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TV: Trailer Watch: New Preview for Season 2

TV: Trailer Watch: New Preview for Season 2

The Orphan Black team has released a second trailer for the upcoming season. 

This new cut of last month’s teaser is arguably more newbie-friendly. It explains Orphan Black‘s premise: “We’re clones. We’re someone’s experiment. And they’re killing us off.” It presents the central mystery of the show: “Who is the original? Who created us?” And it gives us a heroine to root for. When one of the clones, Sarah, is told, “There’s nine of you,” she responds, “No, there’s only one of me.” 

Lead actress Tatiana Maslany is featured in a variety of wigs, which might scratch the itch of Alias fans who miss Sydney Bristow’s fanciful get-ups. 

Orphan Black will return on April 19. 

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