess Mr Crow did not get the whole diversity thing wait what i think i heard something ah yes RACIST.
Maybe next time HIS NAME will appear on screen as Russel Racist Crow. Here this thing explains what i mean its 4 minutes or so but hey its an education that will last a lifetime, enjoy.
Johnny Racist on Utube watch?v=M9RL2-8aFX8


Imagine an all black cast, who would call them racist for no diversity,
@tee toe jackson How is lack of diversity racist? I notice then there are 100's of racist nations on the globe & not one of them are white.


Ummm, Ok so. I will say this article is dumb. Not once when i was watching the film did i ever stop and think about what color or race or whatever the actors are. I was focused on the plot line.

So who is racist here. Because I am a average human living in a average town. I am the " they" " everyone" speaks about , and I didn't think like that, and I am not racist.

So I would believe the people watching the film who think about that are the racist one's.?

Iunno, maybe I am crazy, but the last thing on your mind, not the first, should be about race.

The majority of the time I hear racism being brought up it's from the minority. So, who is really racist?

Btw google st.augustine,florida. lived here 24 years of my life. Traveled to roughly 30 or so states, seen most major cities, I am cultured. I speak upon personal experience. Wake up, Stop being so narrow minded.

Chez Lopez

P.E. said it best BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN.


I actually thought it was very unhistorical and off-putting that there were nothing but northern Europeans in the movie when everyone knows that at that time and place, there were Jews, Arabs, Africans and a number of other Semitic tribes, now no longer in existence. That was very distracting to me and made the movie seem even stupider than it was.


>>They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people<<

This comment basically describes how white supremacy functions. It's the idea that white people can represent the whole of humanity, any race, but people of other races can only represent their own race, and certainly never white people. This is why POC were not cast, the white audience would not then identify with characters as they would not see themselves as being represented. Only white people can be stand ins for all people.


At this moment in history blacks had not evolved to the level of being sentient, much like they are now. Also, blacks are "probably" the race of Satan because throughout evolutionary history they are the most regressed, diseased, maligned and disgusting in there co-habitation with other human cultures. While the rest of the earth evolved, blacks continued tribal traditions, not building cities, building ships (see Darwin and Schweitzer) nor developing any cultural specifics, except maybe who can jump up and down the most, make the sharpest spear, have the best headdress or the biggest nose ring. Of course, we have tribal cultures in South America also so that is not black specific. Many, including Hardin below, say black is the default race, meaning it was the base race, the first race and everything else evolved from that. Perhaps the first hominids were born in Africa as demonstrated through fossil findings but what happened to the continent in general. Northern Africa birthed the Egyptians, Ptolemy, structures and culture that were phenomenal while southern Africa stagnated in it's jungles and safari's. It only starting developing when Colonialism started and the modern world hit them in the face. Spears don't beat guns not unless you are Shaka Zulu but that was 10,000 against 300, I guess bullets ran out but he still gets credit for a historical defeat…lol. Speaking of default races, it appears blacks are defaulting to their beginnings with extreme violence, gangs (tribes) and inability to associate and assimilate into mainstream Earth. I digress to my first sentence in that in Noah's time blacks were inconsequential to human status on earth and God did not drown them.


Let my people go! Oh, wrong movie.


For a starter I personally think movies like this shouldn't be made. They just cause too much drama between everyone. I also find it funny that some people are saying "who cares if it were just white people in it?" I bet most of the people who said that are white. But I know for a fact that if someone made a movie with just POC, NO DOUBT would a lot of white people complain. It's totally fine for you to have everything but not us?

Rex English

For crying out loud! Does it really matter?

Andy Daglish

Well put. It sounds a dreadful idea anyway….biblical nonsense. But spot o comments.


Actually, if Noah's time period really was a mere several hundred years from the creation of the first man, it makes sense that they are all a single race/ skin color. Also, it's just a statistical fact that the default race/culture should be white if you want your money back from the box office.


There were do many obvious errors in this movie I'm surprised anyone would be offended that no Black people were represented. Really who cares? If the movie were factual maybe there would be cause for concern but when God's name isn't uttered, rock people help build the Ark and "the Creator" supposedly tells Noah to murder his first grandchild – all of which are falsehoods of epic proportion, in not having Black people in the movie, Aronsky has done us a huge favor. Let's find something more worthy to express outrage about.


The best way, and the only way, to address these problems will be through making better films than the ones we are critical of. At that point, it will be much more obvious to everyone how diversity adds greater depth and dimension to filmmaking. That said, Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN is an unbridled masterpiece. But moreover, Aronofsky's PI (my favorite super low budget film) should make us AA filmmakers love him. He made that film with the same resources that are availible to us all now, in this beautiful age of video/film technology (and for those of you who know the project, remember the 40,000 was mostly for equipment, so I reiterate, the same resources available to us.) Sadly, PI is still smashing what most of our filmmakers are bringing to the table.

Dopeness conquers ignorance.


Wait….white Jesus is everywhere and no one publicly questions that, but this movie comes out about Noah and OP has a problem? Um.


Oh please. Shut up already with this 'Race' shit. So there are no black people.
No one's asking why there are no Asians, or Vietnamese, or Korean, or Japanese, or
Indian. so Please STFU already. If a person wants to do a film just with white people.
S. T. F. U. and don't question it, and if you do, then don't be 'confused' about the response you get.


Too much nonsense and ignorance in the screen writer's excuses as well as in this comment section. if you purposely exclude any race from Anything, (because you can make more money),,, thats definitely racism based on all of your putrid lust for money. Smh. You people have no soles. just husks filled and your love of it. If there were poc in the film and any audience member got upset, then that person is wrong and probably racist at heart regardless of any other factor.


U guys are right on target. For authenticity the movie should have been full of people of color because of the biblical region they were in…people didn't spread to other areas ave become other races ethnicities until the tower of babel (biblically speaking) Soif u want to represent every man,from that time period in that area every man would've been black, or at least middle eastern

Michael Forester

It's a film by film makers who want to facilitate white domination of the world. I'm glad I didn't see it.

Max Zumstein

Remember that everyone in the movie besides Noah (and even Noah to an extent) is a villain or savage. They probably had Russell Crowe and his family already cast from the beginning, and from there just didn't want to open up room for misinterpretation of a racial element to the film by portraying the good guys as homogenously white and the bad guys as a racial mixed bag. It's really a lose-lose. Unless they decided to cast Noah and his family with POC actors (which isn't out of the question at all I just think they wanted Russell Crowe for whatever reason), the only black characters in the film would have been villains or unwashed sinning savages, and there probably would have been an article about that casting choice too.

Germar Derron

Yeah, I think the reason is one that's given often – totally untrue, invalid and could be said about almost any movie. But I still have no clue why anyone thought this was a good movie.


I find his explanation plausible. Considering that Noah would have been of a darker lineage, it makes sense that People of Color showing up in the movie would have caused a "thought distraction" like what is the significance of these black people and it all stems from this historical reality that Noah was African. Like an unresolved thread. I think it was probably best played as it was.


You may not agree with him but it does make perfect sense. And yes "god forbid it looks like some kind of star trek movie" indeed. Noah is the most ambitious and interesting film to emerge from the current hollywood studio system by a wide margin. It is amazing and almost non existent to see a visionary film maker like aronofsky actually maintain the artistic integrity of his project on hollywood money. Unthinkable that the studio didnt step in and butcher it. Predictably the box office will show that the general public largely didn't appreciate Noah, how could they? It isn't a recycled, factory assembly line superhero or post harry potter/hunger games franchise but a real piece of film making.


This article is all sorts of stupid. The problem with this movie is not that there are no black people in it. It's that the actors involved aren't all middle-eastern, or at least made to look that way. It's true, as the director said, this story is a myth. Therefore there can be no analysis as to "accuracy" in terms of comparison to actual events. There were no actual events. However, this particular mythological story is supposed to have occurred at a time and place that would necessarily make everyone involved Arab, Persian, or middle eastern. To have this myth appropriated by white people who then cast themselves in starring roles, is offensive – no different than telling the story of Mulan with exclusively white actors. Hollywood has long been in the business of white-washing the cultural property of others. That's the problem.


Sergio is not about the article and you challenging white hollywood, your article is on point and I seen you give love to black indie films and classic unknown black films in your other articles. It's about us, the black filmmakers and audience. Why do we show much passion on just talking about hollywood instead of having the same passion on getting things done. The thing I'm real interesting in seeing is all these people that are sick of hollywood are they going to support that new Spike Lee joint he financed with kickstarter? Them using there buying power on that film instead of talking on a comment section about white hollywood racists practices will change things. I said it before this film is an important film. You got a legendary black director that is respected by his peers and film buffs, a sizeable number of the black audience grew up with and love his films.He has always challenged white hollywood and made important films about black people. Just on that merit alone we shouyld support his new movie. Trust me you will piss hollywood off if this film does 70 million without them. It would show them that we are tired of their bs and we don't need them to be sucessful. This is an important film. Spike Lee has the platform, the respect, the history. This film is a success it owuld usher in other black filmmakers, actors, actresses, and producers to do this on a regular basis. If with put this same pasion we have about this film Noah towards that it will result in change. Melvin Van Peebles prove this work with sweet bad badass song, when he did it own his own and becamce a success, it birth the whole blaxploitation movement that employed and made a lot of black stars and created a big film market, a lot of studios were save from financial debt because of these films, you might say this is not a good example because those move played to stereotypes, look at the big picture of why I'm using this example. The difference now is we would be able to control our images and you would have a variety of films, the blaxploitation films didn't have the power we have now.

Turner Day

Um, because it was filmed in Iceland?


The ignorance in this comment section is astounding. This matters because REPRESENTATION of POC in film matters. The filmmaker's argument that if there can't be ALL races represented then none should be is where the perpetual racism of hollywood gets off again white washing the entertainment industry. The entitled and privileged language you are all using to defend this writer's blatant ignorance and racism is indicative of your own internalized prejudice and i encourage everyone to take this moment to realize a part of yourself and the circumstance you live in, is problematic and can be reset if you are willing to let yourself be educated.

(i will now sit back and wait to be virtually stoned to death)


Who cares about any of it…it was entertainment for some and for others oh well!! It's all relative to who wrote it!!


just don't go e see the movie . i never planned on see it

A. Robinson

Some time ago, I was part of a world premiere audience, accompanying a co-worker to Disney World to watch "Dick Tracy", staring Warren Beatty and Madonna.

When the (nearly) three-hour film was over, the audience attended a press conference, with Beatty and Michael Eisner, then the head of Disney.

Questions came fast and furious initially; and most or all of them related to Madonna (who was in the movie but not at the press conference. She and Beatty were dating at the time) People from around the world wanted to know "what kind of cook is Madonna?", "where is Madonna today?" "Blah, blah Madonna".

I raised my hand and held it high for so long, I thought it might just fall off the end of my arm onto the floor.

Finally, the usher brought me the mike. I stood, identified myself by name and employer and asked "why, in a movie almost three hours long, were there NO people of color?" You coulda heard a pin drop. Was I the only one in this huge audience that wanted to know this? Eisner and Beatty looked at each other, appearing to be thinking of a satisfactory answer to come up with.

Initially, they said something about wanting to keep it as true to the original comic strip as possible. Didn't buy it. Because I continued to pursue the matter, they stuttered and stumbled around, and finally said something that brought the press conference to a quick close: "Because we didn't want to".

I stared at them, they turned their eyes towards each other, stood up and politely said "this press conference is over", stood up and left the auditorium.

Even a comic strip come to life is a fake.

James Jolley

We need to stop caring about these white people. We need to focus on ourselves. creating business for our own. Put our own in movies support and promote our own. Simple. Just like MLKJR said.. let hit them were it hurts.. their economy. We area billion dollar race.. lets circulate all that money and success within our own just like our past ancestors did.. Black Wall Street etc.. LETS GET IT TOGETHER AND STOP DEPENDING ON THESE CRACKERS TO INDUCED US. WE DONT NEED THEM!


