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TV or Not TV? Netflix to Launch on Cable

TV or Not TV? Netflix to Launch on Cable

Netflix successfully made the transition from mailing red envelopes with DVDs to streaming directly to consumers. Now the company has made deals with three cable operators to launch on their services through an app on TiVO DVRs.

“Now, watching Netflix is as easy as changing the channel,” David Isenberg, Atlantic Broadband’s chief marketing and strategy officer, said in a statement. Atlantic Broadband is one of three small cable operators which made deals with Netflix. The others are RCN and Grande. Together, they serve around 700,000 consumers — but it’s a sign that Netflix is open and even eager for more of these kinds of pacts.

In its first-quarter earnings call on Monday, Netflix said it had plans to launch its first pay TV integration in the U.S. They’ve already made similar deals in Europe to provide Netflix to cable subscribers through TiVO set-tops.

Under the new arrangement, customers will be able to access Netflix as long as they subscribe to the TiVO DVR service and to Netflix.

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Netflix is one of the most ambitious and innovative media companies in recent times. Starting simply as a movie-rental alternative to Blockbuster, Netflix has not only adapted to the changing media landscape, but are one of the trailblazers responsible for it. Now, by offering some of the most unique original programming on television, they clearly are not done setting their sights even higher. I predict this will be just the first step in Netflix's expansion into the television universe, and that their content will become available through more providers in the future.

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