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Short Shouts: Vlad Versailles Stars in Short Based on Notorious BIG’s ‘I Got A Story to Tell’

Short Shouts: Vlad Versailles Stars in Short Based on Notorious BIG's 'I Got A Story to Tell'

Directed by Ross Hockrow and starring Vladimir Versailles (Orange is the New Black, Hard Times), I Got a Story to Tell is a new short film based on the Notorious BIG song of the same name

Those familiar with the song will already know the story. Says Hockrow: 

We are following the story with a loyalty to its accuracy. My actors will even talk in rhyme in certain parts. I remember hearing this song for the first time, after becoming a filmmaker, and making a vow that no matter what I’d make this short film at some point in my life.”

Find the film below: 

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well done

really well done. Wasn't familiar with the song before. listened to it after. pretty cool how it was done.


This was HORRIBLE!!! I didn't like the acting. That shot of him carrying the woman up the stairs, as interesting as it was lighting wise, took way too long. It was a waste of time. I agree with the other so-called haters on this — maybe a song, certainly no film.


That actor is the real deal. "I know you into that shit, just do it!" LMFAO


Hahaha haters. It's pretty tight the way they did it. You gotta interpret a little different or then it's just a music video. I think they got it right. Maybe a girl with a bigger ass but all in all shits right.


AHHHHHHHHHH LOL TERRIBLE!! Did he listen to the entire song??!!! The casting is alllll wrong. Where is the suspense? BIG was actually scared he would have to shoot the NBA player, and the song was him bragging after he got out of the situation…. Miss me with this.


Piece of s***. A sensationalist story, objectified female tied up constantly in view, pathetic attempt to portray a black male as a hustler – this may have been a song, it is certainly not "film".

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