If your going to make a story from the holy bible why not tell the actual story in the king james holy bible this movie is a false representation of the actual story in the bible how sad if people want the true story of noa they need to read the holy bible for themself this movie is not the true story


If the people from Noah's flood story are descendants of Adam and Eve why would they be of mixed races?
They all were from the same community in a time when racism was rampant.
Granted it should have been cast with middle-eastern actors for realism,but then again,the film was made by Hollywood not Bollywood.

Neel Kumar

The very fact that people complain about the depiction in this movie and take the bible as truth is a silly notion! People can choose to depict things they way they desire, lord knows, none of us ever do that! Simply speaking, it was a economic decision, not racism as everyone would like to think. Given the audience is mostly western English speaking who are Christians…meaning mostly whites. On the other hand and a deeper debate as to what is real and what is truth is more meaningful. Why not talk about how history is built on people taking ideas and making them their own. For example: Buddha seen as a oriental looking person, when Buddha the historical figure was really a brown skinned Indian. Jesus seen as a blond haired, blue eyed male, or in Africa, as an curly haired black skinned male, in India as a Indian, the story goes on and one….if you're not willing to ne offended by what your own Holy book purports to be true, than why waste your breath on a movie? …… thinks you all protest too much!

Nicole Reid

That movie was garbage..and how they hired an arrogant atheist to direct a biblical film is beyond me. Hollywood is so disconnected. This explanation is a pathetic way to squirm out of being negligent. Sad.

Kev B

I watched this movie—- utter rubbish, worst film I have watched in a long time.
I didn't notice there were no poc, but then again I was too busy laughing at the accents some of these actors had (from all over the world)
I don't know why some black people think they have a right to be represented in every movie, perhaps someone should say why they think like this. Do we have to have token poc in everything?
I have seen some movies where there were no white people– no yellow or brown ones either. Plenty of black people in them though—– are these also racist films?
How many white yellow or brown people were there in some of Eddy Murphy's films— films straight out of Hollywood. Did anyone from the black community complain? I bet no one from the white yellow and brown communities did either.
Speaking of Hollywood—-would a Bollywood movie look right full of white and black (african) people ? no it wouldn't.
Why is it only black African people who seem to think they are left out? There are no complaints from Asian or Indian people for not being in Noah, no complaints from Native Australians or Native Americans either, no Inuit has complained to my knowledge.
So why are only black African people (or rather the descendants from Africans) complaining?
I would say they were lucky that no one represented them in such a rubbish film, it was like watching a school play badly acted.


It's the worst argument ever (not yours, the film-maker's), & could only be made by someone who experience White as Normal. While the complexity & diversity of humanity is what makes us amazing, beautiful, & sympathetic to the less fearful of us, there are still many (always white, usually men, invariably "Christian") for whom it's this reality is too overwhelming.


Institutional racism is so deep many of us cant see it for looking at it, and the history of God using the Bible is the most racist of all, the pastors, ministers, and even the Pope would not dare correct. this with all their truth. Or un-holy ways of teaching.


Well then throw a unicorn in there while you're at it, dingus.

Jason A. Quest

The story itself only makes a shred of sense if it's set in an alternate reality in which all people are the same race. The Incest Family (whatever they looked like) couldn't have been parents to a multiracial human population (not in mere thousands of years), so it clearly doesn't take place on Earth As We Know It. It's an impossible story that takes place in the same all-white fantasy reality that "Leave It to Beaver" and "Friends" takes place in.


Bunch of racists!


This comment section about this article is getting ridiculous. This article almost got 500 comments on an article worrying about why white folks are ignoring black people in film like it's something new. Why can't an indie black film that doesn't play to stereotypse get this same passion. If everybody in this comment section is so appalled about the movie Noah casting and hollywood in general, I challenge you to purchase at least 1 black indie film on video on demand a month and go see a couple at the theater this year, if they are playing your area. If you really want to change things start speaking with your buying power instead of spending so much time talking about white hollywood relationship with black people. We have to create a sustainable black film market outside of hollywood, it's the only way we are going to get what we want? You don't believe me just look at this article and our reaction to it, nothing changes and we have this same conversation over and over because we expect white supremacy and privilage to show love to black people, it's not in their interest to do this.


I've never heard so much nonsense in my long life. First of all WHO CARES who plays in the movie ???

These random comments about BLACK EUROPEAN NOBILITY… yeah, keep on dreaming. Greeks were black too? Indeed! Actually maybe Japanese are black too but no one informed them yet. Jews are black as well according to comments below, arabs also are black (probably that's why black africans and arabs constantly kill each other – becasue they are all black… hmmm makes sense)

Sadly, in some people's heads their own colour is all they see. This obsession is really annoying… Please, get real – there's no reason to whine for not being a part of everything that happens on Earth – today, yesterday or tomorrow – no one has so much time in this life to be everywhere. Why does anyone care who got to act in a stupid movie about imaginary historical events??? Let them enjoy – they failed anyway, the movie sucks. Even i was green or orange colour i would not act in it even someone asked me to.

Great flood is a topic of very local importance, touching the biblical geographical areas – middle easterners were affected. Those who lived there back in the days of Noah – not the present Arabs who came from the east much later – you had real Jews and Persians, and they certainly were not black – check in Iran if they are black – they are not, and they are one of the oldest nations in the area aside from real jews (not those who pretend to be Jews and abuse the name – they were described in the bible long ago and their fate was described too). So there were NO Chinese and Japanese on Noah's arc – why would they be there when there was no flood in their countries, they have no stories about it even they have precise historical books form ancient times. Same with Indians… Written history longer than many civilizations… no flood. So there were no Indians either traveling on Arc – they had happy life in India back then and no cataclismic happenings in their history is recorded for that period. Black Africans… what flood? Have you found any traces of flood stories in your own oral history? No… becasue the flood story came through the bible-spreading with white priests who came to colonize Africa. We are talking about middle-eastern religion abducted by white asses, and succesfully sold to everyone else in the world as a tool for ruling over the colonies. You are buying it even today, imagining gods and punishments. You are buying it… so much that it's painful to find yourself somehow "excluded" from acting in a movie about imaginary happening from several thousands of years ago.

Should you care about that, or about education of your own children – that excludes whining but tells them to work on themselves, to enable them to make themself a good future and good life? Regardless of our origins, we all need to understand what's really important and what brings prosperity and development for ourselves and our families. Being in a stupid movie doesnt do anything for anyone – when there's no food on the table no one cares who acted in some movie. No one cares whose favourite football team won. Be awake, and solve your real problems. Will you have one movie withour a black person in it is rather a matter for people who have nothing else to think about. Let Oprah deal with it – she solved all her problems and has time for blabbing. It makes here even more money. How about you?


another way to falsely affirm that Jesus was white with blue eyes and curly long locks, this is to cater for their children's disillusioned minds…keep going liars, still WE and God know the truth. READ YOUR HISTORY!


I think many of you need to refresh your understanding of the word "mythic". Just because the cast was described as stand-ins for all people does not actually mean we need to see all people. Hence "mystic". Hence "stand-ins".

If you were to have a play or film with an "everyman" – a common conceit since the middle ages – would you demans to see someone whose skin tone was an exact average of every actor's who might play the role? Or perhaps a patchwork skin-tone? No. An intelligent media consumer would say: "this is theater… this is representational…"

I am all for diversity in the arts (esp. As an artist myself), but should we really cry foul if someone has a valid and time-honored reason (the "everyman" idea) for an occasiinal non-diverse casting?

Randy S.

I would have been more satisfied with the following answer: "The Biblical narrative of Noah's Ark took place at a time prior to the events at the Tower of Babel, when the races were scattered and the languages were confused. Therefore, since Russell Crowe landed the casting perfectly for the role we had in mind, we decided to make all the other characters of the same race as him, which happened to be white."

That way, you respect the Judaeo-Christian roots which inspire the movie, PLUS don't have to be offensive to either Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, OR Star Trek fans. Otherwise, it's utter nonsense.


ONCE AGAIN, another example of a Rich White Man, or; a group of RICH WHITE MEN banding together to tell the TRUE story of POC, that involves absolutely NO POC!!!


This is a tale told and retold by males. We might as well be arguing if Cinderella was a real blond! Until people realize that the bible stories are just stories we will never evolve. No black people so ridiculous, if there was a beginning of humankind it would have been in Africa
Also what the hell were those rock transformers about.


This is a tale told and retold by males. We might as well be arguing if Cinderella was a real blond! Until people realize that the bible stories are just stories we will never evolve. No black people so ridiculous, if there was a beginning of humankind it would have been in Africa
Also what the hell were those rock transformers about.


This is a tale told and retold by males. We might as well be arguing if Cinderella was a real blond! Until people realize that the bible stories are just stories we will never evolve. No black people so ridiculous, if there was a beginning of humankind it would have been in Africa
Also what the hell were those rock transformers about.


This is a tale told and retold by males. We might as well be arguing if Cinderella was a real blond! Until people realize that the bible stories are just stories we will never evolve. No black people so ridiculous, if there was a beginning of humankind it would have been in Africa
Also what the hell were those rock transformers about.


It would have been a bigger issue if black people all drowned in the film, and only a couple of white people survived on the boat. You can't really win as a filmmaker either way.


Why does everyone always need to make it an issue about race? If they included a POC with a minor role, people would complain that their race was considered less important. Sure, his reasoning isn't great, but does it really have to be an issue? The fact that you noticed there arent any POC means you are just looking for a reason for something to be racist. I mean, is it really that noticeable? Sure, ideally they should have included every race possible, but then people would still complain about Noah (he cant be every race, after all). I say stop complaining and give the movie a chance.


i guess black people were not "evolved" yet we were still some subspecies…i guess we did get on the arc but as …….


I just think it's funny how in times of slavery, white people couldn't get us on the boat fast enough. Gave every one a free trip. Now black people can't even get in a movie about a boat. Well ain't that a b*tch.


Hmmm, so thats why their are no people of color in this movie because the writer wanted to portray this historical event of God's beginnings of restoring mankind and earth to HIS ORIGINAL plan and purpose? Well I'm glad I listen to my inner voice that said, "it doesn't look like anyone of color is in this movie." This is just another White man's fantasy and need to believe that White people are the supreme humans and GOD loves them more than any of ALL THE PEOPLES OF COLOR. Anyone of color African, Asian, Indian, Pacific Islanders, Arab, Middle Eastern, etc., if you believe that your ancestors were more an likely to represent people of Noah and the majority of the people on the earth during this amazing time in history, I suggest that you BOYCOTT this movie if you haven't already seen it. And if you're interested in seeing the movie as I am, find someone to who sells bootleg movies but pay no more than ONE US DOLLAR FOR IT. THATS ANOUT 10 CENT IN EUROPEAN MONEY!


Coming soon.. remake of the 80's mini-series "Shaka Zulu" featuring an all White cast!


There is no way you're wrong here, this person basically told said we aren't thinking of you coloreds when they think of "everyman".

That, since this is only a 'myth' there is not reason to include race, because this is not every man's myth. He's claiming it as his own and in his world, you have to squint real hard if you want to see yourself in HIS-story.


I only thought white people with European accents were around during Noah's day anyway! I mean, Duh! Black folks did not make the world scene until George Washington Carver (at least that is what I learned in school).


Thanks for your input, Obama.


Who gives a flying ****


I am really tired of everyone overanalyzing everything to try and find a way to get offended. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!


What happened to all the other people !!! Like the Chinease , Korean , dual heritage and everyone else for that matter!!!


Crazy is not the word..More like modern day biggot or trash with money would be more like it. It is sad that not only they whitified Jesus and all other characters of whom skin tones are really bronze to black and whose hair was like wool, but they would try to depict a time where we clearly were in abundance and relevant. It goes to show that peoples hidden meaning of their main ideas and/or teachings to young people is to show again how we are a non factor when it comes to history even trhough we molded it, created it, invented it, and still persevered through it all. There is a alot to learn about our strong presence and race in all things because we influenced all things with just a few numbers. To think that although the story is so called "Mythical" that even within an mythical sense that logically they would have dipicted the truth of the times. I wish people would boycott it not only because of the obvious racism but test the fact that it was not christian like to even create a "Mythical" movie about a biblical character and of the Lord that has been proven to be real and not include all of his creations. It goes to show that if you are christian……then how can you see a movie from a person who was really playing with the religious aspect of peoples hearts just to make a buck while picking and choosing whom he thinks deserved to be in his again.."Mythical story about Noah. Sad and its garbage and its not even a dvd movie that I would even pirate to watch.

