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Sony Reportedly Aiming For $1 Billion Worldwide Box Office For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Sony Reportedly Aiming For $1 Billion Worldwide Box Office For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

After Marvel‘s “The Avengers” made a billion dollars, and became the third highest grossing movie of all time, rival studios freaked. And so, they began to plot their own massive, cinematic comic universes while also spending big money on their properties, hoping to join Marvel in the billion dollar club. Ambitious goals, but can everyone do it?

We’ll soon see as Variety reports that, according to their sources, Sony honcho Amy Pascal has set a target of $1 billion worldwide for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Well, yeah, probably. Given that the studio is going hard on this franchise, with “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” already slotted for 2016, and with “Sinister Six” and “Venom” films already in development, of course they want this to be huge. But is it even realistic? One has to look at the numbers to see if they’re dreaming or if its realistic.

The first “The Amazing Spider-Man” wasn’t the kind of reboot Sony likely wanted. It earned less than any of the Sam Raimi films, and at the domestic box office, the $262 million haul paled in comparison to the $490 million the movie earned overseas (it made up for 65% of the total gross of $752 million). Moreover, reviews were mixed, and for the sequel, they are arguably even worse (read our assessment), but at the end of the day (sorry critics) that kind of doesn’t matter. Right now, the film is tracking for an opening weekend that could top $100 million, a massive improvement over the $62 million debut weekend of the first film. If the overseas numbers follow suit, $1 billion isn’t out of the question.

Already open in the U.K., “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” drops stateside on May 2nd. Will you be in line?

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Planning to watch this at the cinema in the UK.

But given the number of films coming out over the next few months it hard to see any films breaking through 1 billion barrier. The schedule is just too crowded.

An I thought the reviews were generally neutral or positive, with no one calling this movie shit or brilliant that it going to redefine the entire genre.


I think TASM2 can expect at least $700m and at most $900m worldwide. With Godzilla and X-Men DOFP being released in May Spiderman just doesn't have the space to get to the big B in my opinion.


lets look at this when the first spider-man came out it was like a decade ago, which earned around $810 million dollars. Which is a lot compared to the crappy x-mens movie. sony achieved this with one character! spiderman 2 did alright and spider-man 3? oh boy! look i thought spider-man 3 was okay and it was not terrible. people consider that to be the worst spider-man movie ever! okay…the worst spider-man movie almost earned 900 million dollars at the box office! And consider this all of those spider-man movies were non -3D movies! 3D plays a big fact into box office. Trust me if Iron man 3 was in wont not have earned 1 billions, however i will give that to avengers which also in 3d. I will give it to nolan though he achieved 2 billion dollars separately for dark knight and rises, but it was mainly to due the hype of health ledger (great actor btw r.i.p). Spider-man is face of the marvel and most popular hero in the world! He is a brand! tasm 2 could be tough to earn billion dollars in this crowded summer, however there is a chance that they could achieve it. In fact in a bold prediction i say they tasm 2 will earn billion dollars. just imagine if all of the first three spider-man movies were in 3D. Some box offices could have been shattered! At least all of three movies would have earned billion dollars!


Reviews aren't worse. They are much more positive. You're the only website that has given it a really negative review.

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