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TV Networks vs. Streaming: Who’s Winning the War?

TV Networks vs. Streaming: Who's Winning the War?

Though streaming devices dominate the zeitgeist, television is still the top medium by which we consume programming, says a new study. But streaming is catching up.

During a 12-week period that ended March 31, YouGov interviewed some 20,000 US consumers over the age of 18 to find out which networks and streaming services they turn to for programming. The results? Not too surprising.

When it comes to adults, TV networks are still ahead, but younger demos favor streaming over television (see infographic below). And per this study, Netflix was the only streaming service to see an increase in consumers, whereas competitors like Hulu, Redbox and Amazon — which launched its own set top a la Roku and Apple TV earlier this month, stagnated or dropped.

The networks surveyed include NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS as they scramble to keep up with Netflix, Amazon and HBO’s roster of classy adult programming. Netflix and Amazon entered a heated race for premium content in April when Amazon launched an exclusive multi-year deal to stream a wealth of classic HBO shows already available on HBO Go. Yahoo, meanwhile, has joined the fray, with new original comedies from executive producer Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”) and Mike Tollin (“One Tree Hill”).

As streaming service gains increasingly aggressive competition from within, how will television networks keep apace? 

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Rodney Richie

How Stooped is it for anyone to trust the net for content, let alone digital TV!!!!!!!
Over the hear TV.
ODDS, A Sourer Flayer Is on it's WAY THIS DAY !!!!!!! OR THE NEXT !!!!!!!

The only Media which shall service are DVD & VHS !!!!!!!

Arney thing left on is FRIED !!!!!!!!

Watch Out !!!!!!! Do Not Put all your age's Within
one Basket. – !!!!!!!
We have just missed 3 hi indistey flayers within the last two – years – and another within 6 mounts !!!!!!!

For US whom whish to arcive Video for our Kids, Or for the EARTH …….

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The bottem Line is , What can you watch after the World Grid Goes Down ?

Do they have 1000.00 Plus transformers within stock to restore the network ?????? OR HAS NOT THE OTHER UNDER GOVERMENT FIGERD OUT HOW TO PROFET ???????
k. figer that perhaps I am speeking the trouth, Then Perhaps for DOUING that I may be Dissipered.

To Whom God Knowes …….

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