Black female

I say he is crazy, but hey – Look at the title of the movie and then look at what the movie is really about…. Crazy too… It's all crazy. They didn't get a dime from me !!! LOL- I pity the FOOL :)


I have no problem with there being no black people in a movie that takes place in the middle east, thousands of years ago. The real question is, why the hell are there white people there?


More importantly, the message I took away from the limited comment above is that in his reality or perception of reality, white people represent normalcy. To deter from his perception or his definition of normalcy would be distracting in the film. He rationalizes this thought by stating "could every species fit in the arc, or could the arc even stay afloat." As if to say if he kept the movie all white it would be more believable or normal. It would've taken minimal effort to sprinkle in a few black, brown, or yellow extras in this film. But for the writer's that would in fact take away a sense of believablity for the film. Finally, although loosely based on the bible, black people or people with darkened skin were the result of Noah's son Ham defiance against him, the darkened skin represented the curse of Ham and his descendants. So some would argue that being of black skin is the result of a cursed people and happened post Ham's departure. (Not me as I am black myself). My point is, the lack of an ethnic cast in this film seems much more intentional and with purpose than the writers are attempting to lead the public to believe.


POC have been wiped out of History, the Future, Fantasy, and Science Fiction in WHITE ONLY productions.

For some hate and fear-filled reasons, Hollywood continues to dream of past, present, and future worlds that do not contain people with larger doses of melanin in their skin.

A few rare exceptions allow POC to be smeared with blue, green, and purple makeup and cast as aliens or orcs mindlessly gibbering in the backgrounds while White people save the world.

LOL @ Hollyweird


If you noticed. there waaayyyy more white people survivng in apocalipic films like 2012. what, colour people don't deserve to survive, is that it?


considering the whitewashing of history from day one, this production is no surprise.

Tom Williams

There seems to be a bunch of people getting upset over mythology. If you are so concerned over accuracy, why leave out other races of people as well? An even bigger question should linger in your mind; what about the animals? Do you really believe that every single species of mammals, reptiles and ground dwelling birds could possibly fit on the boat? What about the food supply required as well drinking water? Don't even get me started on plant species. It's a movie about a myth and you are worried about casting!


I understand to a point what he is saying. There would have had to be an even number of each POC represented to give the representation of the every man, the chances of getting the right actors in that even spread are probably slim. In those times, races were not mixed as diversely as today so it may to some people have seemed odd that two races of people where supposed to be from the same place. I also think that if you are going to pick just one race, and are casting in the US, then with a mostly white population, casting only white people makes sense. However, as he also stated, this is a mythical story, not a historical reinactment so its a bit unfair that POC be excluded from the casting (assuming that there were good candidates from multiple ethnicities for each role, which is likely). Then again, its his film so he can cast it however he likes. One final point, and I do not mean to offend, but I think most christians would agree that the old testament is metaphorical in its meaning rather than literal as youd have a hard time getting 5 million species of animal on a boat that wasnt the size of manhattan and thus calling it a myth is perfectly acceptable and not an anti-christian comment.


To say that white folks are the correct race to be safe with any telling a myth is very racist…just say, this is just another symbol of white superiority…


Yeah I bet they wouldn't want to make it a factor especially sense all the people back then were of color.


hey…bet you didn't know it but the white man is "every-man". at least according to the white man…which makes it easy …don't have to find other people of color. they, of course, are "no-man"


This is a Jewish myth and Jews are a Middle Eastern people who at that time had very little contact with Sub-Saharan Africa. It would make sense to cast only Jews.


You are wrong. Trying to make something out of nothing.


It's #normcore casting! Pretending that there is such thing as an 'everyman' when what you realy mean is white.


While watching this movie with my 10 year old daughter….she turned to me and asked during one of the scenes with Noah and his wife…"Why is Noah and his wife wearing denim jeans?" "Jeans were invented 140 years ago…not during the Bible days!" #costume failure


This film is not based on the Bible, it is strictly based on the book of Zohar, which is a Kabbalistic explanation of the mystical side of life based on ancient pagan / Babylonian beliefs given Satan the pre-eminence over the Creator who sent the flood

yahweh is with me

Praise be to yahweh the host of the elohim of yisrael . First off did he just say this biblical story is a myth? Lol secondly last I checked there were 12 tribes that formed yisrael the house of Yudah or Judah was one of the tribes since hebrews have no J in the language .but the house of yudah was king dawid king sholomon even yeshua the anointed was born to the house of Dawid which is known as Ethiopia today


Jesus and the 12 apostoles plus the whole bible is almost made of white people, You had 2000 years to ask that question


Made me not go see it when I saw the trailer.

N Williams, Jr

Three words: You're NOT wrong!
Thanks for taking these filmakers to task.


The explanation was just plain stupid! If you are casting a film that involves all types of people; because if you know history, there was one of each kind, so this would mean black folks; POC, would have been involved in this historical fact. The mere fact that the Ari addresses the issue, but fails miserably to explain the reasoning of why they were left out is outright ridiculous and they have just lost a movie goer!


More white-washed nonesense and PROPOGANDA. Most people will not look up things to put in proper historical place, they get it from movies and media. and even when you do look up history so many of these so called "historians" that write book whitewash the heck out of it, they've already created all the fake statues and whitewashed the paintings, like when English Archeologist tried to make the "Pelt down man" that came out as fraud to pretend life started in Europe LOL. This is the lengths these people go. Ancient Europe is NO DIFFERENT. Greeks/Romans where black/biracial, and the Nobility in Medievil Europe where BLACK.

Nikkolas Smith

imagine you're from Australia (quick soapbox)… and it's been scientifically proven that the first humans came from Australia, populating the Earth.. and Hollywood makes a movie about one of those very first Australian families…. and casts all of them as Africans… ( .__.)
Would you be annoyed at all?


I didn't like the movie period. And when it was over I said very loud voice " not ONE Black person in the whole movie"
No Arabic or Jewish people….nobody of color. Not even an evil WarLord who was of Color. I'm 65 years old and I remember watching movies ( in Black & White) about the end of the world or suvivors from atomic wars etc and NO POC back in the 50's & 60's. We never made it like we just didn't exist. And now Noah movie co-screen writer just eliminates all people of color like we would be a distraction. Personal opinions are based on life experience…so I guess the screen writer whole life has been around just people of caucasian persuasion.

Melon Bawler

Brenda is correct, "In Africa there were no whites.
They have no Melon in their skin."
Absolute Classic.

Black Intel

White Supremacy at it's best.


Here's my take on it…Which people insist on calling me a racist for; this man knows the truth, and wishes to stir far from it. That's why there are no blacks in this movie. Call a spade a spade and stop sugar coating everything. In Africa there were no whites. They have no Melon in their skin, therefore the extreme heat of Africa would have torched them. It's another attempt to manipulate the minds of people while causing a racial uproar. For me, I could give two cents, but for others, well, that's a different story. Learn your history.

Larry Miller

Hmm…let me see. the only people who WOULD "think" race doesn't matter obviously are people who have never been in a situation where their race DID matter. As for the real reason why there are no obvious people of color in this film is because, frankly, even in the 21st century, Hollywood producers don't like to hire people of color if they can avoid it. Another reason why I haven't seen this film and most likely won't.

Wendy B

Curiously, the graphic novel based on the movie features a PoC cast. In fact, only Noah is obviously white. And it's written by Aronofsky…


Wow, ummmm. I can't believe I actually sat here and read this from beginning to end. Who cares…? Race this race that. I am black and I don't give a fudge.


Ay yes, good ol' White Hollywood…

tru israel

the real cast would have been all black so of course they couldn't show the real noah. lls

Canadian Beaver

As a duly appointed representative of all Canadian Beavers I have been selected to protest on the lack of we beavers in the film. A proud race of beavers such as us should have been placed frontally in the movie. After all we did help Noah chop some of the trees down to build the arc eh.

chris kendrick

Wow. Now, I don't think I want to watch it! Come on people its 2014. How is that even possible?


Noah's account in the Bible involves his family and other descendants of Adam and Eve. Its not until The Tower of Babel where God seperates people into ethnicities.

Paul Mcg

Suprised he didn't just go for: we're retelling an Old Testament myth, we've made everyone sort of Jewish looking (but not "too Jewish" for commerical reasons), and we aren't trying to accommodate the mental contortions required to explain how all different races descended from Noah in the timescales literalists demand. At least that would have been fairly honest.

They could have gone for the Peter Brook Mahabharata approach, but that would have confused the hell out of a lot of the target audience.


What everyone seems to have forgotten is that this film is just a Western INTERPRETATION of the story. A film with "rock guardians" has no business worrying about the correct racial ancestry of its cast!
The film-makers made a half-hearted attempt to be biblically accurate by having one race (yes, if they were being completely accurate it should have been a race that looked more like Arabs).

However, Russell Crowe was cast as Noah and the rest of the cast were chosen around this fact, probably on the basis that nit-pickers would make a fuss if the cast had included people from all races.

There is no racial prerogative! Unfortunately, Handel gave a stupid reply to an unnecessary question, probably because he was tiptoeing around an issue that is repetitively hyped up by people like this writer "Sergio" that are far too racially sensitive and politically correct.

Yes, racial discrimination does still exist but this is NOT an example of it.

Daniel P

From what I remember of this story, Noah was instructed to build the arc to save him and his family which I'm pretty sure didn't consist of two of every race. The reason why he built the arc was because God wanted to wipe the earth of all wicked things and people that walked the earth so I would be glad not to see any people "of color" be counted in this movie. If anyone else was included in the movie I'm sure the new question would be why we're part of the group wiped out?


I'm black and I think it makes perfect sense that there were no black people in the film. Black people would have ruined the story because if someone tells us there's a flood coming and they're building a boat that even the animals are getting – the black people would've been on that boat and them two chickens would've gone down nicely with some rice and peas!!


i see your concerns… however, if they did cast POC ppl for for bibliogical roles, you would have been writing an article about "how come "insert antagonist" looks middle eastern & how come bad guys always fit a certain stereotype. Therefore, you seem like the the type of critic who can never be pleased, so your measly oppinion could only serve to stir controversy. Well played, going to your strenghts, sir!


I heard Jesus was actually black, and wasn't Noah his dad? So how come the guy they've got to play him in this film is totally white?!?


I think you are trying to be too political correct here. If you dont like the movie or the contents, just dont watch it…


Who cares…. The people who made this film are hardly the leading voice on modern morality or equality, so I would never want to bother watching it other than for entertainment. Why would you expect this film to be any different, even if they included different races or made Noah a woman, or blind, or a Pygmy or everyone in it was Jewish or Arab. I'm not even sure what race they were supposed to be anyway, but I don't believe that the human race did descend from Semitic people. If black people made the film they would have an all black cast, if it were Latinos or phillipinos the same…

Joseph Black

Felt like I was watching a Crossfit competition. #GoWhitePeopleGo


I like how this issues only seems to apply to black people. How about other minorities. Isn't it even funny that this article itself contradicts the point it makes. Way to talk about discrimination and focus on one minority. Seems from this article black people are the only minority.

Cynical sam

So what if there isn't black people in the movie why is it out of all other minorities in the west that the blacks complain the most about representation in films, there way over represented in films compared to other minorities, to hell with this PC bullshit and walking o egg shells worrying about representation of blacks.


Why is everyone complaining about the lack of black people in the film, they weren't the only race excluded. I didn't see any Asians in the film or did I miss a part?

ajamu chaminuka



The writer of this script, Ari Handel, sounds just as ignorant as leaving people of color OUT of the film. If you're not going to tell a movie correctly whey the hell make it? MONEY! I knew the next movie made about the Bible was going to be half assed. Thank goodness Roma Downey and Mark Burnett kept to the ancient text.

