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Harvey Weinstein Considers Dropping ‘Grace Of Monaco’ Before Cannes As Battle Over Final Cut Continues

Harvey Weinstein Considers Dropping 'Grace Of Monaco' Before Cannes As Battle Over Final Cut Continues

You might have forgotten, but this year’s Cannes Film Festival opener “Grace Of Monaco” was originally supposed to be released last fall, and then was pushed to this spring. However, last October, reports surfaced that producer Harvey Weinstein and director Olivier Dahan were battling over the cut of the film, with the filmmaker even more dismayed that Harv actually doesn’t have any money invested in the actual production—he’s merely the U.S. distributor. The battle caused the film to be removed from the release calendar, but long after, it was selected for Cannes. So, no problem then, right? Wrong. 

Variety reports that Harv is now considering dropping the movie entirely, as he is still not happy with the film Dahan has completed. To recap, the film stars Nicole Kidman as Hollywood legend Grace Kelly, with the 1962-set story detailing her involvement with the dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle as the threat of invasion looms. Sound pretty unsexy, right? Well, perhaps it’s a not a shock then that Harv apparently wants Dahan to include more about her time in Hollywood, but also add political context too. It’s not known if these sequences were shot or would need to be shot.

Making things more complicated, in France, directors have final cut, however, producers are open to letting Harv do his thing and release a U.S. cut. Making things even further complicated, is that “Grace Of Monaco” opens abroad on May 14th and will start hitting other territories soon after. Lastly, Harv is viewing this one as a potential awards season horse, and we’d wager if it’s not going to meet his expectations, he’s not interested.

So, is Harv really going to drop a movie that stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly? Or is this just more savvy maneuvering from Harv to get as much publicity as possible before the big, splashy, red carpet premiere? Time will tell.

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Weinstein is a nightmare.

A friend of mine, a director known for the exemplary quality of his work, went 5 years without making a picture for no other reason than he owed Weinstein his next movie. The director felt he was better off doing nothing for half a decade and running out the clock on the obligation than wading in the muck with Harvey.

Weinstein's loss. The director's next picture, already completed, is expected to gross north of $750 million worldwide.


And as far as producers of Grace being ok with a Weinstein recut, that's not what Pierre Ange Le Pogam (Grace's producer) answered to Le Film Francais (professional magazine) when he abruptly said that while Weinstein was knowledgeable about the american market, he was not producer in Grace.


That's not really a scoop (nor some weird PR strategy from Weinstein). It was in the french press right after the Cesar ceremony in February. The journalists live-tweeted about Weinstein's sudden burst of anger when one of them asked him about his plan for Grace of Monaco during the red carpet. They went fishing for informations and subsequent articles all said that, unless he changed his mind, Weinstein was not willing to release Grace in the US anymore. That was, of course, before the Cannes selection.

Weinstein also has a feud with JP Jeunet (Jeunet blogged about it). He wants to recut Jeunet's last movie against Jeunet's will. So he is blocking its US release and as he puts hold-back clauses in his distribution contracts, he is also blocking its international on-screen release (outside of France, including presenting the movie in festivals) and its video release (including France). That is until May when the hold-back clause ends.

So if the contract for Grace was signed with the same timing, by May and the Cannes festival, Grace will get an international release free from Weinstein's weight. Weinstein could probably kill the US release though. For Dahan, it's actually a great gift from the Cannes festival to be given such a launching platform because now, there is talks of Weinstein dropping the US rights, not just dropping the US release and keeping the movie in limbo.


If you hire a director, let a director complete his/her vision. Otherwise, if its filmed with a certain vision – and recut with another less experienced (such as by a producer or a distributor) vision:it will be a mess! Why doesnt Hollywood learn this?


Weinstein strikes again! Poor Kidman and Dahan.

Another flop

Nicole Kidman, the queen of box office poison, strikes again!!


Harvey sounds like a nightmare.

Reini Urban

I wouldn't trust Harvey Weinstein at all with his final cut and musical score fights,
as he destroyed a couple of pretty good films already with his added sappiness and string scores.

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