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Trailers From Hell does Bakshi’s “Fritz The Cat” and “Coonskin”

Trailers From Hell does Bakshi's "Fritz The Cat" and "Coonskin"

I’ve been a follower of Joe Dante’s superb website Trailers From Hell from its inception in 2007. The one thing it had been lacking throughout the years was commentary on the hundreds of animated features that had been released since the 1930s (Yellow Submarine and Roger Corman’s “Cheap” aka Dirty Duck were notable exceptions to their rule). 

This week the site makes up for lost time with a double barreled salute to Ralph Bakshi. Screenwriter Mick Garris (Hocus Pocus) discusses Bakshi’s breakthroughs on Fritz The Cat (1972) and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood) walks us through the racial controversies of Coonskin (1975). Both of these videos are very well done, loaded with information and fun to watch. But please, Joe, more animated films!

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Well, I know of two. there’s the famous "Sonofa-bi-bi-bi-gun" Porky Pig thing, which has about six versions on youtube, and there’s an urban legend about a bunch of disney animators who did a three minute micky mouse porno which they foolishly showed to Walt. It’s said it was a brilliant work, one of the best cartoons the studio had ever made, and that they were all fired… may be an urban legend, i dunno.


I know the Fleischers produced a short "blue" Popeye/Betty Boop cartoon, but I've never seen evidence of a naughty Disney film. Are there eyewitness accounts?


Disney "cartoonists" made hard-core pornographic shorts in the 1930s? Is there any substance to that? I've never heard anyone assert that actual films were made before. In-office gag drawings, yes. Films…?

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