Carolyn Anderson

Could you please say humankind instead of mankind? It includes 50 percent of the species a little better. Thanks!


Yet, millions of black people and PoC went to see this movie. .I will not see this movie even if you paid me….

M 36

Two steps forward and one back, such a shame that ignorance is bliss for some.
Wear your blinker if you wish, but please don't try to force them on others.
Let your purse have the final say. I wont be watching this film.

Lauren B

Found this PERFECT ANSWER on a different comments section: "Why did we not include black people? Because pissing off black America isn’t nearly as bad as pissing off the religious right."


So basically racial chauvenism is the answer to biblicial questions. I see.


Sir you are direct and on point. He shot a bunch of bullshyt in his response that made very little sense if any at all. When it comes to the religion of the Bible it will always have a Eurocentric tone, cast and theme while taking place in Africa or Southwest Asia. Did not pay my money to see Passion of the Christ and I won't pay to see this either and the same goes for Gods of Egypt and Son of God.

Yeyo 16

So next time Hollywood wants to include and aspect of the African American experience, such as the street hustler, the poor unfortunate working as a servant, the ghetto whore and her color pimp…lets cast white people in those roles, since their just playing people, to act out their vision. Please….lets!


How ignorant and unfortunate.


There is actually only one human race. Skin color is only a pigment, It doesn't vary as different races. So, in one way, the actors could be all black, yellow, red or pink. Doesn't really matter. Noah's mankind were different than us, they had longer life and world of man was different. That's why God sank it, to build it better. In that way, It's auteurs vision all men were white in this film. What I got from the answer of the co-writer, is that, if they'ed sanked black people or other colored people, there would have been somesort of a hustle about it. Or other way around. Smurffs are haunted by a Jew. I rest my case.


Sort of on the topic but infanitely more beautiful-
Every man, woman, and child has been made in the likeness and image of God. It is in him that we find absolute unity. We're all more than mythical but the real deal mystical, created for His good pleasure and our's of him. The Bible may seem if interepreted poorly to choose one man over another, or even a nation over another but it is clear that he chose Israel FOR the nations. It was through the Jewish people that mankind's Christ came in bodily form. His election of a portion was so that, in time, all would be elected through Jesus, the only one elected by God. We've ALL been grafted into something we couldn't achieve on our own. God even chose Abraham "the father of many nations", who was a gentile though the Jewish people came from him. In this you can see the nationality did not matter. Abraham was deemed righteous because of his faith which was a gift from God in the first place. Every person is Papa God's favorite. In Song of Songs 6:5 God says "Turn your eyes from me; they OVERWHELM me. God is overwhelmed by you haha. Too cool. I believe I'm off topic but still relevant.

Chaz in NE

Having a cast all of POC would seem more accurate to the Bible timeline, but the White owned entertainment corporations would never do a big budget "epic" movie. When was the last all Black cast movie that was heavily promoted? In an interview on The Daily Show on January 9, 2012, Lucas stated that the long delay in the production of the film Red Tail was because major film studios balked at financing and marketing a film with an "all-black" cast and "no major white roles." He went on to explain that studios receive "60% of their profit" from overseas, and the studios feel there is no market there for films with all-black casts.


I love this. Black people always complain when a director excludes them from a movie but white people couldn't be bothered when they get excluded from movies like "Why did I get married" or "How to be a player"…if you think it's racist, then don't watch it!!! And FYI, I'm a black female.

Dave Fennoy

Ari Handel's explanation is a complete crock. Racism dripping from a man who I am sure would never consider himself a racist. And yet, so typical the arrogant.


stop crying…its 2014 , if u dont know by now that the noah story never happened, then oh well… enjoy ya life of ignorant bliss…




he' s an idiot and dumb ass


I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a person of color to show up in 'Noah.' I thought Aronofsky would not have been this dumb to exclude an entire cross section of humanity. And then the film was over. I was so disappointed in him as an artist and a director, a guy I truly respected. Too bad. Another one bites the dust.




Considering the time period of Noah there hadn't been enough time for the many races of the earth to develop through genetic alterations. Seriously people, it's like complaining that they won't cast Denzel Washington as George Washington. Get over it.


You mentioned twice that the movie was intended to "represent all mankind". I thought, however, that there is a chance the "mythical … everyman" is not a man of color. How would that change your interpretation of the movie?

Movies persuade on a subconscious level (much of which is unethical, but that's another discussion for another day). You might identify with them or, because the characters don't match you genotypical, you may feel a disconnect.

People have different opinions on and tastes in movie selection because films have the ability to connect with each person, uniquely, based on the specific experience and perception of the viewer.

This movie very well may not have been intended to feature people of color. Okay, what now?

Great write, thanks!



THOR, which operated on the mythical plane Ari refers to, had black ppl and POC in it…and oh yeah…it made more than twice what yours did. So there.

Supreme Master Allah

Excuse does NOT compute! Excuse invalid! ERROR! ERROR! 404 Truth seen through the lies… BLACKMAN IS GOD!!!! PEACE




The usual white supremacist narrative, at least from the 1400s up until the 20s, 30s, 40s 50s and 60s we could all acknowledge that America was unapologetically a white supremacist colony but in 2014 were back to the same imagery and even weaker excuses! lol
I guess only white people go to the movies whilst the other 6 billion people of colour on the planet just wait for the tv release.


This is why I don't spend my money anymore on movies, until I know that a few of the cast represent ME, A proud person of color. My race is not mythical and neither am I.
A Proud Black Man!


Wait until the theoretical movie which stars a guy with lambs wool hair and feet of burnt brass. Should be good fireworks with the funding and protests.


Tough shit for the POC. When you get to the top of the world like whitey then you can make your own version of Noah or your flood myth.


Hello Sergio, Thank you for your article and comments on the movie. From my point of view, the producers and studio elite know their money-paying audience is not black America. The
paying- movie crowd is white males ages 13 to 22 or so. So from their point of view, there aren't any black people shelling out any hard cold cash. By far, blockbuster movies only window dress black characters any way. Why should I pay for that on the big screen or in real life?


What I find most revealing about his comment is the use of "everyman." It reminds me of the height of Tom Hanks' career when he was called the same. But I've never heard that word used to describe Denzel Washington. We simply need to accept the fact that white Americans in entertainment see themselves as the center of the human universe. They can be everybody whereas the rest of us are specific. It's superiority thinking. The only way to combat this is to boycott and that's exactly what I'm doing for this film.

Rickter Scale

Shut up.


I'm trying so hard to care. However, I just can't find myself to care. And I'm a POC.


If you're going to represent 'all of humanity' in a single race, it should probably be Asian since that's where you've got the largest numbers. Or at least, make it brown people. White people are a small percentage of the population and an infinitesimally small percentage of the biblical era population, but nearly the entire world of hollywood film population. That's worth looking at.

Also, it's just insulting to hear 'stop focusing on race' from people with racial privilege.


You are trying to stir the pot of discontent. It is a freaking movie…enjoy it or not.


Who cares if there aren't any Black or Asian people in it? Isn't the story about God deciding to rid the word of all the sinful and evil people? Well, clearly the screen writer and director realised that all these people were white, and that they were the ones God wanted to wipe out not us Black or Asian peoples. So it's probably a really accurate portrayal!!


My question is: where are the Asians? God created us too!


The problem he's dancing around is this: If you have a multi-racial cast, then all the POC will be in Tubal-Cain's horde and in that debauched tent city that is shown while NOAH's white family is the one that is chosen to survive. Yes, that would seem worse than not having racial diversity at all because all those other people not only die but are specifically and savagely doomed by GOD to die. In the Genesis story, this is indeed before different races came into play, so making everyone white was not that bad of a move actually. Making them look more Persian/Middle Eastern might have been more accurate but a huge Benetton/UN hodge podge was probably the least sensible way to go about it.


You're right. It's an absurd argument. I'm so sorry a bunch of racist morons have commented on your interesting article.


Stop focusing on race. I'm getting really tired of people making it such a concern. They aren't hurting anyone by not being diverse in that matter. It's about the story, not if there were enough colored people in the film for it to be fair. It was just one less thing to worry about and I don't blame them. If a movie came out only about black people, yeah, some people might complain, but would it really take away from the movie? No, it wouldn't. The only thing that can bring a movie down is the execution of the movie, not the color of the skin of the actors. This is supposed to be a modern world. Stop concerning yourselves with petty details that don't make a difference one way or another.


Stop focusing on race. I'm getting really tired of people making it such a concern. They aren't hurting anyone by not being diverse in that matter. It's about the story, not if there were enough colored people in the film for it to be fair. It was just one less thing to worry about and I don't blame them. If a movie came out only about black people, yeah, some people might complain, but would it really take away from the movie? No, it wouldn't. The only thing that can bring a movie down is the execution of the movie, not the color of the skin of the actors. This is supposed to be a modern world. Stop concerning yourselves with petty details that don't make a difference one way or another.


Regardless of who is in this film about 50 of my family and friends went to see it because it is one of the best films of 2014 so far! I hope you put aside what color the actors should be and remember what going to the movies is all about!


Oh, I didn't know only white people had mythology.
And, seriously, to leave out the variety among humans in a film that is all about preserving the variety among animals is absolutely self-parody.


Really star trek??!! How would this take away from the picture? We are talking about the whole world as it pertains to ancient times, where you had many tribes of all persuasions, so that doesn't fly!! And you missed the main idea here; GOD was Pissed!!!!


If you want Africans in your films, you're welcome to cast them.
This is not your film. Don't act like you're entitled to anything.

R.kevin moore

What I don't like about the movie is how it is supposed to be a story about Noah that differs from the actual story as it was written in the good book. You either believe the story as is or not at all you pick parts of it to change like Noah his sons & their wives were supposed to be on the ark not just 1 son & wife. And just for the record ham was of dark skin, he is the one black people are supposed to have been descendants of

black man

handel is right


It takes me out of the film to ask why all these Biblical figures are white and British.


It probably comes down to this: Hollywood films see white as the default and everything else as "special". They then feel obliged to explain the existence of that one special person, or that one group of special people (or, when black, that "tribe"). If they feel that might detract from the story then they feel it is easier to make everyone look the same. Maybe it's even partly easier for film crews to put makeup on 500 white people than have to deal with a mixture. All of those things come down to being lazy don't they? I'm sure the "target market" comes into play here as well.

Assuming white to be the default for most biblical characters is just odd though. Given the location for most biblical stories is Africa it really seems odd to me that we continue to persist the idea that white (as in "really white") is the default for bible characters.


He clearly stated that to ask questions about the race of the actors is similar to asking questions about the legitimacy of the science in the film. It is meant to be a mythical universe and to ask such questions is to be missing the point of the movie entirely. Any and all races can and should be able to see the important messages of love and mercy portrayed. I find it disappointing that anyone would care about something as shallow as the race of the actors when so much more was going on.


What is really disappointing is the knowledge that Russell Crowe, Tony Hopkins, and Jennifer Connelly have no qualms, no hesitation, no guilt, no concern… not a single solitary iota of responsibility for their advantageous participation in WHITE PRIVILEGE.

The fact that these two looked around their WHITES ONLY Biblical set and said, "Fine with me, where's my check," is noted.

I am of African decent and I looked at the movie as nothing more than entertainment because clearly Africans existed before slavery. Hollywood is nothing more than a yard filled with trailers and people looking to make money. Noah was a strange movie.


The funny thing they have 11 nationalities of caucasians in this movie. So much effort to make ethnicity a non factor but they cast whites across the globe . The brits there are 4 in the main cast , there is a kiwi , a couple of caucasian americans , a spaniard , an italian a Czech , a Norwegian and there are a couple of white jews from Israel on there also and 3 more eastern european actors nobody has ever heard about.

I forgot , there are 2 irish on there as well.
This both racist and stupid.


This is hilarious. Everyone is huffin' and puffin' because a MOVIE based on a story from the BIBLE wasn't accurate in x number of ways.

