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Jude Law Replaces Michael Fassbender In ‘Genius’ With Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman

Jude Law Replaces Michael Fassbender In 'Genius' With Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman

Finding someone to play legendary author Thomas Wolfe (no, not the white suit guy, the other one) is no small feat. He was a large dude (he sometimes wrote freehand putting his paper on top of the refrigerator), a big drinker, and had a voracious appetite for food (and women), but even with all that, he was deeply sensitive, with his not-so-fictional books shining through with pain, wisdom and beauty accrued from his own experiences. And so, the long-attached Michael Fassbender always seemed a pretty inspired choice to play him in “Genius,” but he has exited the project and another actor from across the pond has subbed in.

Jude Law has now stepped into the role of Wolfe, joining Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman in the film. Based on A. Scott Berg‘s book “Max Perkins: Editor Of Genius,” the film recounts the real-life relationship between literary giant Thomas Wolfe (Law) and renowned editor Max Perkins (Firth), who developed a tender, complex friendship that changed the lives of both men forever. No word yet on Kidman’s role, but it’s presumed she may be playing Wolfe’s lover and muse Aline Bernstein.

Michael Grandage is making his feature debut on the film, which will start pre-production in August and shooting in October. And with this writer being a huge Thomas Wolfe fan, it’s one I’m watching with a bit of uncertainty, hoping everyone involved pulls it off. And if it gets more people to read Wolfe’s work, well, perhaps that’ll be enough.

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I am a huge fan of Thomas Wolfe and his brilliant first novel "Look Homeward Angel" which was published in 1929 when Wolfe was 29. I loved this novel so much that I made a trip to Ashville, North Carolina to see his mother's boarding house which is now a historical site dedicated by his family after their mother's death to commemorate his life and work. After reading his novels, studying his life and having a walking tour discussion with the museum's director I regret to say that in my opinion Jude Law is a complete miscast to portray Thomas Wolfe. Wolfe was a bigger than life giant of a man with a huge appetite for life which I do not think Mr. Law will be able to capture on film. Perhaps a better choice to play Wolfe would have been Leonardo DiCaprio, who looks a little like Wolfe and is much more physically correct not to mention his obvious acting talent.


This is disastrous casting….I am so disappointed. They should have gone with an unknown instead of Jude Law: he's short, aging badly and not that great an actor. Thomas Wolfe was 6'6" tall and his height completely defined him. Besides, Wolfe was 28 when he started working with Perkins. It's not going to work folks, I'm very sad to say. Remember "Cold Mountain"!


Love Jude Law ! I cannot wait to see the movie!

why o why

Nicole Kidman is determined to KILL Colin Firth's career.


"Jude Law Replaces Michael Fassbender"

Uwe Boll replaces Stanley Kubrick

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