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Michael Ealy’s Sci-Fi Drama Series ‘Almost Human’ Has Been Canceled After 1 Season

Michael Ealy's Sci-Fi Drama Series 'Almost Human' Has Been Canceled After 1 Season

Fox has decided not to bring back its adrenaline-fueled sci-fi drama series Almost Human for a second season. It was part of the network’s Monday night one-two punch, along with Sleepy Hollow (which is returning for a second season) during the 8pm to 10pm hours.

From executive producer J.J. Abrams and creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman, the freshman series starred Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, in the year 2048, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. Almost Human followed the week-to-week missions of John Kennex (Urban), a detective and sole survivor of a devastating police ambush, and his robot partner, Dorian (Ealy), as this buddy-cop duo solved cases involving dangerously evolved criminals in a futuristic landscape.

After getting off to a strong start (drawing over 9 million viewers for its premiere episode), the series suffered successive dips in viewership and ratings, with its season finale attracting just over 5.5 million viewers.

How unfortunate. I actually enjoyed the show, which I thought got better with age.

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It wasn't good. I tried to stick with it, maybe made it through five episodes before fading off. Cliched writing and storytelling with a glossy sheen. I'm sick of being sold these awesome-looking high-concept shows and being given yet another under-cooked procedural instead.

Ealy and Urban had great chemistry though and this was waaaaaay better than Common Law, but that's not really saying much. On to the next, you guys. They're both hot commodities, so they should be fine.


I can't believe you suits. I was waiting for the next season. There are so many avenues of show possibilities with this it's amazing ya'll are dropping it. Hope it's not too late to NOT drop it.


in other words.. there's a bunch of dumb asses working over there at fox.. keeping all that crappy reality crap and kicking good tv shows.. typical…..


I watched it once and did not like it. But I found Surviving Jack and am happy.


FOX didn't do AH many favors.

1) It went up against MNF. So they lose out on the male demo the show appeared designed to attract.

2) It went up against the Olympics a couple of weeks.

3) They pre-empted it a couple of times.

and most importantly,

4) They aired the episodes out of order and the tone of the show was thrown completely off. Some fans have complained about the procedural aspect of the show, well the procedural aspect was something FOX obviously tried to push in that they re-arranged the episodes so the plot threads involving the Syndicate in the first episode were dropped completely until the 10th or 11th episode. If the shows were aired in the order intended by the producers, you would have had more stories with respect to the mythology of the show and the characterizations of Dorian and Kenex would have been consistent. You would have seen the natural progression of the characters getting comfortable with each other. However, since FOX aired the episodes out of order. The second aired episode showed them very chummy. But 2 episodes after that, there's an inexplicable chill between them.

I give FOX credit for even ordering sci fi shows to series. But unfortunately, they are way too eager to meddle with the producers'/writers' vision and are too quick to pull the trigger on cancellation. They've done it time and time again with Sci Fi shows. It shows a lack of faith and commitment in the material. FOX execs should step back and let the people they gave millions of dollars per episode do what they hired them to do.


I like Mike better in movies. He's too cute for tv! A third Barbershop is on order, so Pretty Rickey will be back. ;-)


Fox's call letters should be FTF. F the fans. come on SyFy pick up Almost's better than most of those crappy movies you run.

T Mo

This is why I don't watch anything on FOX. If you like it, chances are that it won't be back the next season.


This gets cancelled and The Mindy Project keeps getting renewed.FOX needs to rethink everything.That show sucks and has less viewers than Almost Human.


Maybe if they hadn't completely butchered the episode order it would have gotten a steadier viewer base..


Of course it did. Because it was so good.


Understandable. Shocked it went this long. It started off extremely clichéd and the writing was quite hackneyed. Whether it remained so after the third ep I don't know. Shame it didn't have a big brother tie in (Marvel Cinematic Universe) to keep it afloat till it found its footing. I do applaud them for casting Ealy though and for giving it a full season. Networks are realizing that to at least compete with cable, they can't cancel any and everything at the drop of a hat.

Monique a Williams

Very upsetting. Very.

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