Are we really so petty that we look for something to take offense to in…well just about -anything- these days!


Lazy begets a lazy movie.


it is easy really. white god came for white people Africans did not sin and therefore did not perish in the floods. Out of all the white people only one good one could be found. What is your problem?


What a half-ass excuse. It's like watching someone trip over their own shoes further and further until they finally land on their face.

It would have been better to pretend it was just a coincidence, but to say they actually thought about it and came out with such a logically contorted solution says that in this day and age this person believes that one race (coincidentally his) stands in for all humanity. If he wanted it to be so "mythical" he might have wanted to do the epic of Gilgamesh, which is where the story of Noah was lifted from, and do it in Sumerian, a lá Mel Gibson.

Just come out and say it: "we're enamored with ourselves and we don't want to play with others. "

Rodney Jackson

This is why studying African history is so important. During the time of the "flood" our ancestors in Egypt were in the 4th dynasty. And the funny thing is nobody drowned as a matter of fact nobody even got wet. And the blood-line was never broken.


Casting all white people was the wrong choice, but I admit I'm not sure what the right one was; these characters are supposed to be the ancestors of modern humans, so a diverse cast wouldn't really make sense either. The best thing would have probably been to cast all "Ambiguously Brown" actors, so that one could realistically believe that whites, blacks, etc. all descended from them.

(One thing that would have been clever: cast Ham as a light-skinned black actor, Japheth as a tanned white actor, and Shem as a Middle Eastern actor, so that they would match the races that are supposed to descend from them. Whether or not one could do this and make them realistically look like brothers is questionable, though.)


To be honest if they wanted once race as not to draw attention to it, they shouldn't of picked white. It's not like the people of that time would of looked like that anyway. Also, if they were operating on a mythical plane then they could of cast a whole bunch of different looking actors and just ignored their race like apparently they ignored their accents. The reason audience attention are drawned to a cast of mixed races is because a story is not directed well enough and theu are not cought up in the story enough or they audience have not see enough mix race casting. So just cast more mixed race films you idiots, without drawing attention to race that is. I really don't see a need in a film to spend 5 mins covering why one of the characters is not white. Directors like this guy who only cast white people will be looked at like horrible backwards asshole who believed an all white cast was more comforting and less distracting to people then a mix raced cast when history buffs review old movies. I live in a mixed race world and a mixed race cast would of been less distracting

Mrs. Tony Pace

You-have-got-to-be-kidding-me!!!! Helloooooo?!?!? Black cannot come from white!!! But white can and does come from black!!! ACCEPT the facts….. POC are our mothers and fathers and we ALL definitely come from them!! In the BIG scheme of things a person is going to make a film, write a book, or whatever based on how they view things!!! But if you're trying to be Biblical why not depict how it truly was!!! This world is crazy…..


The best part is about how he says he didn't want race to factor in, then deliberately decided to use one particular race (and didn't mention why). It's that blindness to the idea that black/brown people are of a race but white people are not, which makes absolutely no sense. And what the hell does that do with putting all the different species of animals on the ship? Is he really equating people's reactions to a lack of buffaloes to their reaction to a lack of diversity in humans?


Wow. What a pitiful but very Caucasian answer from the film makers. Obviously the Bible was not used at all for research. Genesis 2– the four rivers that flowed out of Eden to Ethiopia (Cush) Havillah, Tigris and Euphrates –Region that Abraham came from–Babylon/ Iraq–dark skinned people). Go to Genesis 10 and check out the table of nations after the flood. Shem and Ham are black ppl. Japheth is the father of Caucasians.

An insult once again, a million times from Hollywood. They are so afraid for people to know that from Adam until Genesis 10 after the flood, dark skinned people dominated the terrain–period. Only one of Noah's sons had a deficit in Melanin that gives black people our skin, eye, hair color, etc.–the father of Caucasians–Japheth, deficit in Melanin to this day.

White people would not pay to go see a more accurate account of the nations and people of ancient times. Even the 'so called' Jews in Israel admit they descend from Japheth not Shemitic people. Someone needs to have the courage to finally make a movie that is accurate. That for once attempts to try truth for a change. But they won't as long as people of color keep paying their money at the box office and make excuses for them.

People still believe that Moses looked like Charlton Heston even though the Bible states he was mistaken for an Egyptian. Well try to tell Egyptians they descended from Japheth which– Charlton Heston and Russell Crowe both descend from.

Just who does movies like this really entertain? They have been casting whites to fill the roles of people of color for centuries. Whites have been narrating our history, writing books, becoming famous and rich off of us for millenia. Let's not ignore the new movies like — The Lone Ranger and Tonto–oh please.

This isn't about films. It's about racist Hollywood, the pulse of the European nations continuing their campaign to make us appear irrelevant and the truth about them remain hidden. White supremacy and control of the world by the true minority. Very very insecure people.


This author is clearly a high level producer/director/studio exec. in Hollywood, so all of the points are valid and addressed the issues that come up with a production of this scale…

Daniel clay

But if you want to stay true to the story, you had to know, that Africans evolve on earth during that time.


Actually it makes sense. If the whole thing is mythical, then it doesn't matter what color people are. If it's not real it doesn't have to be anything like the real world.

Michael L. Gormley

That's just stupid.


My opinion about this case is very simple " at the time of Noah's era earth people didn't mixed yet at that time, even we are not sure if Noah's Tsunami happened on the whole Earth or only around Noah's zone!! probably around his zone only depends on the archaeologists says!!


The truth is lots of directors are racists and refuse to work with Black or Hispanic people. So..spare me the BS. It is what it is..Racist Hollywood.

Alvina Ruprecht

That writer never heard of the Falasha?? should read some history…….


Needs a better PR – that answer FAILS! Glad I decided to wait til it comes on Cable.


I stopped reading after the "or people or" grammatical error at the beginning. What a joke.


Neither has Lillehammer.
Israelis aren't that dark skinned, no more than any other Mediterranean peoples.
Whether you believe in God or not doesn't change the fact that the Israelites were historically not black. We know they existed because their buildings the constructed are still there (Pyramids etc). You can't pretend the whole nation didn't exist just because they believed in God and you don't. The bulk of 'The Bible' is just a chronicle of their movements and history, as the moved from stone age to bronze and iron age, with no doubt some embellishments, exaggerations, analogies and parables. They (Biblically) took great pride in completely destroying all their enemy races (Ammonites, Ephriamites, etc) and were completely intolerant of other cultures. Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia were also not big on Racial Minorities, to draw a parallel, and to be honest, Britain, up to the 50's.
Believe it or not I live in a part of the world where the culture is NOT diverse. To see a black, Asian or oriental person is still a rarity (except on the telly. Ever watch Bergerac?). Not everywhere is as racially diverse as America as not everywhere has had the massive influxes of population. I would have preferred the film made in its original languages and subtitled, as with Apocalyptico and The Passion of The Christ, but hey ho. Can't please everyone.

MK Wescott

Don't know what happened – speaking of discombobulated – sorry.

MK Wescott

In a way that makes me wanna vomit, this seems like a fairly sincere explanation. Think about it. White guys, have been the stand-in for "everyman" since – well, let's just limit it to the founding of America – which is at least part of why things are generally slanted in their direction. It reminds me of one of those ridiculously discombobulated and disingenuous reasonings, allowing racists to convince themselves and each other, that they are in fact, colorblind. Because they themselves, no In a way that makes me wanna vomit, this seems like a fairly sincere explanation. Think about it. White guys, have been the stand-in for "everyman" since – well, let's just limit it to the founding of America – which is at least part of why things are generally slanted in their direction. It reminds me of one of those ridiculously discombobulated and disingenuous reasonings, allowing racists to convince themselves and each other, that they are in fact, colorblind. Because they themselves, no longer notice differences in race, but the general populace remains hopelessly mired in the devolved, primordial goo, of race-based bigotry – and would therefore be distracted, perhaps even confused – by the presence of multiple races; and because as we all know, EVERYone, in their mind's eye, sees the world as all white, they just made it simpler. You know, for the simpler minded. WOW. I'd rather writers not protect me from myself like that. I'd rather muddle through it myself. After all, how else will I learn? How else will I ever ascend to that kind of enlightenment?longer notice differences in race, but the general populace remains hopelessly mired in the devolved, primordial goo, of race-based bigotry – and would therefore be distracted, perhaps even confused – by the presence of multiple races; and because as we all know, EVERYone, in their mind's eye, sees the world as all white, they just made it simpler. You know, for the simpler minded. WOW. I'd rather writers not protect me from myself like that. I'd rather muddle through it myself. After all, how else will I learn? How else will I ever ascend to that kind of enlightenment?


"they’re operating on the mythical plane" – Case closed, none of it was real.


as usual the reason is laziness…..

Joshua Coates

All of us came from Africa, everyone. Hollywood doesn't want to admit that, even in 2014. We need more directors and producers who are brave enough to make more accurate films that represent all nationalities. To me this Just another film that missed out on a great opportunity to do that, its the same old same old white actors playing major figures in the history of mankind, I LOVE MY WHITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS but when are we going to fact the facts, history is entertaining and wonderful if you tell the truth, good film tho


Something must be wrong with me…I went to see this movie and never once did the issue of race cross my mind. I'm a dark skin Latina…


His explanation reads like he's talking but not saying anything. If he was to have kept that story as per the book he got it out of everyone of those characters would have been BLACK. Oh well what do anyone expect from Hollywood, something different than what they've been doing?


Whether you belive it's myth or historical fact, or biblical truth, ALL mankind are descendants of Noah and his sons wives. It would make sense that the principle cast of this film would reflect ALL mankind. Chosing Caucasians turns it into a travel film about a cruise. Their poetic license should be revoked.

Max Prum

I think basically what he is trying to say without saying it is "if we cast Russell Crowe as Noah and then had non white people in the film we would have to drown them all as the righteous white family sailed to safety" they decided to side step the problem and take what they viewed as the lesser of two racisms. Anyway if you believe this myth then how would you know what people looked like pre-noah anyway?

Mike B.

Do tell us, white people, how it doesn't matter whether nonwhite people are excluded.

Amazing how some people can see representations of themselves virtually everywhere and not have the generosity to agree that there's room for others. Because it's perfect right now, right? Just the way you want it. Everybody else can go fly a kite.


If you judge a movie by the skin color of the actors and extras, you're the racist.

Enihana Hananen

Well, if they had cast actual Middle Eastern people, their whole Bible Belt target audience would have freaked out about the movie being full of terrorists and refused to see it.


I echo what M.B. says. I live in Chicago in a very diverse neighborhood. When I see only white people in a film or TV show, I can't help being thrown out of the story.

Oh, for the record, I'm white.


Isn't that funny, because as an urban born and raised person seeing ALL WHITE is distracting and disarming to me as it isn't my norm…as it isn't for vast numbers of people in the world who live in heterogenous towns, cities, states, countries etc. Basically, what a load of crap.

Kaye Wolf

Another White Supremacist who thinks that we all dream of a world with only white people in it. Sad thing is that idiot non-whites will support this trash, helping this White Supremacist give money to his hateful causes. When will people of color unite and start killing all the bad people? It is long overdue.

If you are white and don't think you are a person of color, is it because you don't think white is a color or because you don't think you are a person?


Interesting….some comments here have been deleted. Very interesting.

S&A, could you be upping your game??


Noah never historically existed, so as a black man, who gives a crap if there are no ppl of color in the movie. It's all myth and allegories anyway.

Andre Seewood

Cinematic adaptations of biblical stories are perhaps the most perfect vehicles for the transmission of White supremacist ideals and the glorification of White dominated racial hierarchies. The disingenuous notion that the co-screenwriter of NOAH puts forth that," as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter. They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people," is the most facile and insipid form of narrative White washing that perpetuates the idea that White-ness is the only acceptable imaginary screen through which all races must see themselves in a cinematic context. Here we are invited to deconstruct and debunk the idea that an "everyman" character truly is a representation of every Man. The "everyman" character of White dominated and controlled cinema is really a sieve that screens out the unwanted races and racial characteristics that might detract from the White supremacist ideal of divine right and God ordained dominance, exploitation and hegemony over people of color on a global scale; what better biblical story to capture this ideal of racial global dominance than a retelling of NOAH. Sergio cites the most significant and important contrast in this article: that Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 THE TEN COMMANDMENTS is more racially inclusive than Aronofsky's 2014 NOAH and it is this stunning contrast that tells us all we really need to know about race relations and racial hierarchies in the American Entertainment Complex.

