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Michael Bay Threatens To Make Two More ‘Transformers’ Movies For A New Trilogy

Michael Bay Threatens To Make Two More ‘Transformers’ Movies For A New Trilogy

oh. Remember when Michael Bay said T4, aka “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” would likely be his last Transformers movie? Well, it still might be his last Transformers film, but the plan (like usual) is for another new trilogy.

“It’s kind of like a new Transformers,” Bay told Entertainment Weekly about the weird way they’ve sorta rebooted the ‘Transformers’ series (evidently it only kinda follows continuity). “We had three, the first trilogy, and this is going to be the next one.” The next…trilogy? “Yeah, it’s the first of a new trilogy,” he says after a moment of hesitation. “I’m not necessarily sure that I’m doing [the others], but that’s what it’s meant for.”

So does this mean that the new team of humans led by Mark Wahlberg are going to continue on in the series? Yep. “I have been telling everyone this really is a standalone movie,” Wahlberg said recently (via TFormers). “Despite the fact they call it Transformers 4 it’s a completely different story. It takes place after the battle of Chicago, it’s very different from the other one.”’

But “standalone” or not, he’s signed on for more. “They [Paramount] certainly make you sign with the anticipation it’s going to be a success. That you will do more. Umm, but as of now we did one and we will see what happens.” Ball is in your court, moviegoing audience.

Jack Reynor, also part of the new cast, said, “We are going to see a very different type of Autobot in this movie. These guys have really changed from the previous three films. They are kind of different souls if you know what I mean. And, I think that you know its just so action-packed and high-octane that its really going to keep people gripped.”

Was a new franchise always part of the plan? Basically, yes. “What happens next? Certainly not a reboot,” producer Don Murphy said in 2011 about the future of the franchise after Shia LaBeouf said he was done with it. “We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.”

There you go. “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” arrives on June 27th.

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First of all I’ve been a fan of the transformers since I was a little kid now that I’m 40 years old and have kids of my own and two boys who just love these movies and I hope they would share the same thing with they’re kids but anyways I think some of you are just mad or pissed off because no one has made any sequels to any of the boring movies you all like


I think he does need to make some more movies of transformers they are all so funny and exciting and you never know what vehicle the transformers will turn into


Obviously none of you watched the cartoon as a kid it’s pretty close Megatron always lives some how… and it’s still yet to come out with beast wars witch I think would be a good start for the next movie. So cry like a little girl cause that’s all I’m hearing..


Damn just enjoy the movie if you dont like it then dont watch it critics are always hating on everything

Tony Martin

I’m no one special but it’s a movie watch it and shut up I’ve love transformers ever since I was a lil kid wen they we animals. The moviedo mike makes are pretty bad ass if u could do better any of u do it let’s see wat it should be like as u say. Every one has an opinion if u don’t like it don’t watch it watch ur stupid notebook (great movie by the way) and all the sappy gurly films they make some of us like science fiction don’t mess up a good thing for everyone else just cause u don’t like it!!! END RANT

Mikuo Hatsune



I hope marky mark is in the 5 th one also dam good actor and I will change the future of the movie so smarten up marky mark and take the movie ��


Hey to all of u iff u don’t like it go watch something else they sell cause they r awsome movies I hope they r made till the day I die best films ever


I thought the 4th one was outstanding and full of energy! I like how they changed the feel to this movie instead of making another movie like the last 3. Those Dino Bots were sick looking, I say best one so far in my opinion.


I love transformer the way it is made and I hope Michael bay returns he makes the transformers look good and the actors make the movie good and also everyone has made it into the best 4 movies of my life so please continue to make more movies because I will be sad when they end it since all my kids and family love them please


I would LOVE to see more after Age Of Extenction!


Hello everyone all I can say is I'm not sure what happen in this last TF movie. Everything went south really it wasn't the best of Michael Bay. Plus all of the original cast members gone they made the movie. So them being gone was like a waste of time. This Is One Disappointed FAN!!! WHAT HAPPENED? ?


Don't blame Michael Bay.

BLAME THE MOVIEGOERS who show up like sheep to this crap. THEY are at fault.

No audience.

No more TRANSFORMERS movies.






Might as well get the rock in the next 2 and have him do cocaine off robots butt.

Film Runner

I don't get this movie. Michael Bay has repeatedly said in interviews that he's trying to do a darker, more adult Transformers with this one and he decided to do it with robot dinosaurs.

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