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Project of the Day: ‘Peter and John’

Project of the Day: 'Peter and John'

Here’s your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments.

“Peter and John”

Tweetable Logline: Peter’s life shatters when the fortunes of his malingering brother take a mysterious turn.

Elevator Pitch: Peter and John is written and directed by veteran filmmaker Jay Craven and stars Jacqueline Bisset and Christian Coulson.

In the wake of the Civil War and the collapse of the whaling industry,
Nantucket is in ruins. The Roland family is tested when one son receives
a mysterious inheritance. Meanwhile, a strange woman arrives on the
island, bringing with her a secret that threatens to destroy Peter’s

An ambitious collaboration between Marlboro College and Kingdom County
Productions, Peter and John provides film students the opportunity to
work in important roles alongside experienced professionals.

Production Team:

Director: Jay Craven (Disappearances, Where the Rivers Flow North)
Producers: Michael Toscano
Editor: Josh Melrod (Cartoon College, Northern Borders)
Director of Photography: Brad Heck (Northern Borders)
Costume Designer: Sarah Beers (The Men Who Built America, Maria Full of Grace)

About the Production: One of the most exciting aspects of Peter and John is the unique way in
which the film is being made. 25 film students spent a semester taking
intensive classes to prepare to fill significant roles on set. As a
student working on the film, I am able to learn from industry
professionals and to assist them in making a real independent feature
film. I’m also excited about working with Jay Craven. Jay is known for
his place-based cinema and shooting in Nantucket lends to the film’s
authenticity – providing the audience with a story outside the typical
Hollywood narrative.

Current Status: Currently in Production

For more information and to support this project: Kickstarter Page

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Jane Donnell

Peter and John! Another fabulous collaborative project.


Peter & John gets my vote


I vote for Peter and John.


I vote for Peter and John.


I vote for Peter and John, great collaboration.

Marc Berrebi

I vote for Peter and John

Alexader Shulgin

I vote for Peter and John. And will help later with distribution

Laney sifford

Awesome project with awesome people!

Agneta Hillerström

I am voting for Peter and John, I think it is excellent.


I vote for Peter and John


I vote for Peter and John

I vote for Peter and John.

well done

Martin V

I vote for Peter and John

Bernard H

I vote for Peter and John

Mathilde Lewis

Peter and & John for me!


I vote for Peter and John

Francesco Vinopera

I vote for Peter and John

David Taji-Farouki

I vote for Peter and John…..

Pierre Lingjaerde

I vote for Peter and John

Anh Nguyen

I vote for Peter & John. Great potential to explore the concept of rebuilding life after a societal breakdown (Civil War). I like the idea of the mystery surrounding the inheritance (hidden transmission across generations).

Gabi Gleichmann

I vote for Peter & John


I vote 4 Peter & John

Shawnee Peirano

I vote for Peter and John

Dag Syrrist

Peter & john!

Linus Lundberg

Peter and John gets my vote

Benjamin Avancena

I vote for Peter and John!


Peter and John gets my vote.


Peter and John!


peter and John!


Voting for Peter and John. Anything directed by Jay Craven is an excellent film.


I vote Peter and John!


Peter and John!

Andreas Dannenberg

My vote for Peter and John !

Chrys Blackstone

Voting for Peter and John all the way!!


I vote for Peter and John.


I vote for Peter and John!


I vote for Peter and John


vote for Peter & John


I vote for Peter and john


I vote for Peter and John!


peter and john get my vote

Nic Hume

Peter and John gets my vote!


I vote for Peter and John

Jeremy Smith

Peter and John gets my vote. Looking forward to seeing the finished film which sounds excellent!


I vote for Peter and John

grog growl

I vote for Peter and John.


Peter and John is my vote!


I vote for Peter and John!

D R Williams

sounds great – would love to see it.

Linda Elbow

I vote for Peter and John!

Mary Mayes

Peter and John gets my vote!

Will Manning

Peter and John all the way! This film definitely gets my full support and vote.

Sam Cournyn

Peter and John gets my vote

Petal Cabral

Peter and John have my vote.

Mary Clark

My vote is for Peter and John!

Diana Senturia

Another outstanding film in the making by our Peacham VT folk hero, Jay Craven. Great seeing the collaboration between students and professionals…a terrific learning experience for all and a fine movie for those of us in the viewing audience. We fully support Peter and John.

Elaine French

Peter and John have my vote. I love Nantucket!!!!!!!!

Linda Elbow

I look forward to seeing Peter & John.

Barbara & Bruce Cole

We are lucky to be close to Marlboro College and see what success Jay Craven has had nurturing his students. Their new film, Peter and John has our vote! We are looking forward to seeing not only the film but view of the island having spent a number of summers there back in the fifties.


I would go for "Peter and John"

Barbara Beinecke Spitler

wish classes like this had been offered when I was in college!
great story…..;good for the off season island community;and the students!
have enjoyed reading about the whole adventure on facebook-but,have really enjoyed watching the process from different island locations the past two weeks.
Good job Jay et all!!! looking forward to seeing the finished project!


A film process that creates new filmmakers and a stellar film at the same time. Homerun!

Eva Hunter

Peter and John…YES!


This has my vote.


This is the one!

kristen stone

peter and john is the film I want to see!


Awesome student project and students! Right time to develop the incredible minds so that they continue to make good quality films!

Judy McNutt

Sounds like a really good story, I would love to see it!

Maud Anderson

Sounds like a compelling story – and an exciting opportunity for dedicated students to work with seasoned professionals. Looking forward to seeing this film!

Dale Megill

I love that film students are so involved in the productions of this film. The story sounds great as well.

Joan Clark

Peter and John, I vote YES! I can't wait to see this film and I love the idea of students working with professionals, it's a great collaboration and one that's more likely to lead to employment for a lot of people. The shots of Nantucket are so beautiful, I love the story line and look forward to the finished product.

Cory Skipper

Peter and John yes!!!

julija mostykanova

gerat movie!


I'm really looking forward to seeing Peter and John.

Binth rustad

Great movie

Diana O'Loane

Peter & John have my vote!!

Cyndi Broyer

Looking forward to seeing this film at the Barnstormers in Tamworth, NH


They're still filming it and I Want To See It Badly


This looks like such a great film! I'm so impressed with the educational element of this project!

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