Jasraj Sahota

This wrong! The writer of this article is right, I agree with you, on the other hand, Handel can suck dick!


this movie is garbage… its def not the biblical version… its the devil version of what happen


To all the people that are calling the author too sensitive remind yourselves of the implication of Handels explanation. The 'everyman' in his paradigm for a brown historical piece are all white, what do you think is his perception of a modern 'cosmopolitan' society.

If you don't exist when you did then you sure as hell don't exist now.

The amount of people of colour who have normalised and are apologetics for such philosophy are just pitiful. Rosa would puke on you.


For all of those people complaining about this being a racist decision and that the cast should have been multiethnic, how would you have cast it instead? Should Noah's family have been mix-raced? Maybe Ham could have been black? Maybe just the actors for the descendants of Caan should have been people of color? Think about the implications of any casting decision you make and how people would choose to interpret it when reviewing the movie. I think there is a legitimate argument that all of the actors should have been dark skinned, but then Aronofsky wouldn't have had Crowe, which seems to be what he really wanted.

Nick Thomas

There were plenty white people before Noah…which is why God destroyed everything because man was wicked, and evil, and thought they were Gods. There was magic, giants, and all sorts of wickedness and sin in abundance. So, God got rid of all of them, and only left Noah and his family…only two of Noah's children were peaceful and they were black ( he adopted them from two different families). So, after the flood, Noah's white family multiplied, and his two peaceful black children married and multiplied too. This angered Noah's other children because they wanted everything for themselves, so they hunted the peaceful black descendants, and called them "evil" and sought to kill all of them in the Name of God. But, God saw Favor on his peaceful people, and placed them over all the best lands of the Earth, and he sent the mean descendants of Noah to far away lands where they lived in caves and lived like animals until they re-found the magic they lost before the deluge (great flood), and they came out of the cave still hating their "other (adopted) brothers" again again angered God with their wicked and sinful ways…and they still are making God mad. AT-LEAST THAT'S HOW I UNDERSTAND IT…I like it that way.


Firstly, the Noah in this film is not the Biblical Noah. Secondly, the filmmakers could have used an all black cast- there are so many tremendously talented black actors! But the only time Hollywood uses an all black cast seems to be in just exploitation films. I also don't find the film unique- taking a well known story, calling it a 'myth' and adding on your own agenda seems neither creative or unique to me.


The story, is about race, Noah's sons are in the biblical context, the fathers of all nations. The story although mythical is about how we all got here. At least from a Judaic perspective. Therefore race is important to the story…but I guess that's the point, the original story states that Ham was turned black because he was cursed. By this literary vehicle it is explained how black and brown people came into existence. So according to Judaism there were no black people before the curse of Ham..this is the unspoken narrative of the story…also the whole story is a vehicle for rewriting human history. What better way to render everything that came before the Judaic era as null and void, than, by order of the God of Judah 'wash away' all that came before it. Very convenient indeed……stop being fooled by follywood…no film had ever been made that is not meant to be a promotion of the Eurocentic agenda of world domination.


This writer is delusional and a racist. There, I said it.. To not know or care to present factual optics about a biblical piece in the year of our Lord ( Jesus) 2014, is a travesty at best.


"It's just a film". That comment does not uphold as any sort of argument. How can an all white cast represent 'everyman'? Does any person of colour feel justly represented by a white man? It's hardly like there's a shortage of PoC to employ. Yet another way in which Christianity is whitewashed. Yet another film that satisfies a white audience. Yet another film that lines the already bulging pockets of white actors.


I like how there is a quote saying "Let’s make that not a factor, because we’re trying to deal with everyman." and then the articles author asks "Why not just say, we just didn’t want to be bothered?" – um yes, CBD did essentially just say he couldn't be bothered in the quote you included.


No it's bullsh#t. It's not 'just a movie'. It's about 2 things. White people's infantile belief system n comfort zone, and MONEY. More white people in seats more money. If they wanted some sense of accuracy then they would've made it a Middle Eastern cast… But god forbid a faint ifbheart white person has to look at some swarthy terrorist communicate with Gid.


It was a movie. It wasn't even a good biblical portrayal of what actually happened. Everything isn't racism. Can we (as black people) just stop trying to find reasons to throw the race card? I'm not saying racism doesn't exist. I'm saying this isn't it.

forrest franks

Its just a movie,get over it. :)


At Dimo slaves. .. really? Hey your life together


movie takes place in a time period before white people even existed (about 6000 years ago is when the first white skin adaptations started showing up)

whoever the noah story was based on, if he existed in any way, was dark skinned.

african dude

This writer is so sensitive, if you want black people in a movie make your own. Stop getting mad at random white people about not having black people in movies you watch. If you know anything about the bible, you would know black people didn't exist yet in the bible. I will give you a hint: Ham and his four children.


You should be happy people of colour are not represented here because if they were, they would have been portrayed as slaves.


What a load of F'n drivel – would have been better to say "I'm a racist bastard, trying to re-cast history with only white people, just like we did with Jesus (who ever he is) and Moses, so that in a hundred years time, when we've obliterated all black people from the face of the earth and taken over their continents (oops, sorry, we've already stolen their land) we can pretend that they never existed!"
What a lying ARSEHOLE!

Bob Dobalina

Racism is everywhere.


The best logical way to justify this is understanding that, while this movie is on an epic scale, the events in the story of Noah take place in what they knew as the world. At that time, the world was Mesopotamia. People hadn't migrated throughout the world yet (that happens later at the Tower of Babel). This means that most people in the story would have essentially been the same "color." Though I fail to see why this means making all the characters white, when clearly they would more Middle Eastern or black. And that, of course, is because Hollywood casts mostly white people for big-time roles…


It would have been incredibly helpful in settling this argument had the 'authors' of the disparate books of the bible had the foresight to include some nice illustrations of the main characters. Just lazy if you ask me and it's caused no end of hassle as evidenced by this thread. I will definitely include healthy amounts of hi-def photos in my upcoming fairy tale book.


The problem is, this is predictable and potent. What has been happening is that stuff like this continues to be promoted and shrugged off as just fiction; just creative license, yet after a while, it will be looked back on, and referenced as proof that there were no other people of importance, … except for white folk. lol It's diabolical. Movies, no matter how fictional, program the minds of the masses…. to believe mostly anything, or else not be surprised that it could happen.

If we make a movie depicting america as having no white folk in it, I bet they would raise hell. This type of stuff is very purposeful. At the least, a lot of white actors got paid, and absolutely zero black actors were employed.

HRH Mortimer

I think the bigger problem is how all the races of the world came from one Jewish family on that ark. Without evolutionary forces at play, since Creationism does not accept biological changes in species over time, there are bigger questions as to how the world was repopulated by interbreeding within one family unit.


the movie is based on a piece of fiction centuries old. how much diversity do you really expect to find in ANY region if you trashed up Mr. Fusion and went 88mph back to whenever this specific game of "telephone" originated? whatever color, Im betting both my balls on consistent skin tones. sprinkling in people of color just for the sake of adding people of color would make noah look more like COOL AS ICE 2: WORD TO THE FATHER.

truly hope you are just instigating to increase your comment count, and are indeed more intelligent than you present yourself here. Either way, this blog post is an egregious piggy backing off another article.


Lots of films are full of white people, damn near all of them are. I don't know why one film is getting picked on and not another… and I don't know why that as long as there's at least one black face in a film all is good.

A better article would be a list of entertainment that made no sense being white washed – I mean I never knew why there was only one black guy in the whole of Hey Arnold's run down, Jazzy, bluesy New York.


Who honestly cares? People get so bent out of shape for the most random things. I'm a person of color and I could give two shi*s. This isn't even a problem, people are just making it out to be. Its not like they cast Martin Luther King Jr. with a white man or something, geez, people… giving yourselves more gray hair than you need.

Moe Shingiti

In my personal opinion I believe he was right and wrong. Right in the since that it was on a mythological level and wrong on choosing only white people. But hey, let's think of it for a second; according to the myth, all "races" were to exist only after the Noah era. Only after Noah we got the black the white the Hispanic and so on. So in theory, the Noah era had some sort of a unified race, something that we can't see nowadays. The real challenge that he didn't see coming or even entertain was to imagine that origin race that fruited all of us, how would it look like what type of color and facial features and so, and how would he interpret it to reality. I wish he could have done that they way they did in avatar "in contrast"


Unbelievable! Yep Handel ia wrong.


If the race of the people doesn't matter (and actually, in terms of geographical setting, it kinda does) why did they clearly put so much effort into *not* casting any people of colour whatsoever?

Having only white people is tantamount to saying , "These were biblical times, there were no other people than white people, so there."



I think the right thing to do and not just as a Response to such a Demarche (Co-Screenwriter) but as a proces to do justic to art is: – Black people do their own version of Noah and event better.


I have seen bullshit explanations but that one was just beyond………. mythical story?…..really???…..that's the best card he could play…..

Paul Ebbs

Noah, if he existed, at that time, in that place, wouldn't have been white.


The story of Noah is no myth. It is real. So stop calling it a myth. Don't name it if you don't believe it.

That Hebrew

Ham was progenitor of dark races but Not the Negroe. . Look it up in zondervan bible dictionary!


You're missing the point here people. What the film is trying to say here is that the white people were the bad people and God decided they needed to be destroyed except Noah and his flock. The black people and POC were not involved! Simple.


who gives a F-UCK there are no gd Blacks in this film?!!!!!!


Even the movie 300 had people of color … Poor excuse .. Why create a movie you find mythical but is not to those who believe in Christ & the meaning behind Noah. God bless you !!


Ok so why weren't there any whites in Boyz in the hood?
Clearly there are whites in ghettos!


You first have to understand the film from a current day perspective. Without going too deep into it a modern day cleaning of the earth from sin would in some minds be ridding the planet of "blacks" and "people of color". Think audience, perspective and message… I know I know I know! Your thinking that this movie isnt even about that…. Just like planet of the apes made no statement on race and Animal Farm was just a story about a farm….Things like this don't just happen by accident… Im Just Sayin…


No Asians or Latinos. Proof that the bible is a short sighted document.


It's a ridiculous series of statements, and anyone who accepts or promotes it is lazy-minded and disingenuous. Noah is Mesopotamian, which means there are plenty of surviving works and scientific knowledge about genetic likelihoods to dispute this facile, farcical excuse for avoiding real depth in this film. Allowing this kind of foolishness to stand without questioning it publicly makes it the history of record for any who don't encounter the facts. This creates further ignorance, division, and, worse, smug exclusiveness that seems to think itself the opposite and thus exempt from criticism of even the most basic elements (comparison to authenticated historical artifacts, written history, and established science) being twisted to line pockets and reinforce vacuous "history by opinion" instead of fact. Ludicrous and shameful.


Well, may I suggest a simple explanation for this "problem":
to keep it short, one of Noah's sons, Ham, is, according to the bible, the fore-father of all black people – so there simply cannot be any in the events before Ham leaves his family.
(see also Wikipedia, Sons of Noah, Ham's descendants)


Seeing the comments and the passion we have about this topic. I got to ask why dont we have the same passion and comments when a good black indie film comes out ? This topic has over a 100 comments but a topic on black indie film that don't play to stereotypes is lucky to get 2 comments It's like we live to complain and beg hollywood to do the right thing instead of gettting things done and making our own way. You think the white power structure gives a damn about this article and our comments? No they sitting back laughing counting their money off, Noah has made over $250 million worldwide with more money to come, They are like look at them trying to convince us to take up their cause, we love you black people being hollywood pan -handlers, it let's us keep our power. They are not going to do nothing but talk. They always talk and then turn around and spend their money with us anyway. The answer is simple do for self. We have to have more black investment in black films and the black audience has to utilize it's enormous buying power to help build a sustainable film market.


