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That’s NOT All, Folks! Looney Tunes Platinum BluRay Collection Volume 3

That's NOT All, Folks! Looney Tunes Platinum BluRay Collection Volume 3

Third times the charm. And the wabbit. And a “despicable” duck. 

Warner Home Video has set August 12th as the release date for the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3. Word leaked out last night on Blu-Ray Forum.  The set contains 50 remastered HD classic Looney Tunes shorts plus bonus materials that include 26 audio commentaries, and over 12 documentaries – including the 70-minute Mel Blanc: The Man Of A Thousand Voices, the 60-minute Drawn For Glory: Animation’s Triumph At The Oscars, and the three-part The Boys From Termite Terrace (1975). An all-new doc, That’s All Folks! Tales From Termite Terrace, is also part of the mix.

Cartoons include: 

Disc 1

Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt
Corny Concerto, A
Falling Hare
Little Red Riding Rabbit
Hair-Raising Hare
Acrobatty Bunny
Big Snooze, The
Hare Grows in Manhattan, A
Easter Yeggs
Slick Hare
Gorilla My Dreams
High Diving Hare
Hillbilly Hare
Bunny Hugged
Operation: Rabbit
Bully for Bugs
Bugs and Thugs
Knighty Knight Bugs
Honey’s Money
Hep Cat, The
Pigs in a Polka
Ham in a Role
Dog Gone South
Bear for Punishment, A
Steal Wool

Disc 2

Porky Pig’s Feat
Scrap Happy Daffy
Plane Daffy
Stupid Cupid, The
Draftee Daffy
Nasty Quacks
Stupor Salesman, The
Wholly Smoke
Swooner Crooner
Life with Feathers
Canary Row
Tree for Two
Sandy Claws
Dog Pounded
Satan’s Waitin’
Birds Anonymous
Mouse and Garden
Pied Piper of Guadalupe, The
Gruesome Twosome, A
Guided Muscle
Beep Prepared
Walky Talky Hawky
Rhapsody in Rivets
High Note
Nelly’s Folly 

That’s Not all folks! 

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My understanding Lebron James will play in a Movie,Space Jam 2 in 2016 in Movies.


Will "Life with Feathers" have original titles or reissue titles? Also I hope this sells well so WHV can have money to remaster toons.


Will this volume come to DVD besides Blu-ray Disc?


Poor selection again. Why on earth Daffy Doodles or many of the early Foghorn Leghorn shorts (Henhouse Henery, A Fractured Leghorn etc.) are missing. It seems Jerry Beck and Warner execs dislike McKimson's cartoons and Foghorn in particular.

Overall, this is a skip from me.


I still can't believe "Daffy Doodles" isn't available on DVD or Blu-Ray yet.


Really hate to complain, but I won't be buying this, as I have most of these titles already. And, wow, why can't they get a decent cover design for LT video collections?

Having said all that, I hope the set sells well…


Am I the only one who loves McKimson's HOT CROSS BUNNY and laments its continued lack of availability? Great cartoon, amazing premise and brilliant animation. Bugs' Danny Kaye scat routine is epic!


My question is whether the shorts that were not remastered properly on the first Golden Collection ("High Diving Hare" with mispitched audio, "A Bear For Punishment" with incorrect opening theme) will be fixed here.

Further, we've seen where post-48 shorts that were previously released as Blue Ribbons on DVD got on Blu-Ray with their original bullseyes restored ("Canned Feud" comes to mind). I wonder if that will apply to any of the shorts here.


Are any of these new to disc, or have they all been on DVD before?


Will this also be made available in a DVD format as well, like the other two editions were?


Wow, it looks like this really is the last hurrah for the Platinums, what with all those extras and a new one called – ironically – "That's All Folks."

It's nice to see this volume finally made it, and that there will soon be three volumes of Looney Tunes Blu-rays for general consumers or home theater enthusiasts, but here's to hoping WHV someday gets serious about the remaining shorts on DVD. Roughly two-thirds of the catalog didn't make it to the Golden Collections, and they remain unrestored and unreleased to collectors.

top cat james

Why did Henery coat the bottom of his anvil with shaving cream?

Ian Neumann

Well, I guess there's only 1 thing to do about this.

Look for a torrent version.

Kevin Martinez.

The selection is dissapointing. Wouldn't it have made sense to stick some of the cropped shorts from the Super Stars sets here in full-frame, since they were full restored and all?


I've been waiting for this news! Will there be a DVD version of this set?


I can't help but think that the series would have lasted longer if they had taken up where the Golden Collections left off with all new to disc material rather than so many repeats.

Willie Smalls

I'm happy with the cartoon selections, but I'm sad that this is the final volume. Are there going to be any bonus shorts on this volume?

Tim Lones

These 3 Platinum sets would seem to be a good Looney Tunes sampling for Blu-Ray if one didn't want to try to find and purchase all the old Golden Collections..


Not a bad selection. I kind of like the cover as well. I am sad this will be the last blu-ray release. Really a bummer.

Roxanne Dacey

They should make a platinum vol 4

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