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Rumor: Matt Damon Sought To Play Aquaman In ‘Justice League’

Rumor: Matt Damon Sought To Play Aquaman In 'Justice League'

Last night came a minor bombshell of news surrounding Warner Bros.‘ developing “Justice League” movie: Zack Snyder has been tapped to direct, it will shoot back-to-back with “Batman Vs. Superman,” and if all goes according to plan, it will hit theatres in 2017. And like we said then, that means there’s going to be rumors for at least the next couple of years, especially since the script isn’t finished and is still being worked on. So, might as well start now.

In their coverage of the story, The Wrap has revealed that there is word floating around Hollywood that “Matt Damon is being sought to play Aquaman.” Uh, okay. The character, easily the weirdest of the Justice League to try and bring the big screen, has popped up in the story mill from time to time recently. Last fall, the character was dubbed a “priority” for DC Comics, but then at then at the beginning of the year, it was ruled out of an appearance in “Batman Vs. Superman” (which we know will feature Wonder Woman and Cyborg already).

Of course, every executive would love to see bros Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reteam in superhero mode, because it makes for a great narrative. Whether or not this is even true, or more importantly, if Damon is even interested, remains to be seen. 

So yeah, we’ll see if this pans out, but something tells us it’s nothing more than a pipe dream. Batman and Superman are the stars of the Justice League world, while Aquaman … isn’t. And getting a major A-list star to play what is probably a secondary character (unless WB and DC have major plans for the hero) seems like a counter-intuitive move.

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Critic Slayer

Actually Aquaman's comics have been written by Geoff Johns (one of DC's most reliable comic books writer) who "actualized" him.
He's been made one of the best selling comics of DC beyond Superman or WonderWoman (and let's not speak about Cyborg or MM).
Add to that the fact that the character is one of the founders of the Justice League, and it starts to make sense to add him to the movie.
I for myself would love to see him played by an actor as recognized as Matt Damon.
So yeah…stay informed because Aquaman has made it to the A-lists and beat them to death with a starfish (if we look at comic books sales and reception)


This would somehow make me sad, as he seems to be one of the few left who has genuine integrity.


Yeah, this is pretty old. The Wrap was just restating a dubious rumor that emerged awhile ago.


Oh don't make me laugh.


I expected credit to go to Latino Review

Sid greenstreeter

Agree, Damon is too big a name to be interested. Although I always found Aquaman strangely sexy, so this is definitely dishy dream material.

That Kid

Pfff, should be Catwoman.


Compare the wrap: "One casting rumor that has been circulating around Hollywood for more than a year is that Affleck's close friend and collaborator Matt Damon is being sought to play Aquaman, though to be fair, Jason Momoa has also been rumored for that role (among others), and he is expected to appear in “Batman vs. Superman” in some unknown capacity."

With this headline: "Rumor: Matt Damon Sought To Play Aquaman In 'Justice League'"

…And this is news?

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