Guess I won't be going to see NOAH…


Are black people not people of color? Why is there a definitive separation there? To hell with the races, either you watch it or you don't. Hell, there are plenty of movies with an all black cast and you don't hear other races complain, they just don't watch them if there is no interest there.

Maya N.



Star Trek had Black people AND People Of Colour as well as Caucasians. What an asshole of an explanation! What's next, Moses is portrayed as a Hindu??

The sad part is that both Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel are both Jewish, which mean they should be more cognizant of the different races and religions especially considering the fact that the first Jews of the world were People of Colour. The original Jews (ie. Moses) were NOT Caucasians…..which in turn means Noah WAS a Person Of Colour.


The comment is SO illuminating, in a Freudian, it's leaking out despite his best efforts kind of way. In his view, white = universal everyman. White = unraced. Black, brown or yellow = raced. Because he thinks whites are the reference point, and people of color are raced, then including people of color would have made race a thing, but using an all white cast takes race out of the equation. This ideology is EXACTLY the sort of thing that explains why movies end up all white, and white movie makers are just so mystified about why people of color are complaining.


Crap explanation. ..
A good film would make no difference when you have a mixed cast. If there where slaves in this film I guarantee he would of run out to find black people to cast them. So again just another closet racist.


Actually I enjoyed the movie from an entertainment aspect. Did wonder about the darker skinned people since from their own story Noah was the descendant of Adam and Eve and everyone knows the garden for Eden was in Africa. Scientific fact the oldest bones in the world found in Africa so since all races derived from Africans it would make just a little since Noah look at the very least like that…. Just sayin


This film should be neglected until out of theaters , in the same way most races except his own are neglected in the movie.


Hi, I'm Black. I think we should stop worrying about getting them to love us and represent us in a positive light. Let's make our own movies. Then we can argue and complain to the people who are really responsible for representing us, us. Just a thought.

Many-Angled One

The story of Noah comes from the Sumerian myth of Utnapishtim, so they should all look like Sumerians. :D

@Maddy: No, Exodus is fiction. Although you're right, if they make the Egyptian characters look anglo, it's going to be pretty stupid.


Maybe the director want the movie to be concntrated only on one group of people


I agree with your sentiment whole-heartedly Sergio. I would have been fine with them saying "no comment" than giving that "explanation" that clearly excuses a white supremacist attitude.

It's crap like this as to why we still believe that Europe is lily-white when there are renaissance paintings and sculptures and art pieces that date back CENTURIES showing POC (yes, that includes black people). So if 1+1=2, then that should tell you that everything from Medieval Europe and Pre-Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Europe involved a diverse populous that contributed to the culture there. Even biologically speaking, Caucasians cannot bear children with Melanin, ONLY POC can. With that in perspective, the very reason America is the way it is in regards to race has it's roots in white-supremacy. The reason the entertainment industry is the way it is, and the reason life anywhere is the way it is.

Heed the reason I'm never going to watch this movie!!!!!!


so much drama over nothing. you don't see Asians complaining about not being represented. Give it a rest. It's a Fantasy movie, not history or documentary. Besides nobody knows what happened or what kind of people were there pre-flood. They can cast whoever they want, it's their money. Save your collective butthurts on the upcoming movie Exodus. They literally cast everyone as white in that movie even though the story has historical basis.

Michael Al.

What's even more ridiculous than making an entire population of Earth, white- in the biblical age of Noah's story? This screen writer's reason for doing so. " Those people of color always draw attention away from a story, eh?"

Michael Al.

What's even more ridiculous than making an entire population of Earth, white- in the biblical age of Noah's story? This screen writer's reason for doing so. " Those people of color always draw attention away from a story, eh?"


Hey, very valid points made about the Noah BS and it's tortured logic. But I hv an issue w/ the headline …aren't "black people" included in POC? Why mention us explicitly? Is it bc it's a bit of race baiting, more clickable link? Do better please…thanks


Handel is wrong an a passive racist.


I'm just curious, since this movie is a myth and everyone BUT those who make it to ship will survive, why bother with race.?? Why are we questioning such an insignificant film. This film shouldn't have been made in the first place .. We have been keeping a whole bunch lies alive for years only because some of us rather make some money out of it and fck the future in the behind… We should not care whether any actor is Black or White .. THE STORY IS A DAMN LIE TAKEN FROM THE BIBLE …Why kill ourselves over this.?


This happens all the time but all the people who have a problem with it will still go see the movie. The primary color in Hollywood is GREEN. If you have that much of a problem with the racism then keep your green in your pocket.


When Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall in "Thor" conservative white folks hit the ceiling, so spare me with the "this is why racism still exists" b.s. Even Albert Einstein knew the deal. Einstein called racism "a disease of white people." This omission is one of many and will continue to happen as long as people continue to deny that a race problem (a BIG problem) exists in Hollywood.

Miles Ellison

Interesting how the concept of race not "mattering" translates into everybody being white. Because, as we know, there is no everyman that's any other color. If you're going to be a racist, own it, Ari. Don't lie to me like I'm Montel Williams.


The main reason why racism still exists is that we are still giving the problem attention. If we are to never think about this and never mention the word that would be better. All critiques are always trying to criticize something by relating it to racism. Even diplomats do so. Just stop bringing the topic and stop mentioning and including it in everything and it will not exist anymore. I am an african man yet all that bothers me is how people are always bringing up the subject and making a big deal out of nothing.


The problem is that even though America is a melting pot, movies and Hollywood continueto perpetuate the notion that white people represent all mankind. They view POC as others and therefore conspocuous and distracting. However the white default is more comfortable, as it doesn't require effort on their part. The truth is, these people probably function in a very homogeneous social circle, and diversity is not something that even occurred to them prior to being questioned about the lack of it. The other truth is that while minorities are used to identifying with the white characters that dominate Hollywood's top billings, white are not as apt to identify with characters who are POC, especially since many POC roles portray them in stereotypical ways to emphasize how they are different from the "norm".

Gambit X

Blah Blah Blah who gives a shit anyways. Only african people that will get uptight are uncle toms that believe in white jesus anyways. Its exactly as he described it a "myth". An caucasians can have their myth. Hollywood is racist??? Anything else you'd like to add? Back to my tea.


in order to have an all white cast you have to intentionally overlook and exclude people of color. which is pretty flipping racist. glad i didn't go see it.

fail burton

To me it makes sense to have this story have a single ethnic group. The best choice would've been people vaguely Arabic or Turkish. The problem there is this is not a documentary, but business – show business. You have to have stars on board just to get a green light. Those stars are going to be ethnic European because this isn't Bollywood. If you make it multicultural from there, it's going to come off as PC weird. Antiquity is full of the mass movements of people built around a single ethnic group. There's nothing racist about this film. It's aiming for a type of neutral verisimilitude, not white supremacy.

Gene in L.A.

Unfortunately, if they had included all hues, there would be people complaining that there were no asians there or then, or that the tribes would be all of one color, or that the filmmakers were (shudder!) being too "PC". You simply can't please everyone, especially if you try. Just scan the other posts here and you'll see those two deadly letters over and over again. "PC" is a no-no, don't you know? SMH.


holy PC crap.are we gonna have to hear why are no blacks in this or that for everything that happens now.give it a rest you whiny little have sports,you completely ruined the music industry with Crap music,now you want to be in everything on the planet now or you are just going to piss and moan like a 5 year old girl till you get your way.shut the F up already


Sooooo, Noah had an English accent? LOL. Mmmkay. Well, this woman of color doesn't need to pay her hard earned money to see this white-washed film.


Lol… if you think that's bad, wait til you see "Gods of Egypt" with a majority White cast! Hollywood will NEVER change, so just support independent Black films including films from the Diaspora. If you really want to see more positive representations of Black folks on screen you can't just rely on American films.

Nathaniel Poe

To quote Idris Elba, this is a mythical story. It isn’t real, so why does it matter about skin color? If we can suspend our disbelief to believe in an imaginary story then skin color becomes of no consequence.


yeh ok, because why should a parable be anywhere near historically accurate to the people it's about or the region where it's set. who cares, it's just a story, and filmmakers aren't storytellers. let's cast a clash of the titans reboot with all african actors and see how well that goes over with white folks.

Tony Regusters

With Hollywood, from its inception through present day, it's all about white people, all the time. I mean, where do white people even come from, another planet? Like Mars? Maybe 'Noah's Ark' was actually a spacecraft that transported white people and their favorite species from that dying world, a world maybe 'flooded' by radiation or meteor storms (a more believable scenario than the biblical 'mythology' of a world-wide flood anyway!!!), only to arrive here on OUR planet – a world where people of color are actually THE MAJORITY population??
White racism is the greatest threat to world peace and Hollywood perpetuates that concept in everyway it can, all the time.

Zainab Mohamed

But who is to say which colour was the the original colour of mankind.


Based on the fact the story never even happened, i am not so upset.

zainab mohamed

I haven't watched the movie yet but I would understand why no persons of colour would be present in this movie. As a muslim and looking at the story of Noah from the Quranic perspective and Hadiths then Noah is known as the second father of mankind after Adam and from him came all the other nations. From him came offsprings of different colour and not before him and that after the flooding had ended and he and his wife were the only survivors who where blessed with children and non for the rest of the other survivors( and for that known as the second father of mankind). Just a thought but God knows best.

T Nails

Get a clue. They cast the movie in the color of their most likely audience. Piss and moan all you want but he's doing a a story on Noah. A myth, a fable, written by Jews in the Old Testament. I can see the issue if you cast white folk as stand ins for MLK or Chaka Zulu. But Noah isn't screwing with history because it isn't history. It's a completely made up. So why not just make up the casting as you see fit.


Is reasoning is as preposterous as it us stupid.

Lincoln Spector

Since this is set only 10 generations from Adam and Eve, we have to assume a very small gene pool. At the end of the movie, the gene pool is even smaller. Therefore, everyone being one race makes sense.

Of course, since it's a middle-eastern myth, everyone should have looked middle eastern. But could you imagine getting a big Hollywood budget for that? The movie would have been dead before the first meeting.


First of all this is all wrong! These directors are obviously racist to make the statements they made and to make a film about Noah with no POC in it. Are there any pictures or images of Noah and the people being white throughout history in that area? Your answer is no, in fact scientifically and archeologically all the people were people of color specifically black. This fact has always been ignored in film and the implementation of Jesus being white with blue eyes is another falsity. And we all know the reason why, don't we.
But at the end of the day I am terribly disappointed of the ignorance and blatant racism we are experiencing in 2014 and these film directors need to be boycotted.


Well, this is the white man's religion, so what you expect?


Some one call George Lucas so he can digitally insert Djimon Hounsou! Hurry!


its the pure fact that the director is Jewish, the Co-Writer is Jewish and they wanted to do what most White always do and that is engage in revisionist History once again. There is no way a Biblical film can stand on just that and state everything is some what based on a kernel of truth and then wipe all Black folk from what stands as a recollection from pages of the Bible. But they put up the money and the studio agreed with what they saw and agreed that we should be no where in the film nor it's historical account. There were more than an enormous share of Racist that got this one going forward to the screen. The sad part of it is, I am I not correct to say that's how the whole Holocaust happened in that was for good people that did nothing to stop racism from growing. We truly have a right to be angry. But once again it's Biz as Usual!

Nonso Christian

Hahahaha! I love how his use of Star Trek and Battlestar is supposed to be derogatory in his mind. Geez, this is why sci-fi will always rule when it comes to diversity, there's no room for bullshit answers like this – they'd cause too much of a rift in the time space continuum. Next.


y'all is crazy gettin' all up in dey grill for puttin' white peoples in a FICTIONAL tale (which is their every damn right to do)? This shit ain't for real?! It's a fable about a man who built an ark and put every damn animal on it to get the hell outta Dodge?! You believe dis shit? And another thang: ain't no Chinese people on the ark and you don't see the Asian Diasporfarta claiming racism about 'dis? bitch please. your weave on too tight!

