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‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel Is In The Works, Robin Williams & Chris Columbus Will Return

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel Is In The Works, Robin Williams & Chris Columbus Will Return

Wait, didn’t Mrs. Doubtfire die in a fire? True story: I’ve never seen “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the 1993 comedy about a divorced actor so psychotic and unhinged he disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend time with his children held in custody by his former wife. And I’d rather take a chainsaw to my scrotum than ever see it, frankly (the painful bits I’ve seen on TV over the years were enough, thank you very much).

Well, anyhow, twenty years after the fact, Fox 2000 is developing a sequel because evidently actor Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus (both of whom are back for the sequel) need to remortgage their summer homes (or something). David Berenbaum, who penned “Elf,” “Haunted Mansion”and “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” will write the screenplay.

So, why a sequel other than the fact that everyone likes money? Well, Williams’ career has been rather cool the last few years and ‘Doubtfire’ grossed $441 million worldwide off a $25 million dollar budget in 1993, which was a super win for everyone involved. Williams even won a Golden Globe for his performance in the comedy/musical section.

Actress/writer Bonnie Hunt had been tapped to write a sequel as far back as 2001, but obviously it never went forward and they’re going with a new scribe this one. You will not see me in line for this one should it ever come together. [THR]

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Disgraceful. I remember when The Playlist had Gabe Toro on staff. How much backlash his pieces got. And finally they LISTENED TO US and got rid of him. This guy really is no better. Totally degrades what The Playlist stands for. Shame on you Kevin for allowing this to go to press.


Classic? Really?


Agree with everyone saying this writer is being an asshole. This movie is amazing, features some of Robin Williams best on screen improv, and manages to be both funny and genuinely heart warming. I guess Mr Davis is trying to be funny here but FYI you guys might lose writers if you keep posting articles with this shitty/mean of a tone


What crawled up this guys' tight ass to speak about this classic this way?? Restaurant scene: one of the best and most entertaining scenes to ever watch, a pure performance. Wish I could see the same effort from an actor in a family oriented movie like that nowadays.


This article is terrible. Hating on one of the best dark comedies of all time, without even seeing the movie before? Do some research, asshole. You can't critique what you know nothing about. Take some pride in the job you pretend to be good at.


hey playlist, maybe next time don't have someone who actively disdains a movie he hasn't seen type up news pieces on a potential sequel. this article was really obnoxious and beneath your usual work.

Ken Guidry

Mrs. Doubtfire is an enjoyable enough movie to watch when you're a kid. I remember wishing Sally Field was my mom, or at least my aunt, or something. Still kinda wish that.


First of all, its a classic. And secondly, why would someone who hasn't even seen the film report/someone who so openly hates it report on it?

Such a uncouth, uneducated article. Is Gabe back in new form?


Your scrotum?

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