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Project of the Day: ‘Headhunt Revisited’

Project of the Day: 'Headhunt Revisited'

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“Headhunt Revisited”

Tweetable Logline: A documentary about exploration, art that spans oceans, decades, and Melanesian culture.

Elevator Pitch: HEADHUNT REVISITED is a documentary film about the power of Caroline
Mytinger’s art to span oceans and decades. The film retraces Caroline’s
improbable journey to Melanesia in the 1920’s, then known as the land of
headhunters, to paint portraits of the native islanders. 80 years later
her paintings have inspired two contemporary artists. American
photographer Michele Westmorland and Papua New Guinean painter Jeffry
Feeger, who motivated by Caroline’s art, have created their own modern
interpretations of Melanesians. HEADHUNT REVISITED illustrates with
paintings, photography and filmmaking, that all forms of art are
instrumental in communicating stories of culture and tradition.

Production Team:

Michele Westmorland, Director
Kimberlee Bassford, Producer

About the Production: Artist, Caroline Mytinger, realized the enormous impact that western
influence was having on indigenous peoples and wanted to capture
changing cultural traditions before they vanished forever. This led
Caroline to Melanesia, where there are over 800 unique cultures.
Caroline wanted to paint portraits of her subjects depicting the pride
and dignity they deserved. As a photographer, I wanted to take photos
showing that same sense of pride – to tell the story of change in
Melanesia – to open eyes and minds to a place only a small population of
the world even knows about.

Current Status: Post-Production

For more information and to support this project: Kickstarter Page

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Allan Vandeford

I was encouraged to read Caroline Mytinger's book a few years ago having seen Michele's comments. I was fortunate enough to have grown up in an environment that encouraged a sense of adventure and creativity. Go Michele, wishing you and the project the best!

Isa Genoux

This is an extraordinary story which need to be told and shared. It is an opportunity to view Papua New Guinea's rich and vibrant culture and traditions through time and through the eyes of artists who are deeply connected with its beauty and profound humanity. An opportunity to share a positive story about Melanesia ! It will be fantastic


Of my prior comment, this film has more integrity, but one-concept docs are now a formula for boredom.

Anne Doubilet

A fascinating untold story connecting past and present in Papua New Guinea, one of the world's richest, remotest, most mysterious places.

Nancy Rosenthal

This is an incredible story that hasn't been told ! It will be a stunning,
Moving , exciting film and more!

Charlotte Vick

Few places on this planet have the rich cultural diversity of Papua New Guinea. This is history, art and the attempt to understand and interpret a people unique in this world. I look forward to the insights that the variables of time, change, artistic perspective and different media can teach us.

Mary Jane

Yes, what a story! It has it all: adventurers, art, history, culture, passion, exotic settings….


I would love to see this! It's clearly a well put together project that is ready for a spotlight. Really hope the funding goal gets met!


What a great story! Hope they meet their goal so we can see this one:)

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