Darius Prather

So according to the direction of the movie, the black people and all other people of other races were killed off by the flood, and thus life started anew with no colored people.

Hell, thats basically even more fictional than this already bs excuse and makes the actual story of Noah sound even more questionable with bigots like this directing it


"They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people" therein lies the problem


I am happy to give praise where praise is due, and Sergio deserves credit for this one; as do posters Allen Luther Wright and Saadiyah. This is important because movies, and later television, have always reflected what is occurring in the broader culture. And Saadiyah is right, this smacks of revisionist history, at worst, and a conscientious decision, at best, in which POC are viewed as not being human, lacking humanity, and therefore irrelevance within the broader culture.

I am not an action/tentpole moviegoer, so I never had any intention of seeing "Noah." But it is important that there are no POC whether they're black, brown or olive (as many middle easterners are) in complexion because unlike other big budget movies of this scope, this was also pushed throughout the Christian, and other religious communities. It has received mixed reviews in those communities for varying reasons — most of which have to do with the less than authentic nature of the biblical retelling, and the director's added commentary on environmentalism. …Also many Muslim countries are refusing to allow its release, calling it sacreligious.

What I find interesting about this story, and really many recent stories on this site with an emphasis on how young white male directors get movies, of all budget levels, greenlit, no problem, is that many of the directors being written about are well under age 50.

And while the millennial generation is, arguably, the most diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-racial generation this country has ever seen (with Gen X not too far behind), the idea of racial equality in EVERYTHING, not just film or TV, doesn't seem to be trickling down or translating to real life for them.

Call it the "Girls" or "Friends" syndrome (i.e. Lena Dunham). Aronofsky is 45, and like Dunham he was born and raised in Brooklyn. So, it's not as if he was raised in Iowa, where he would have been more likely to have minimal or no exposure to POC. He's a New Yorker, for Goodness sakes!!! IMDB doesn't list any info on Handel's background, but, presumably, he's in the same age category.

I find it interesting that many in Gen X and the Millennial generation, despite being exposed to more POC, are just as clueless, ignorant, and unsympathetic to POC as their Silent Generation and Boomer Gen parents. Particularly, the latter, who were, allegedly, such an idealistic generation, wanting to change the world, and all that blah, blah, blather…

Not saying that I'm surprised — especially after that recent report in which New York City was named the most segregated public school system in the United States — but it's just interesting that despite greater exposure to POC, Gen X and Millennials, are, really, no different, in their mindset and how they view POC, than their parents.


Or, the film makers were a bit worried about the whole 'he killed all of man kind' thing and didn't want to make a movie where God drowns all the brown people. There's just no way to do a racially aware telling of an inherently racist story – it's about Genocide. Which is why I understand the whole 'why bother' perspective – its offensive with any race because only one survives. Still, its hard to argue it wouldn't have been better to show the story as its supposed to be – with middle easterners and africans.

Christians who want to keep the bible in soft-glow have plenty of resources to do so – I promise you they're used to wearing blinders. For them, Genocide would have been nothing in the face of Gods new promise of everlasting love. Plus, it's God! He can just create more brown people! Right? Where else did all this diversity come from in the past 4300 years? Evolution?!? HA!


Deeply troubling, perpetuation of racism – arguably the most damaging ailment the world currently endures. If he had to choose one color for the 'myth' as he put it, at least try to be historically accurate and come close to what the majority of people in the middle east at the time would have looked like… and the answer is a brown skin with alot of curly and wavy dark hair.

King David

It's obvious that the filmakers want to keep people of melanin out of the film, so that in the future when they try to deem this film historic, no people of melanin will be in it thus this film will say that melanated people werent around bak then. Trying to support that age old lie that blak folk only appeared from Ham. When infact Noah, Japheth, Shem and Ham were all melanated. The only thing with white skin in the Bible is a leper. Read it for yourself. But that's the Ashkenazi way…

[a] proxy

There are no white people in the bible…period.


You are right on key Sergio. Handel is full of it (shyt) and his sorry excuse is not going to fly. If he, indeed, didn't want to bring distraction to the film with a mixed cast of people, then why make them all white? Why not cast of all Black people or Asian or Hispanics or Native Americans? I have yet to see the movie but now that I know people who look like me will only be represented through a figment of my imagination, I think I will stay home and watch an episode of Good Times.

Richard Cummings Jr.



So why couldn't YOU use "humankind" instead of "mankind?" Too lazy? Couldn't be bothered? Using an inclusive, gender-neutral term would take people out of your movie critique?

Amon Ra

i think everyone here who thinks its racist is quite stupid!, no offence..
you need to really consider sticking to the perfect description of certain events sometimes.. half of you dont even know any African mythology.. its a shame black people still want to take offence to being represented in a movie based on a book that does little to represent black people in the first place, but yall beleive that shitty book, what about chinese? huh, what about the asians? where they represented in the movie?? did the biblical account make mention of Kush or Black People or Darkskinned people??? when an african movie director makes movies about Orunmila and Eledumare( which i know none of you have a clue of) do they really consider white or asians?? do you see any white people in African Mythological stories??? yyall need to wake up and stop being cry babies.. it is so annoying when we want to cry out over another persons decision to do what they like with their money, you want everything to be about putting a black man in there so your sorry ass can feel good. WHITE SUPREMACY IS A THING OF THE MIND, THERE ARE NO SHACKLES ON YALL NECKS NO MORE! what the hell is wrong with yall??? yall need to spend time reading African mythologies and get Spike Lee and Tyler Perry and em to tell the African stories, nahh yall just waiting for the white folk to that for you…. yall just stupid andd irritating….

Allen Luther Wright

The movies have long been adept at reflecting a carefully designed world in which people of color do not exist except in the service of whiteness. The ultimate lesson being, unlike the character of George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life," people of color will not be missed.

Wampa Clown

Why is this even an issue? Of all the asinine, ridiculous things about that stupid movie, the lack of "black" people is the thing we're going to complain about? Fantasy movies are always chock full of silly white people…it's just what they do.


If the movie was better, diversity would have meant more to me. As it is, just another pretentious flick from Darren HAronofsCKy.


Very ironic considering no one in the Bible is white.


This Zionist mofo's whole supposition reeks with his xenophobia.


Well, I guess I’m not the “everyman”


It's called WHITE SUPREMACY. Not surprised at all by this crap. What's most troubling is this white sickness-as-visual culture circulates all over the globe, further screwing up (or off) people's heads. Disgusting.


maybe he's just racist and maybe you just need to get over it


Love the author's comment (black people can't be mythical). It proves something very telling about the mind of the screenwriter: he considers mankind to be white and POC to be unnecessary props. Oh the lunacy of it all.

Norberto Colón

I haven't seen backpedaling like that since Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.


I'm sorry but his excuse for not including characters of different race reeks of BS. I think an Australian accent is more distracting. Just an excuse to not include any meaningful diversity in his films.


Who wrote this Tanya? I was thinking the same thing, till I did some research. This noah isn't from the BIBLE this noah is from a graphic novel. This is Darren Aronofsky's novel fantasy Noah's world. So be it. It's based on a stupid graphic novel. I won't see it and I'm not interested.
Unfortunately Djimon Hounsou wasn't available.


White people think they're the standard. They are the generic, the prototype, the majority, the everyman, Even though science, history, statistics and common sense negate it, they continue to push that bull shit. It's ridiculous.


Reminded me almost immediately of a Caucasian retail advertising director who, when asked why he so seldom used black models in his prints ads, came back with "the different skin tones were distracting and took the emphasis away from the fashion." Okay? It's just like the article noted. They don't want to bother with it.


I just want to repeat this: It's not so much about supplying "diversity." Cases like this are about the erasure of POC from history, and even everyday life. If they won't recognize our humanity on film, why would they do so in real life?


What a load of crap.

must love movies

I knew Sergio wrote this after I read it. Great read!
You aren't wrong here his answer was insulting more or less. Folks are sadly mistaken believing that black filmmakers can play on the same field as white Hollywood with black films. I had the same discussion with a friend her saying that casting a diverse cast can become stereotypical. He should have just said that's not how he envisioned it.

Monique A Williams

I don't know why we'd want to see ourselves in this ridiculous tale. It's not my favorite of the Biblical fables anyway. They can keep this one.


The film is saying that Black People or POC came after HAM was cursed, obviously. F*ck White Supremacy in Hollywood!


SERGIO: "Am I wrong here or is Handel? You tell us."

Handel isn't wrong, he's telling me exactly how he feels about my "race" being represented in hi film, in his own words:

HANDEL: "What we realized is that this story is functioning at the level of myth, and as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn't matter."

this is what you gotta understand about his comments: an everyman to him, looks like him. his skin color, specifically. what's sadly unfortunate and, to some, completely frustrating about people that make such comments is that they're telling those people who don't have their skin color, who don't look like them: "i don't see myself in you…i don't connect with you, as a human being."

and this really needs to be driven home, so that people who read shit like this and get up in arms can really wrap their heads around what these cats are saying, which is "not only do i not see myself in you," for no other reason than the color of our skin is different, "but also, i don't care about seeing myself in you. i don't care about seeing you." why even ask these people to defend themselves? you know what the answer is.

i didn't see Noah. i have no intention of seeing Noah. you know why? cos i don't need to read an interview with him where he's asked the question about diversity, all i gotta do is watch the trailer to see where his head is at, to see the kind of story he wants to tell and who he wants in it, ethnicity-wise. and i don't see myself, so i'm not interested.

Sergio, you hit it: he should've simply said "i didn't care about about diversity. this is the story i wanted to tell, and in my mind there weren't any people of a different race in it." done and done. next question.

i don't have to pushback against people with "gotcha" questions. i'll just spend my money on something else. will Noah make some dough? yeh, cause the census tells us that Caucasoids are the statistical majority in the United States.

not the world though…


It really is an unimportant debate, like asking why didn't I see a white guy in a black comedy or why Captain America's best pal is black… Stories are told by storytellers the way they identify with them, you want to make a black Noah, do it and no one can tell you to do otherwise.

It's by creating this kind of debate and pointing out those details that differences and discrimination are made.


What else do you expect, this is white hollywood we are talking about. This casting is no surprise and their answers on why they cast the film Noah without people of color is no surprise. We have to stop worrying about why white hollywood is not doing the right thing. If we are that concerned about it, why not make the investment ourselves and tell a biblical story with people of color in it. These arguements are outdated, we got the money for investment, the buying power for the films to be successes, multiple distribution models to pick from to get films distributed, this would have been a big deal years ago, but now with technology making films cheaper to get made, marketed, and distributed why are we still concerned about this. Even throught I don't like Tyler Perry films, the brother has built his own studio and building his own distrbution pipeline with the own deal and makes the films he wants to make even through I don't like them and believe he should branch out and tell different stories. Hollywood is going to continue to do this because they don't respect black films and the black audience and what do we do, turn around and beg them to be part of their system that don't respect us. The real issue is it's not enough black investment to get black films made. I recall Shadow and Act doing a story about the black woman that won a 150 million in the lottery. She started a production company and the first films she produces is non- black films because she bought into the stereotypes that most rich black people buy into that black films are not that commercially viable or they are not respected for critical acclaim. Until this type of thinking stops we are going to have these conversations year in and year out with nothing getting done to change things. We need more black investment in black films. White Supremacy and Black hopelessness and excuses go hand and hand, we have to break up that relationship to move forward.


No White Folks existed during Biblical days, but anything good………..


I really don't care. After all, everyone, except Noah and his family, are going to drown anyway, right?

P. Morales

The bible states that Noah’s son laughs at Noah while he’s drunk and naked instead of helping him. Got then places a punishment which is that they will become servants to the other brothers for what they did for many many generations. So that’s just my own theory that I also saw someone else mention. I don’t get why people complain so much about stuff like this though. It really doesn’t matter and you’re overreacting for something that was done oppositely by ice cube in movies like Friday or Barber Shop.

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